Why haptic feedback is an indicator of the quality of a smartphone

from tactile return depends on the overall impression - there will be a phone to be felt premium or cheap.

Most likely, you chose your last smartphone without tactile feedback, but probably already during operation began to pay attention to it.

Tactile returns in the smartphone is implemented by vibromotors. These are respondents in response to user actions - scrolling list, pressing on-screen keys, etc.

In different smartphones, the tactile return is felt differently. For each iPhone or OnePlus, with a clearly pronounced vibration hide, at least a dozen less expensive phones with a weak, not tangible vibration or so sharp that I want to turn off on the first day.

What value is the vibration date for a mobile phone? Much more than you seem now. This is not just a reflection of the quality of the product - in some cases it is a significant bonus for functionality.

Tactile feedback simplifies the use of the phone

Vibration - this is a confirmation that the smartphone performed the task set before him, for example, responded On the entry of the text or put the long page to the end. Vibromotors give a signal at what point to stop scrolling when the "Pull up to update" function has worked (this is especially useful in social networks ) or when the letter was passed when the text set. In some way, tactile return comes rid of the need to constantly look at the screen.

Good tactile return is plus to the quality of the phone. It encourages manufacturers to consider design due to technical functionality, and not just as a visual component.

The better the responses are better thought out, the clearer the smartphone becomes. For example, on the iPhone, light clicks when scrolling the menu helps to stop accurately on the desired element. In this sense, the tactile return is to improve responsiveness, about the same way as the high frequency of the display update. Both of these functions save time when navigating on the phone.

and Apple and Google consider physical feedback to an important assistant in cases where there is no possibility to resort to audiovisual prompts. For users with a weakened vision, the vibration will confirm the action when the buttons are pressed or moving via the interface. It also replaces the beep when calling and incoming messages.

Tactile communications makes the use of a smartphone more pleasant

There is a simpler reason for which the improved reverse phone should be required connection. In part, it was invented in order to provide lively interaction, save the user from the thought that he was "communicating" all the time with an inanimate subject. Considering how much time we spend with our phones, wouldn't it be bad to put them at least a couple of living traits?

Without good vibromotors, be it Taptic Engine in iPhone or linear motors in Huawei Mate 40 Pro, communication between the phone and its owner is very limited.

Thanks to them, the phone does not simply perform the tasks, it cooperates with you and even in some sense adjusts to you. Of course, tactile return does not make an electronic device more alive than it is, but still makes us perceive it not just like a bar of metal and glass, but as more. Rhythmic tapping when typing texts will bring a small entertainment element in everyday operation. And about the games and not worth mentioning: in mobile game, the feedback is not given far away.

As we have already spoken at the very beginning, tactile feedback is able to influence our perception. Unobtrusive and timely response causes pleasant impressions, even if the model is completely inexpensive. And poor-quality vibrating motors with a sharp hum Portage the feeling of premium gadgets with a bunch of innovative solutions. Ultimately, the thoughtful tactile return is proof that the manufacturer is ready to pay attention to the trifles. If he took care of good responses, there is a high probability that it worked at no less thorough functions.

Requires good tactile returns from smartphones, we motivate manufacturers not only to increase their quality with each generation, but also look at the design complex. Vibrous meat is not an explicit characteristic, it cannot be measured with numbers or described objectively. But this is the indicator for which we define our feelings from phones similar to the functionality - this cool, but something is wrong with this.