Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Vacuum Cleaner Self-Recrucial Review - One of the best

As we have already installed, Robots-vacuum cleaners - indispensable home assistants. What you just do not meet in the market: small and prompt, spacious and powerful, detergent and programmable work on schedule, but the world-famous Corporation Xiaomi decided to go even further, and created a truly futuristic machine Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE PLUS with advanced card control algorithms and a unique feature of disinfection.

It is hardly necessary to submit to you a Chinese corporation Xiaomi. Its budget smartphones have proven themselves best in segment, A flagships are able to compete with the advanced devices of the most popular manufacturers of smart phones.

Smart lamps and Xiaomi switches are extremely popular in modern smart homes, their fitness trackers, powerful Wi-Fi routers, headsets, audio systems, chaliefs and video recorders Russian citizens enjoy quite a long time ago.

It is worth recognizing that Xiaomi has succeeded in several years that it is not possible to be very much Chinese manufacturers of relatively inexpensive products - it's not easy to conquer a significant place in Russian The market, but to prove that the device available in the price can be high quality, durable and very competitive.

Xiaomi is developing quickly, constantly expanding the line of goods of its own production with new original solutions. Over time, rangefinders, IP cameras, air humidifiers, contactless thermometers and many other curious devices appeared in their directories.

In addition, the Corporation gradually expands the client base, offering goods at a higher cost. Thus, awarded praise Xiaomi laptops were released behind computer accessories to the market, and nearby vacuum cleanerson the shelves appeared on the shelves, but still very favorable models.

One of these devices, Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE PLUS, arrived at us for testing. It does not just know how to all know most of the modern analogues, but has a number of features that will certainly like the connoisseurs of robotic house assistants, it costs 29,990 rubles - cheaper than those close on the functionality of the model from other brands. I tell you more.

Design and equipment

Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE PLUS arrived in a large and adhesive packaging, inside which there were two boxes-case - one with a vacuum cleaner, the second with self-cleaning base. There is an optional opportunity to purchase a regular charging platform for EVE Plus. The robot design provides contacts for both solutions.

In a box with a vacuum cleaner lies in a detailed instruction for setting up, operating and cleaning the device. There is an additional washable non-filter (the main is immediately installed in the dust tray), as well as ten disposable wipes for wet cleaning and washing nozzle with multi-precision microfiber.

You can use it for wet wiping of the floors, after which it is cleaned under running water, dry and use again, and you can attach disposable napkins instead and Upon completion of cleaning, just tear them and throw them out. All components, including napkins, are inexpensive and are available for purchase as in foreign online stores and local retailers.


The cleaning station is supplied with a short power wire and five bags for garbage, one of which is immediately installed in the tank. The volume of each bag is three liters. After filling it, it must be removed and disposed of. Sets from such bags are very inexpensive in one famous Chinese online shopping bag.

Station and Robot vacuum cleaner decorated snow white, diluted with black accents. The enclosure of the laser sensor located on the EVE PLUS cover is painted in a saturated red shade. The upper part of the robot is protected by a somewhat brand glass disk. Near Lidar there is a control panel with three buttons.

With their help, you can initiate local cleaning, send a robot vacuum cleaner to the database, turn off and enable it without using the application or voice commands. By the way, being connected to the power source, EVE Plus is loaded automatically and completely deactivate it in this position.

Infrared sensors are located on the round side of the robot, the rubber bumper to mitigate the blows, ventilation holes and contacts for nutrition through a self-cleaning station. On the back traditionally there is a dust container, which is withdrawn by clicking on the disconnection built into the knob.

The translucent plastic container consists and is quite standard: the lower part is assigned to the electric water tank, the dust tank, and the surface for the installation of the detergent nozzle, and the top placed the filter For access to which a small lever side is provided.

The hole was hidden through the silicone plug, through which the tank is filled with water. Depending on the selected program, the electrical pump will be supplied to some amount of moisture straight on the washing sponge. The robot independently records the presence of a detergent module, allowing you to initiate wet cleaning in the application. In his absence, ROIDMI EVE Plus will carry out the usual dry cleaning of the room.

A detailed instruction on downloading and installing the ROIDMI application is duplicated on the container lid, and right under the handle is a dust output, through which the base is drawn by the collected garbage into the bag. Manufacturers have provided a door for it opening only during the fence procedure so that nothing has fallen out.

