Why wired headphones are better than wireless?

Wireless headphones are definitely convenient, but wired devices exceed them in almost all parameters.

When buying a new pair of headphones, you first wonder what to choose: wired or wireless model. Of course, the latter has its own characteristics, but below are nine reasons why wired headphones are better than wireless.


Wireless headphones are more convenient, which, of course, affects the price: this type Devices are an order of magnitude more. And it is logical, because the production of a couple of wireless headphones is more expensive.

Additional components, thanks to which wireless headphones, actually become wireless, increase the list of materials necessary to create a final product. The higher this cost, the more the consumer pays.


although in this rule there are exceptions, wired headphones most often more Durable compared to wireless, since there are fewer components in their enclosure, which can break when falling.

Thus, standard headphones are able to cope with non-accuracy use much better than wireless analogs. In addition, some high-end wired devices are made so good that they can serve you all your life.


in the housing of wired headphones there are no additional components, so they Lighter wired. If you often use the headset, then you probably know how important the comfort and weight are.

Since the headphones are constantly on the painter, sometimes for several hours in a row (or even more), they should be easy and convenient to not cause discomfort.

The heavier headphones, the more inconvenience you will experience. In addition, you will often take them out due to the load on the neck or trite due to the fact that the ears are fisted.

No need to charge

Nowadays, when almost every gadget is so equipped Battery, have another device that needs from time to time to recharge - not the best idea.

Wired headphones do not need recharging, since they are equipped with an audio connector. You only need to connect them to a computer.

In addition, considering that you do not have to constantly charge the device, it will help save electricity and reduce the accounts for the rent! Yes, it is unlikely to play a key role, however, it is great as an additional advantage.

Zero delay

Over the past few years, wireless headphones have certainly progressed, it also concerns And input delays: it gradually decreases. But if we talk about this indicator, wired headphones are always superior to wireless.

Note that it has nothing to do with the price - everything comes down to banal physics. Even the most expensive wireless headphones will not be able to exceed the cheap wire model from the point of delays.

You will not notice any delay in the usual listening to music, however, gamers certainly know how important these milliseconds can be in hot butter.

sound quality

You may be more than satisfied with your Airpods Max, but an indisputable The fact is that there are many wired headphones on the market that offer much better sound quality in the same or even less price.

This is due to the fact that wireless headphones are still relatively new invention compared to wired headphones. The latter have passed a long way of development, so they are a tested and verified gadget.

Do not understand us wrong: Wireless headphones can produce good sound, but if you are looking for the best sound, then wired headphones offer much more.

Suitable for professionals

, almost all professional-level headphones are wired. There are many reasons for that, but the most important is that wired models simply are more reliable and are intended for specialized work, unlike wireless, calculated for mass use.

for singers and sound engineers, headphones are one of the most important tools as they are used to improve and mix music. This means that the headset should always be ready, as well as configured in a specific way.

Most consumer-level devices are customized on bass and high frequencies, i.e. Have a V-shaped form.

Professional wired headphones have a balanced form, which ensures maximum accuracy of sound reproduction. It is very important for musicians - they need to know exactly how the track sounds.


everything is simple. Considering that there are more components in the wireless headphone housing, they are harder and more difficult to repair.

However, we do not mean that the repair of any wired headphones will cost cheaply and quickly. Repair prices depend on the quality of a particular model. However, if you follow the overall rule, repairing wireless headphones is much more complicated.


Wired headphones bring much less harm to the environment because they can boast A longer service life, maintainability and lack of decaying batteries.

With proper care, a decent pair of wired headphones worth less than $ 100 (7,500 rubles) can easily serve about three to six years, sometimes even more. A wireless model with the same price almost certainly will not serve so long because the battery capacity will gradually decrease.

Wired headphones - the best investment

in the age of wireless technologies It may seem that buying wired headphones is a step back. However, many audiophiles will say that wired headset is the best choice.

Yes, they are a bit uncomfortable due to interfering wires, but instead you get quality. Wired headphones offer excellent sound, longer service life and have no delays. Not to mention the fact that they do not need to constantly charge!