Why does each owner of the phone need an advertisement blocker for Android or iOS?

Do you know how much paid traffic goes on loading unnecessary and annoying advertising? And how often while playing or watching a video pop-up banner closes such a valuable space? But the main thing - how many confidential and important information can flow into the network when clicking on unwanted spammy advertising?

Marketing ads appear on the screens of our devices with enviable regularity.Android advertising blockerallows you to ignore all the formats of annoying offers and consume content without interruptions to distracting factors, but can it protect users?

Specialists described what advantages to use reliable but paidapplications for blocking advertising. Experts in the field of mobile security explained how to keep traffic and protect themselves from surveillance with trackers, as well as what is differentthe best advertising blocker on Androidfrom competitors.

Advertising instead of content: how to manipulate consumers

At least official data is not published, but studies show disappointing statistics - in the 70s, a person saw from 100 to 1000 advertisements per day. With the development of technologies, in particular with the emergence of mass television, this number has increased ten times. The Internet has opened incredible prospects for advertisers than they used immediately. According to the most modest estimates in 2021, one user accounts for about 10,000 marketing banners and videos daily.

Now advertising is shown in applications, games, sites and even in mobile operating systems. Most developers with its help are monetized free and case-free projects. A good example of this is YouTube, where without a monthly subscription, literally in each second video is broadcast video author with a call to install the program, the game or buy another wonderful and very necessary product. Harm from them is almost no, but in the end, the time spent on advertising is calculated by hours.

Aggressive marketing is a little worse, because in addition to the permanent spam, it collects confidential user data and tracks them on the Internet. Analytics is the most effective way to personalize the product, but not by the price of the safety of digital consumers.

Manipulating by consumers

How do you think what purpose the software developers are pursued, advertisers and Affiliate networks? That's right - make us, honest users, buy a product, pay a subscription, in general, do everything to get rid of advertising. And oddly enough, but they achieve this. We deliberately give them your earnings in order to consume content without spam and irritation.

There is an output from each unpleasant situation. Now we will tell how to deal with annoying advertising in applications and on sites.

How to secure yourself from surveillance and disable spam: expert advice

We have long been tested Different ways to fight mobile with an abundance of advertising on sites and in applications and found only a few efficient ways to disable it, or rather - block. Now there are many programs for filtering traffic, some of them can be used to protect against annoying content and surveys of analytical services.

Tips from experts:

  1. Manually disconnect the tracking in applications and browsers.
  2. Do not go to suspicious resources and do not install an unknown software.
  3. Use proven tools to filter traffic.

We analyzed several programs that block the harmful links, turn off advertising and reject tracking requests mobile. One of the best applications for this is AWAX. Unlike free options, it reliably protects your device, because developers are interested in saving your data, and therefore the leak option is completely excluded.

The advantages of AWAX to competitors

Often users introduce a request "Lock advertising android chrome" and see dozens of similar applications. Choose something suitable from this list is pretty difficult, because some programs do not meet the requests, others require prepayment or themselves are a peddler of harmful content.

AWAX stands out from the competition with:

  • A 7-day trial period that allows to appreciate the functionality and choose the best tariff plan.
  • A local VPN service that, unlike other applications, does not require a permanent connection to remote servers, but redirects all traffic to its own filter.
  • An up-to-date database with advertising sources updated daily.
  • 24/7 technical support. Specialists solve all issues related to installing and configuring the application, paying the tariff and the nuances of work.
  • Convenient interface, quick registration and instant start of the software on any device.

This is how it worksAWAX blocker is one of the best free web surfing which you can download from any app store for free.

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