Working with documents on iPhone

Editing Office documents - the procedure that people are forced daily; It would be strange if Apple's gadgets did not allow this to do. Adjust the Word and Excel files on iPhone can be - but not at the expense of your own gadgets.

Built-in iPhone does not allow the user to work with Office documents. If necessary, urgently make adjustments to Word and Excel formats files from the apple gadget will have to download a third-party application from the AppStore.

Fortunately, such programs in the official Apple store is a set. On the example of one of them we will demonstrate that the processing of an office document on iPhone is actually a very simple procedure.

What program to choose?

Thematic portals "in one voice" recommend downloading and installing Document 6 from Readdle - File Manager and Browser, "Two in One". However, in fact, you can't call this program, a newcomer may be difficult to deal with her. Document 6 has another drawback - this application makes high requirements for "Operation"; Need iOS version above 9.0. The user makes sense to look for a decent alternative to the program from Readdle.

Two applications claim to be applied by two applications: Polaris Office and " Myophice Documents". The Polaris Office program is more known, but it has a couple of serious minuses: first, the weight utility is very impressive - over 100 MB, secondly, many of its functions are available to the user Only after purchasing a subscription.

"Moyofis Documents" is a completely fresh domestic product that appeared in the AppStore only at the end of 2016.

This text editor is able to boast a modern concise design and utmost simplicity. Compared to the Polaris Office, the Moiophis Documents program is less weighs (about 80 MB) and offers more ways to import documents "from the part". It is on the example of the Russian application that we will study how to process office documents on the iPhone.

How to download a Word document on iPhone?

There are 3 ways to upload a Word document or other office program to MyOffice Documents, all equally effective.

How to transfer a text document to iPhone from a computer?

If you want to transfer a file from PC to iPhone, you should use email as an intermediary. Proceed as follows:

Step 1. Go to your mailbox from your PC and send a letter with an attached Word document to your own address.

Step 2. Open the mailbox on iPhone through the Safari browser or a special application. Users of the service from Rambler, for example, can resort to the help of the program "Rambler / Mail", available in the AppStore.

Step 3. Select one of the sections in your mailbox: " Sent" or " Inbox". There you will find the letter that was sent from the PC. Open this letter.

Step 4. Download an email attachment to your iPhone. In the Rambler / Mail application, you can do this by clicking on the down arrow.

Step 5. Open an attachment by clicking on it. Then press the " Share" button.

Step 6. Among the options, select " Copy to "Documents".

After that, MyOffice Documents will start automatically. In the " On device" section of the program, you will find the downloaded text file.

How to transfer a document to iPhone via cloud?

The method of downloading a Word file via mail is not convenient. It is much easier to drop a document into a text editor using one of the cloud services. You can use, for example, the iCloud Drive service, to which each of the fans of "apple" products has access.

Uploading a document to MyOffice Documents via iCloud Drive is done as follows:

Step 1. Go to and log in.

Step 2. In the main menu, select the section " Pages".

Step 3. Drop the documents in " Pages". Click on the gear and in the menu that appears, select the option " Upload document to iCloud...".

Then through " Explorer" select the file you need on the PC and click " Open".

After that, you can close iCloud tab on PC.

Step 4. Launch the "MyOffice Documents" application on your iPhone and click on the button with the "+" sign.

Next, click " Load document".

Step 5. Through the menu that appears, select from which cloud storage you want to import the file. We will prefer the " iCloud Drive" option.

Step 6. After navigating to the “ iCloud Drive ” section, you will see the “ Pages ” folder.

Open this folder - in it you will find the document that you dumped from the computer.

Click on the document and it will be loaded into a text editor.

How do I download an Office document using the Safari browser?

If you want to transfer a document available on the Internet (for example, a book) to the iPhone's memory, you can not use a PC at all and download directly from the gadget's built-in browser. This is done like this:

Step 1. Launch Safari and search the web for the file you want to download.

Step 2. Open this document in a browser and click on the gadget's screen. The button “ Open in...

will appear at the top of the screen. Click on it - this will bring up the menu.

Step 3. From the menu, select the option " Copy to "Documents".

Then press " Done".

The downloaded book will be available in the “ On device ” section of the “ MyOffice Documents ” application.

How to create a document on iPhone?

Creating a new document on an "apple" device is also possible - through a third-party program. In the MyOffice Documents application, the document is generated as follows:

Step 1. Open the program and in the section " On the device" click on the plus icon.

Step 2. Choose what type of file you want to create. Of the options - a text file (Word), a table (Excel) and a folder.

Suppose that we need a text document - for its formation you need to choose the " text". Changing on the "Text", you will find yourself in the editor:

All the main functions of the desktop Word are present in the Moiophis Documents Application Editor. In particular, the text editor allows:

  • Choose style, kegel and color of the font.
  • Align text in the center or at the edges.
  • Make marked and numbered lists.
  • Selects pieces of text with bold, italic or color.

The listed functions are available in the menu " text", get into which can be by clicking on " AA.

The Moiophice Documents application allows not only to print the text, but also to put it. Activate dictation mode can be powered by a microphone button.

This is a really very convenient feature. The way how well the program recognizes words, has become a pleasant surprise.

Step 3. After completing the writing of the text, you can save the document in the Myophice Documents program or send it by e-mail, through social network"VKontakte", through Messengers What's App, Viber and others - options mass. Click on the button with three horizontal stripes.


In the menu that appears, select " Export, if you expect to continue working on the text and while you do not want to display a document from the program Or Item " Send a copy, if you want to use one of the listed ways to output.

The Moiophis Documents program is capable of saving text files not only in.doc (Vordovsky) format, but also in.odt (Open Document Format) and.pdf. The last format is especially important; It is in.pdf that it is recommended to convert the files before printing - in order due to the mismatch of Word versions, the plates, drawings and subtitles inside the text did not "move".

How to open a text document on the iPhone and edit it?

Open the file in the.doc format For later editing on the iPhone, you can also use the Miaffis Documents application. Download the document in one of the methods described above and click on it in the " section on the device" of the program. The file will be open in the editor.

Edit using a mobile application is not very convenient, because the keyboard occupies a significant part of the screen. In order to in the field of view there were more text, it is recommended to reduce the font skull. It is possible to do this quickly with the help of a gesture called Pinch - of the compressive movement with two fingers at the same time. Zoom Kehel will be able, on the contrary, tensile motion.

Open the Words file for viewing without editing can be many different methods - for example, in the Safari browser or in the mail application.


The choice of application to work with text documents on the iPhone is a matter of taste. The most conservative users still prefer Documents from READDLE, although now in the AppStore there are more convenient programs. One of the Russian novelties of the store is "Moyofis Documents" - it turned out to be very functional and easy to handle the editor. Users of this application can create new Word / Excel documents on their "apple" devices, and edit existing ones.