At the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner there are also several sensors that protect the device from falling from height. Side brushes are unexpectedly taken by bolts, but easily removed and change to similar if necessary.

ROIDMI EVE PLUS has only one gross brush with a red silicone base, which incredibly loves to cling to the bristles of pets. Fortunately, it is also very easy to remove, clean and install it.

The dust collector is a modified dock, 36 centimeters height. From its bottom, it has a compartment equipped with charging contacts and a dust entrance, where the vacuum cleaner is parked on vacation, and on top of a large tank with a folding lid, where garbage bags are inserted.

Rear is the duct grille, there is a port for connecting a charging wire and a transparent cap from a dust channel. It will be needed if the dust collector happens in the dust collector and it will be necessary to clean it manually.

The sensor on the default case shows the robot battery level. If the bag is not inserted or it must be replaced, the corresponding icon will appear there. Another character informs about the disinfection mode.

ROIDMI EVE PLUS looks expensive and prestigious, while laconic design and neutral colors allows it to organically fit into almost any modern interior. Impressive attention of Xiaomi to all sorts of trifles was also very pleased.

Manufacturers have not forgotten about a comfortable cleaning brush, hiding it into the recess under the lid of the dust collector, and when the bag is seized, the hole with the garbage inside is automatically blocked by the plug. Over all, it is obvious that the design of the ROIDMI EVE PLUS system is primarily focused on the convenience and safety of the user.

Setting and

Connection ROIDMI EVE PLUS passes in several stages during which you need to establish the connection of devices with the home network Wi-Fi (the robot is connected to 2.4 GHz to the channel) and log in in one of the Xiaomi applications. It is suitable for both the specialized software ROIDMI and the system for the smart home Mi Home, in which the robot to control the robot vacuum cleaner is completely duplicated.

Intuitive and fully Russified programs are worthy of space in the partition of the device, since they have an incredibly wide set of functions, with which you can manually program the cleaning algorithms of the home assistant.

In the main window, the battery charge is displayed, the last cleaning time and the area cleaned area. In the menu, you can configure the volume (thrust) of the vacuum cleaner, select the intensity of wet cleaning, and also convince the robot to clean in each room twice or wash the floors along the route Y.

in the "Robot Setup" section for mass Adjective functions. For example, you can turn on the "sticking carpet" mode so that the vacuum cleaner automatically turns the maximum thrust, being on the carpet of the coating, or configure it "Do not disturb" mode so that it does not use voice alerts at night.

By the way, ROIDMI EVE Plus owns a tenth of languages ​​and knows how to communicate including in Russian, pioneering cheerful ahead of the owners about his intentions with a pleasant maiden voice. The volume of the speakers of the vacuum cleaner and the language is also adjustable in the settings section.

In a separate menu of the dust collection station, automatic cleaning of the robot-vacuum cleaner reservoir is adjusted. With the help of the ROIDMI EVE Plus application, you can program at a certain time and monitor the wear of consumables, manage the device manually using the control panel and much more.

But the most interesting partition of software is a detailed map of the room, which ROIDMI EVE PLUS is in the first cleaning process. It displays the location of the device and charging station, as well as the entire route made by the assistant. The program automatically divides the room to the zones, but most importantly - with the help of this map, you can configure the behavior of the robot vacuum cleaner.

For example, to prohibit the robot to be in certain zones, you will no longer need magnetic tapes on the floor - it is enough to hold a red forbidding feature on the map, or mark the whole area where he should not call.

Following your instructions, the robot will strengthen the craving to make sure all the sand in the hallway, in the kitchen will include wet cleaning and twice the floors, turn the side of the pet feeders, quietly and quickly gets in the bedroom, combined Clean the bathroom and will avoid stairs limited by invisible walls.

Do you have a private house for several floors? This option is also provided in the appendix. As soon as ROIDMI EVE Plus finishes to study and remove one floor, lower it to the second and initiate cleaning. The application will be a new floor plan, allow you to switch between them and also configure in detail.

ROIDMI software provides users with some fantastic freedom, remaining affordable and easy to learn. This is a worthy, truly innovative work of Xiaomi programmers, after which you can hardly agree to something less.

Features and Impressions

Pleasant features ROIDMI EVE Plus is enough even without the above. For example, the device has a very capacious battery. Well, in any case, it is more suitable than most budget analogs. At the same time, no weight, nor on the size of the robot, it does not affect.

