Why in Bluetooth headphones is interrupted?

Sound problems are in any wireless headphones. What caused problems?

Bluetooth headsets are becoming increasingly distributed. Pushing the shopping of smartphones themselves, eliminating the 3.5-millimeter audio jack from new models. Everything would be fine if not one "but". The sound quality in wireless headphones is most often medium or even low. And the user may encounter a sound latency in Bluetooth headphones. What caused these two troubles? Surely large companies still can not come up with a normal method of transmitting sound through air?

Sound Interruption

If the average sound of the sound can be completed, then when the music is interrupted - it quickly displays. These second or even semisheconic pauses make it back to wired headphones, connecting an accessory at least through the adapter.

Unfortunately, to find out the exact causes of the micropause almost impossible. The fact is that Bluetooth is very different from the same Wi-Fi - this method of transmitting the signal is less standardized, and the power of "blue zeub" is often missing. If Wi-Fi quietly penetrates even through the walls of the house, the Bluetooth signal can prevent the jacket lining. That is, try to pull the smartphone from the inner pocket - it is possible that the purity synchronization will significantly improve.

Unfortunately, he delays the sound in Bluetooth headphones and then when the accessory is located right next to the smartphone. This indicates the low compatibility of the chip in the headset with the module located in the phone. It is possible that the latter is used by some unsuitable codec. After all, if you did not know, the air is transmitted not analog, but digital sound. Headphones still need to decrypt, only after that playing. If the electronics in the product is not the most powerful, then from time to time micropauses can really occur.

If the purchase of Bluetooth headphones is only to be necessary, then you will definitely familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the accessories. Try to choose such an instance that has supported precisely those profiles that are embedded in the Bluetooth of your smartphone. It is also desirable that the version of the "blue tooth" was also the same. In particular, now many smartphones have on board Bluetooth 4.0 - a similar version should have a wireless headset.

If the headphones are connected to the computer, then you can "fold" with the settings of music players to remove the audio interrupt. Change the sound output from the DirectSound on Waveout - sometimes it can help. Unfortunately, in the smartphones, the Bluetooth connection settings are noticeably less, so it is impossible to favor experiments here.

Bad sound

The sound quality depends on several factors. Basically, this parameter affects the Bluetooth version. In each fresh version there are some new profiles and technologies. For example, now smartphones and wireless headsets are gradually moving to codec APTX HD, providing sound transmission in hardly CD quality. If you are not limited in financial resources, it is better to purchase an accessory with support for this codec. But do not forget that then the smartphone will need the appropriate.

The sound quality depends on which music files are reproduced. Pay attention to the MP3 Music Bitrate - the best sound will be in files with the 320 Kbps parameter. The real music lovers should go to files with a lower compression degree - for example, on FLAC. Weighing such music will be more, but when saving these compositions, too high or too low frequencies did not cut out. However, an increased bit rate can lead to micropause - Bluetooth data transfer rate is strongly limited.

Of course, first of all, the purity of the sound depends on the design of the headphones themselves. It is stupid to expect a good sound from the simplest "plugs" for 2000 rubles. Want to enjoy music without using a wired connection? Then you will have to fork out for an expensive headset from the well-known manufacturer. Difficult to choose from? Focus on the selection of the best Bluetooth headphones for the phone.


Alas, but modern wireless technologies that serve to transmit sound, do not somehow play the settings. If there are some problems, it most often talks about poor compatibility of headphones and smartphones. And in the case of not good sound, you should blame the underdeveloped design of the headset (or a weak chip). That is why when choosing wireless headphones should not be saved.