Who will protect your iPhone: the strongest antiviruses for iOS

Apple users believe that their devices do not need protection, and therefore doubt whether antivirus is needed. However, protection against malicious software is not all that modern antiviruses can. They have a lot of other useful features.

The probability that the iPhone file system will be infected with viruses are minimal, because it is protected from any unauthorized intervention. However, download and install Antivirus Apple's technicians are still recommended - viral programs become more perfect. Perhaps over time they will learn to bypass the protection of "apple" gadgets. If you want to protect your expensive gadget from all potential threats, it is worth paying attention to the following applications.

Avast Security & Privacy

Avast protects your device from network threats and all kinds of intruders - the program views the public network Wi-Fi and controls Internet traffic.

Among free features - scanning of threats and various vulnerabilities, blocking malware, protection of personal data of accounts, photo storage (40 photos), as well as safety and confidential tips.

There is also a premium version that costs $ 20 per year (1490 rubles) or 5 dollars (360 rubles) per month. It adds protection VPN, protecting all accounts and unlimited photo storage.

BitDefender Mobile Security

BitDefender Mobile Security - Free application intended to protect user confidential data. The program includes VPN, web protection and account privacy parameters.

In addition, the antivirus encrypts all Internet traffic and protects the device while the user is connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots cellular data networks and other public places.

The web protection feature, on the other hand, blocks malicious pages that are eager to get your personal information (credit card information, etc.), and will definitely show whether email accounts have been leaked or have been whether confidentiality has been violated.

The free version offers 200 MB of data per day. If you want more, you'll have to pay: the premium version will cost $15 (1,100 rubles) per year or $1.49 (109 rubles) per month.

Norton 360: Mobile Security

Norton 360 Mobile Provides multiple layers of protection for your iPhone by monitoring for cyberattacks and automatically checking for the latest security patches and iOS updates. In addition, the application has many other useful features:

  • SMS security tools filter text messages for phishing. In addition, you will receive notifications about Wi-Fi networks attacked by cybercriminals, because in such networks, the user's personal information can be intercepted and the device can be infected with malware.
  • The protection feature will not give attackers the slightest chance to exploit any vulnerabilities in the system, take control of the device or steal user's personal information.
  • Secure VPN lets you use your favorite apps and websites at home and on the go with strong, professional-grade encryption.
  • Web protection protects the user from accessing fraudulent and malicious websites.
  • Dark Web Monitoring checks for leaked personal information.

Antivirus has a free 14-day trial, and then you need to purchase an annual subscription, which costs 1300 rubles.

LogDog: Mobile Security

Logdog scans and tracks the place and time of entering your account, as well Number of messages and other data for unusual activity (such as, for example, attempts to theft of personal data or invasions into an account).

If something is wrong, the application will immediately warn the user to prevent or stop the cracking process.

Most recently, the LogDog developers also added additional security measures to protect accounts by constantly scanning lists of hacked accounts. Logdog offers a monthly or annual subscription for 9 and 60 dollars, respectively (660 and 4400 rubles).

Avira Mobile Security

  • ​​

Avira Mobile Security will help ensure the security of the data and the anonymity of the user's actions On the Internet due to the VPN encrypted network.

The personal data protection function will quickly inform you about whether third party has e-mail, and the tool for protection against theft will help return the lost telephone.

If you make online purchases or keep your credit card data on the Worldwide Network, the application blocks phishing, malware, spam and other types of fraud.

The block charts also allows you to create a blacklist and block spam, unwanted calls and text messages from other users. You can also easily create backup copies and restore contacts from your phone and send them to your email, Dropbox or Google disk.

The cost of various subscriptions varies from $ 3.49 (256 rubles) per month to $ 40 (2,940 rubles) per year.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Security is an antivirus that not only helps to keep the iPhone file system safe, but also allows you to find a lost or stolen device. It is enough to connect to the Internet and go to the Lookout.com website so that the user has access to information about the location of the device. Antivirus can also:

  • Remotely make the iPhone emit a loud beep - this is useful if the user has lost the gadget in his apartment. The interesting thing is that the iPhone will "scream", even being in silent mode.
  • Display an SMS message with the owner's coordinates on the screen of the lost device - perhaps the finder will be a decent person and want to return the gadget.

Lookout Security is a free antivirus for the iPhone, however, there is also a paid version - Premium worth 1790 rubles per year. A paid antivirus backs up all the photos on the iPhone and tells the owner if someone tries to do something suspicious with the phone, such as entering a PIN.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is a powerful program that blocks penetration of worms and "Trojan" into the device file system. In addition, the antivirus does not allow the user to those sites that can carry a threat to the smartphone.

Protection against malicious software is not all that is able to this application. It is equipped with a plurality of functions useful in stealing the apparatus:

  • Capture Cam. If the thief entered the PIN code several times on the iPhone incorrectly, he made a critical error - the gadget makes his photo on the front chamber and sends the owner on email.
  • distance destruction of contacts.
  • Multimedia storage. All photos and video files when losing the iPhone can be protected by a PIN code remotely. Plus Antivirus is able to back up important data from the device.

Download McAfee Antivirus can be completely free.

Secure Line VPN

Secure Line - one of The best paid antiviruses, which allows the iPhone user to visit websites anonymously. Manufacturer of Avast - offers a free period of 7 days so that the user can decide whether it needs an antivirus; After this period will have to pay 3 dollars per month.

Secure Line gives other advantages:

  • Security. An Internet connection encrypted, therefore, Hackers will not be able to get to registration data and calls that are carried out through Skype and Viber applications.
  • Removing restrictions. If the website has a geographical limitation, the antivirus can change the user's IP address as if it uses the Internet in another state.


Despite Because Apple technology is famous for its protection against malware, installing antivirus software will not be superfluous. The review shows that modern antiviruses not only know how to deal with Trojans, but are also able to help the user if his gadget is lost.

According to statistics for 2015, the damage from the loss of Apple devices and the data stored on them exceeded $ 3 billion. Even if the antivirus does not help to find the gadget itself, it will be able to recover personal information, which is sometimes more valuable to the user than the device itself.