Where better to buy iPhone?

Buying such an expensive device as iPhone in a small store can only bring disappointment - if the seller slips a refurbished gadget or a fake instead of a new original device. So where to go for an iPhone to avoid the risk of being deceived?

The Internet is replete with ads offering to purchase an iPhone "on the most favorable terms." A person who wants to buy an "apple" device is dizzy from the abundance of sellers - as you know, it is with such an abundance that the risk of making the wrong choice is greatest.

This article will help a potential buyer decide where is the best and safest place to buy an iPhone - in it we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of trade and the conditions offered by specific sellers.

Apple official store

Buying iPhone in official Apple online store gives the buyer a number of advantages:

  • Free home delivery. This privilege can be used by anyone who ordered an item in the Apple store worth more than 3 thousand rubles. You won't have to wait long for delivery: iPhone will arrive in a major city within a week. A resident of an urban-type settlement will have to wait longer (up to 2 weeks), but this is unlikely to greatly overshadow his joy from the new thing.
  • Quality Assurance. A person ordering an iPhone on the official website does not risk being deceived. The device that will be delivered to him will be 100% original, not a Chinese copy.
  • Student discounts. The official Apple store offers discounts to students, applicants, parents of students, as well as university staff of any rank.
  • The ability to make a smartphone special. When buying a gadget in the official store, you can order a unique laser engraving or gift packaging (with a postcard). True, while these advantages are available only to buyers of the iPad and iPod.

With all the above advantages, the official store also has disadvantages, moreover, significant:

  • A small assortment. The catalog contains only the most modern models. For example, after the appearance of the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6 ceased to be sold. Obviously, with the release of the iPhone 8 6S, it will also disappear from the catalog. Ordinary Russian users take a different approach to shopping. They are waiting for an update of the assortment in order to buy an outdated device at a price that does not “bite” so much, and not at all in order to acquire a novelty.
  • Quite high prices. The fact that Apple gadgets are sold in the official store without cheating intermediaries is not a guarantee of the low cost of goods. Apple includes VAT in the price - and this is as much as 18%! Due to taxes adopted in Russia, buyers are forced to overpay for the 7th iPhone for 8-10 thousand rubles.
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Prices in the official Apple store (all data are current for the spring of 2017):

iPhone 7 (32 GB)

iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB)

iPhone 6S (32 GB)

iPhone SE (32 GB)

52,990 rubles

62,990 rubles

44,990 rubles

32,990 rubles


Users who believe that Re:Store is the official network of Apple, are mistaken. The company's official points of sale are called Apple Stores - you won't find them in Russia. Re:Store has the status of Apple Premium Reseller (APR) - that is, the premium partner of the manufacturer. Apple imposes a number of additional responsibilities on premium partners - such firms must send sales reports to the manufacturer and ensure that the service is "on par". In response, the "apple" company grants the partner the right to use the Apple brand as its own.

Here are the benefits Re:Store guarantees to the buyer:

  • Free shipping when buying online. The Re:Store courier delivers free of charge any goods worth more than 5 thousand rubles. Delivery takes 1 - 3 days.
  • Numerous promotions. One of the most popular promotions is a 12-month installment plan with no down payment.
  • A wide range of. Even after the release of the iPhone 7, devices of the 5th modification continue to be sold on the network. In addition, the Re:Store catalogs have a lot of interesting accessories for the iPhone - cases, docking stations, holders, power supplies and more.
  • Quality service. Employees Re: Store are narrow experts, but in their field they know. The buyer will receive a competent consultation on how to use the iPhone functionality "on the whole coil."

at Re: Store There are cons:

  • New gadgets turn out to be For sale later than in the official Apple store.
  • Buyer not to avoid obsessive proposals to set up a gadget for money. Beginner users can be misled with consultants arguing that the initial setting is a long and complex process that the newcomer is not under power. In fact, the activation of the "apple" gadget makes it easy - if you follow our instruction, How to configure the iPhone when you first turn on.

