When the touchpad is more convenient mouse?

Want to make things at the computer make faster and more efficient? Then mouse aside.

Returning at the beginning of 2010, you would be surprised: users of those times have not yet had time to estimate the presence of a touchpad in laptops. Even if this item was present, many ignored it in favor of the trackpoint in the center of the keyboard or connected the mouse.

By the way, about the mouse. Very soon her birthday: December 9, she will be 53 years old.

We do not argue that the mouse is an outdated or uncomfortable input tool. Just on the contrary, its competitiveness has been proved by a long history of existence. Despite the variety of devices for entering information, the mouse remains an indispensable accessory for PCs and laptops.

But today we would like to talk about cases in which the mouse is inferior to the convenience of a touchpad. If at least a pair of these cases apply to your lifestyle, you will have a reason to reconsider your computer habits.

Touchpad and mouse: What is the difference between them?

Mouse is a data entry tool into a computer, laptop, tablet and similar devices. Connection is carried out via Bluetooth or USB port (or PS / 2 for old PCs). Immediately after pairing, it is ready for use. Moving the mouse on the table, you thus move the cursor on the computer screen. Pressing the button on the mouse executes the specified function - selection of an object, launching an application, etc.

If the mouse refers to removable accessories, then Touchpad (or Trekpad - This is usually a built-in input tool. It is present on almost all laptops (exceptions are particularly compact devices like a netbook).

The touchpad can be an external accessory for a desktop PC.

The principle of operation of the touchpad differs little from the mouse. It also moves the cursor over the screen and causes functions, only manipulated with it is not the entire hand, but the tips of the fingers. Its surface sensor, two buttons can be built under it (on the touchpads MacBook no buttons).

It turns out, the touchpad is the same appointment as the mouse. What is it better?

Touchpad is easier to use

To estimate the advantages of the sensory manipulator, it will take quite a bit of time. Already after a couple of hours of work, many people perform operations automatically and cease to complain about a new style of work.

The fact is that the touchpad allows you to move the cursor around the computer screen and choose objects without sharp movements with your entire hand: only fingers are working, the brush itself is almost fixed. Sensors can have a different responsiveness and sensitivity, but in general they all quite accurately recognize gestures.

The sensitivity of the touchpad is regulated by the settings.

Minus One accessory

This clause refers to the trades of the built-in type. If your laptop is equipped with a touch manipulator (and it is most likely so), other data entry devices are optional.

Those who often take a laptop on the road, the mouse brings more concerns than benefits. Wireless need to be charged, wired carefully package, then organize a place to work, and most importantly - do not forget the mouse at home, otherwise it will go all day.

The habit of working without a mouse will get rid of the need to carry with you one of the accessories. This means that in the way you will have less devices that are inclined to be lost.

work without delays and interference

The presence of the mouse does not guarantee that in a responsible moment it will turn out: for example The connection will stop working or the USB port will urgently need for some other device. On the PC, a suddenly refused mouse is difficult to replace quickly, but on a laptop can instantly switch to the trackpad and do not slow down the workflow.

The mouse does not allow to develop a greater speed when performing some operations, for example, during the selection of text. In this case, the touchpad not only accelerates work, but still allows you to make more in the allotted time interval or finish the case before.

Independence on external conditions

The mouse is demanding of the surface quality. On a dirty or uneven table, its emitter does not provide accurate movement. In the apartment you can easily find a smooth surface, but not on the road.

with a touchpad, even with an external one, as you understand, such a problem disappears at all. Any laptop operations become fulfilled regardless of the conditions in which you are in the train, in the waiting room, sitting on the sofa. You do not have to carry a rug, free space or crowded people sitting nearby. Convenient not only for you, but also for others.

Less maintenance

A new computer mouse does not require any maintenance, except for the initial setting. But the time passes, the dirt is going on it, and then failures in the work begin to remind that the mouse should be cleaned. As, however, the surface on which it lies.

The trackpad does not need a thorough care. Of course, it is necessary to periodically wipe it, but to disassemble and so half an hour to handle the toothpick - it is definitely not about it.


to the continuation of the previous paragraph. A computer mouse along with the keyboard is considered the main seafood of the microbes among office equipment. But if in the office for hygiene accessories you have to more or less carefully, then at home about disinfection few people think.

And the Trekpad can become a source of diseases, if completely forget about its hygienic services. But at least he does not have a large amount of deepening, where the colonies of microorganisms are hidden. In addition, the external trackpad does not apply to common accessories: if someone from colleagues will sit for your computer, he will surely dare to the familiar object, that is, to the mouse.

As for transportation, the touchpad is needed a hard case, while the mouse is usually thrown to the bottom of the bag, where it is over the day after the day the garbage and microbes.

Touchpad against mouse

Over time, our work habits are changing at the computer. New gadgets appear, some of them turn out to be more convenient than old. If earlier the mandatory accessory for working for a laptop and computer was mouse, today you can do without it. Almost all the usual operations are performed on the Trekpad.

If you have a laptop, try at least for the purpose of an experiment for one business day to abandon the mouse. Share your experience: Tell us, in which applications it worked easier, in what kind of harder and do you think you find a complete failure of the mouse.