Why Examless Screens in Laptops is a bad idea

Examine - an absolute trend in modern technique. Is it really possible to want something else today?

Waterfall screens, smartphones with invisible frames around the display, the same smart watches and tablets - they are in all stores. The trend got to laptops. Frames in a finger thickness today are considered a remnant of the past. Or not? Maybe nowadays their use is fulfilled? The author of the Digital Trends website Luke Larsen shared his considerations on this.

I complained about the thickness of the front edging of the laptop for years. From the same time, as in 2015 Dell laid the beginning of this trend, submitting an updated XPS 13, I demanded that the laptop frameworks become all thinner and thinner as in smartphones.

During this time , the iPhone lost the HOME button and instead of it got thin "chin". I wanted advanced design technologies used in laptops.

But then 2020 came, priorities and scenarios for the use of the technique turned upside down. Now, looking back, I can say that the requirement of the ultra-thin frames was a mistake.

Designer compromises

Talk about how it all began. You ask: Why do you need a subtle frame? The answer is obvious - for the sake of external presentation. They look futuristic, eliminate distracting factors and display the contents of the display on the fore. But we will be honest, the use of a subtle framework in personal electronics is basically following the trend. Nobody wants to look old-fashioned.

But as in all, which is associated with technology and design, a large compromise is hidden behind each small decision. When it comes to a decrease in the framework, the first shot assumes a webcam. The developers of some laptops tried to embed it in the most unexpected places, for example, under one of the keys or in the bottom of the display edging.

Most did not object. Of course, it was unusual to look for chamber's eyes somewhere in the bottom frame, but it did not prevent me from calling the XPS 13 the best laptop of my time. And in general, most people used the webcraft so rarely that her move from the usual place of residence for many remained unnoticed. In the end, laptop manufacturers have found a way to reduce the webcam module and shove it into the finest of all existing upper frames.

But the problem is not doing anywhere. These reduced modules required a reduced sensor, which did not cope at all with poor illumination. As a result, the webcam has turned into a torture technique.

The times have changed so much that no one remained aside. Zoom and Teams are launched daily. Many people who have never included webcams suddenly found how kidding today video quality on laptops. This is where it came to understand that the subtle frames were taken away from us.

What kind of nasty is your video link

to 2021, the laptop with a webcam 1080p was practically unrealistic. The standard was 720p - a completely dull number compared to the fact that other means of communication could. Only in the past few months, laptop manufacturers, such as MSI and Lenovo, began to use 1080p webcams. The transition happened not as fast as I expected, but nevertheless, some models with a camera 1080r were very pleased.

How repeatedly stated manufacturers, for a higher camera resolution, a larger module is required. But unlike smartphones and tablets, inside the laptop cover behind the screen is not so much. From here it follows the need for a wide top edging. The appearance of devices suffers, but in 2021 most people most likely choose exactly such a decision. And this completely contradicts the above for me a little over a year ago.

Understand me correctly. I still nicely see laptops with thin frames, especially below and on the sides.

But today I am inclined to recommend laptops to the detriment of design with a thick top edging and high-quality video modulus. So the average user will not have to acquire an external webcam for normal communication with relatives or on work. In the meantime, new advances will not happen in the field of webcams and facial panels, the thick frames are detained in trends.