Prices in Re: Store:

iPhone 7 (32 GB)

iPhone 6S (32 GB)

iPhone 6 ( 16 GB )

iPhone 5S (16 GB)

iPhone SE (32 GB)

51 990 rubles

42 990 rubles

27 990 rubles

20 990 rubles

28 990 rubles

Retail networks

Purchase iPhone in one of the retail chains (MTS, MegaFon, M. Video ) looks like the most obvious option, but in fact it is not the best solution. There are a number of reasons to abandon the visit to the salon:

  • Sub-quality service. Salons experts will not be able to tell, for example, How to authorize a computer in iTunes to download data to a mobile device or how to connect the iPhone to the TV. At the same time, sellers are canceled by the imposition of insurance and additional services.
  • Difficulties in return. Salon employees will make a maximum effort in order for the gadget "not returned" back - they are financially interested in this. Even if the iPhone has an obvious factory defect, pick up money from the salon will not be easy.
  • Sale from the showcase. In the salons of medium and small sizes, expensive smartphones are stored in a single copy - and this particular instance stands on the showcase. The gadget from the showcase, of course, will be in good condition, but it may not look better.

The option with the acquisition of iPhone in retail there are advantages. Retail networks, first, do not spread fakes, secondly, offer favorable services (for example, by installments), in third, set pretty low prices.

The latter advantage looks somewhat unexpected. In fact, buy an iPhone, say, in the online store MTS will get cheaper than in the same Re: Store.

Prices in the largest retail stores (in rubles):

iPhone 7 (32 GB)

iPhone 6S (32 GB)

iPhone 5S (16 GB)

iPhone SE (32 GB)


48 990

40 590

18 490



48 990

41 490

17 990

28 990

M. Video

50 990

41 990

18 990


26 990


48 999

40 499

18 990

28 990


49 990

41 990

18 990

32 990

Other sellers

There are other options where you can purchase iPhone:

  • in online stores. The benefit from buying a "mobile phone" over the Internet is disproportionate at risk to which the buyer exposes itself. Of course, if you purchase a gadget in a large online store, the risk is minimal, however, it will not be saved in this case - the prices in " Yulmarte" and " City" are about the same as in retail.
  • On Chinese marketplaces. The largest Chinese store GearBest does not sell iPhones. But on AliExpress you can really order an "apple" gadget with a significant discount. A new 32 GB iPhone 6S costs 36,000 rubles here, which is 5,000 rubles cheaper than in stores. Another thing is that it is rather problematic to find a new device in the Ali catalog - 90% of iPhones that are distributed through the Chinese site are second-hand.
  • On eBay or Amazon. For a domestic buyer, this option is the most unacceptable. There are a number of reasons for this: firstly, mainly used models are sold on American marketplaces, secondly, delivery to Russia is quite expensive, thirdly, there is a risk of getting a gadget locked under a foreign operator (Verizon or AT&T). By itself, the iPhone, perhaps, will cost a “penny”, but along with the costs of shipping and unlock, an impressive amount will run up.
  • Through Avito and other bulletin boards. It is better to refrain from purchasing a gadget through Avito, which, according to the seller, is new - it is not known whether such a smartphone came to its owner legally. If the buyer nevertheless decides on such a deal, he should definitely check if the iPhone is restored.

A person who buys a used iPhone through a message board needs to do a full check of the gadget. About what points should be given priority attention, we wrote in an article devoted to buying an iPhone from hands.


Where is the best place to buy an iPhone? If you want to get competent advice and you are satisfied with the average market price, please contact Re:Store. This company is a premium partner of the "apple" manufacturer, and therefore closely monitors that customer service is at a high level.

If you prioritize economic benefits and do not need expert advice, start browsing the AliExpress catalog. However, remember that the delivery of goods from the Chinese trading platform will have to wait one and a half to two months.