What you need to check before starting the drone?

The purchase of an unmanned aircraft is an excellent investment, but in order to find a good application to find drone, you need to fully explore the device and properly prepare.

Before launching a drone, pay attention to several things that include either the control of the device themselves, or using applications and websites that will help prepare.

Below we compiled a list of five aspects that need to be checked before running drone into the sky. The goal is quite simple: familiarize yourself with your device and find out how to use it as efficiently as possible.

Model Masits

Everything should begin with the purchase of a suitable device. The high-tech models offered on the market promise excellent impressions, but if you travel a lot and want to easily move without unnecessary baggage, consider buying a lung, compact drone.

We recommend paying attention to the Holy Stone HS160 Shadow Drone, or something similar. The device is able to develop to the size of the smartphone, and also offers a camera with a HD 720p resolution, 3D VR mode and a gravity sensor that allows you to control the drone, simply moving the phone.

In addition, examine the characteristics that are suitable for your personal goals. Think what exactly you want from drone. After conducting a study, you can find the perfect device among the set available.


Another thing for which to closely follow is the battery. It is this component that restricts even the most powerful drones. As a rule, you will have a maximum of 10-20 minutes, especially for shooting photos and videos.

Some factors can even more affect the functionality of the battery:

  • The record itself discharges the battery.
  • Different loops and tricks consume more energy.
  • weight is faster discharge the battery.
  • Wind and humidity can make the process more complex and even dangerous.

Promotiveness and proper configuration of the device will help solve all problems. First, it is worth removing unnecessary components, such as protective covers, because they increase weight. If you want to perform several tricks, it is better to turn off the chamber.

In addition, the device requires proper care, as well as accuracy. Using a drone without loss of power determines how long you can enjoy them during one launch. Of course, you can always purchase additional batteries and, if necessary, replace them.

Check the weather before launching

we have already mentioned that humidity harms drone and its Battery, but weather conditions may prevent launch in many other relations, including travel plans and consumables. Various tools and websites, such as Accuweather, are worthy sources of information, but you will get a maximum thanks to specialized technologies, such as mobile applications.

UAV Forecast is one of the best programs that are fully focused on weather and flights. Hourly local forecasts, satellite GPS data and color coding cards - only a small part of what can be counting on.

The program with incredible accuracy provides any details that you need to know about the climate anywhere in the world. When planning a flight, also consider such factors as visibility, wind and temperature, in order to storm or heat, did not find you and your equipment by surprise.

UAV Forecast's official website

Flight Plan and Knowledge - Key factors


Make sure that air navigation awareness and flight management are your priorities when starting. Applications available for both Android and iOS is the best choice, but websites can also help.

Airmap is a mandatory mobile application for those who launch drones. Application provides airspace, warnings and authorization tools for different places. So you do not break the borders and do not die into the plane. You can also plan the drone path taking into account the height, duration and requirements mentioned above.

Given that Airmap and the SESAR JU GOF U-SPACE project partners performed the first successful international flight of the drone from Finland to Estonia in 2019, the use of applications and all specialized functions are absolutely definitely not questioned.

There is also an international association of unmanned transport systems (AUVSI) devoted to the promotion and support of unmanned systems and robotics industry through communication, education and management.

Drone route planning


Before flying a drone, it is important to make sure it is legal. Since each country has its own rules, study this issue well before you start working with a drone. You may need a special license, which may take some time to obtain. For example, in the US, an FAA type drone license is required for models weighing 249 grams or more.

Another important thing to check before flying a drone in a certain area is to find out if it is allowed to do so.

On the other hand, controlled airspaces require authorization. Flying a drone in restricted areas without a special permit can lead to disruptions, not to mention hefty fines and even lawsuits!

Prepare before launch

Start with the technological basics, such as choosing the right model, maintaining it, and learning the basic principles of operation. Then install all the apps and browse the websites that provide all the information you need about flights, weather, and permits.

Whether you're a photographer, a beginner or a high-tech professional, the knowledge and proper preparation will make for an incredible drone experience.