According to the manufacturer's statements, the device can continuously clean about four hours, and for another four hours it will be required to restore. The Xiaomi robot works carefully, but very smartly, and he left a slightly less than 10% of the charge for cleaning the room in 18 square meters.

Another extremely unusual for a robot-vacuum cleaner is associated with its garbage station. It is equipped with a special module that performs disinfection of garbage and purifies air from bacteria that contribute to the appearance of unpleasant odors and allergic reactions.

This function is automatically activated after each garbage collection from the vacuum cleaner and works for half an hour, which indicates the indicator on the digital scoreboard. If at this moment get to the charging station closer, you can feel the characteristic odor of ozone.

Vacuum cleaners with disinfection function are periodically found on the market. But there are such devices of non-day money and are not robotic. It turns out that the ROIDMI EVE Plus is practically no analogues.

The lidar (the light system of detection and range detection), located "on the top of the robot vacuum cleaner, is deserved separate attention. Due to the protruding element, this model of the robot is slightly less prompt than its flat fellows, but the advantages of the sensor with interest compensate for this flaw.

With the radar included a robot vacuum cleaner, the masterfully envelopes any obstacles, walps between the legs of the chairs and stools, avoids shop legs and pets who have selected from shelters to study the incomprehensible car.

Already at the average power of ROIDMI EVE Plus it easily copes with the pellets of catfish and collects wool lumps in the corners, pulls small pebbles (I brought a couple for the dough) and removes the sand well. However, for the most efficient struggle with the sands, it is better to arrange a double cleaning or increase power up to the third level.

Wet wiping of the floors (notice, it is "rubbing", and not "washing", as some are still dreamed), the robot masters well: Collects the tempered dust and a small fraction on a reusable microfiber, not a single floor segment. And if something is missing, it will certainly return and finish cleaning.

For carpets with a low vors, the device climbs confidently, the boards and pits overcomes without special natures, and most importantly - he does not beat the wall with Lidar, it does not try to tear the plinth, does not move the furniture and very carefully drives To recharge the back.

Another important point I, as an amateur of smart systems, I can not mention, this is the compatibility of ROIDMI EVE Plus with the function of the smart home Mi HOME. At the moment, the voice management of this model is available through the majority of popular voice assistants, like "Alexa", "Marusi" and Google Assistant.

If there is a special gateway or using a smartphone with a Bluetooth on, you can connect a robot vacuum cleaner to a smart column and manage it with voice. The same "Alice" has a huge number of commands for ROIDMI EVE Plus for any occasion.

Operation and care

Before conclusion, I will tell you about some features related to care for vacuum cleaner. Yes, he certainly surpasses fellow with a conventional charging port instead of a dust collector, since now you no longer need to clean the tray manually - the powerful pump integrated into the self-cleaning station container.

However, if you have a lot of fluffy beasts at home, the robot vacuum cleaner will still have to be regularly brushing from wool. As I have already written above, this business is extremely easy to wind up its gross brush, and also scores a small removable wheel and processes under the caps of rotating brushes, to remove which you need a screwdriver.

Another disadvantage is the design of the filter. Or rather - in the absence of an additional mesh gasket, which usually accounts for the main dust blow before the dirt will fill the fission of the non-filter. Despite the fact that most of both the large and small garbage goes to the bag, the filter quickly clogs, which seriously increases its wear.

I see two options out of this situation: regularly, after each cleaning, clean and rinse the filter under a slight pressure of water or immediately order more filters and from time to time to simply change them. Fortunately, they are affordable and too many selling.


ROIDMI EVE PLUS - Robot vacuum cleaner which can be recommended even very demanding owners. He has a representative look, each movement is applied and accurately, it is very effective in cleaning and truly autonomy. You will only need to periodically replace the bags with dust and check whether everything is fine with the brush. Moreover, the ROIDMI notification system itself will warn you when the robot needs service.

The magnificent proprietary application will easily understand and program the assistant to any convenient cleaning script, and the air purification system will protect you and your households from concentrating in dust accumulations of microbes.

Another important advantage of ROIDMI EVE Plus is its price. This is not a cheap device, but if you look at the prices of other self-cleaning robots-vacuum cleaners, often devoid of lidars and certainly not equipped with disinfector, the choice in favor of the device from Xiaomi will become apparent.