What to expect from iPhone 12: Release date, leakage

The new iPhone has every chance of becoming the best of Apple smartphones over the past recent years. We tell where such confidence comes from.

The eleventh series brought very little to the world from the point of view of modernization: several new modes in the chamber plus a slightly enlarged power - that's all, What we got from the update of the popular and insanely expensive line.

The queue of the iPhone 12, and it is simply obliged to become special at least because it will be the first aphon of a new decade. What will Apple do in this significant year? Is she going to shine ancient and cheer up the public with a new revolution in the mobile world?

The good news is that in front of the release of iPhone 11 insiders predicted a large number of innovations. In particular, they mentioned implementation 5G, radically improved cameras, recycled design, new screen technology. We did not get anything in the iPhone 11, but hope, as they say, dies last. I really want to believe that the listed developments are still included in Apple's immediate plans, and to wait until their presentations remains long - just until September.

In the meantime, we have collected all the rumors associated with the future flagship Apple, and added a little personal considerations about what might make the iPhone 12 the most steep iPhone of recent years.

Update. According to fresh information, the iPhone 12 series will be withstanding in old design. Some models will pride a significant increase of RAM, a thin case, as well as the redundant energy efficient display.

iPhone 12: Release date and price

Official information about the release date of the iPhone 12 is not yet, however, we can like a month (and even a day) with a lot of probability), When it goes to light. Everything is simple, because Apple adheres to the tradition of producing new smartphones at the same time.

The iPhone 12 presentation will definitely be assigned to September 2020, if more specifically, then on the second week of the month. As Apple held a conference on Tuesdays in previous years, then this year it is most likely to appoint the day X on September 8 (as a last resort 15, if he wants to start sales a little later).

Sales in stores start 10 days after the conference. It will be Friday, so get ready to take a day off if you want to defend the turn to one of the first to hold a new iPhone in your hands.

Now about the price. It is most likely to remain at the level of current models: iPhone 11 costs from $ 699, iPhone 11 Pro from $ 999, iPhone 11 Pro MAX from $ 1099 dollars. In the Russian market, their minimum cost is equal to 59,990, 89,990 and 99,990 rubles, respectively.

Some insiders suggest that more expensive materials will be used in the production of iPhone 12, which ultimately means price increases for buyers.

iPhone 12: Name

Apple Smartphone 2020 Most likely get a simple name with the iPhone 12 license index, and not some kind of wisdom like an iPhone 11S. This opinion is adhered to an authoritative mobile analyst MIN-Chi Kuo. An alternative version of the iPhone 2020, which offers some online publications, on this background it looks not so winning.

Words of Min-Chi Kuo can be trusted, and therefore we already call the future Cuppertinov flagship series, although the company itself has not yet approved this name.

iPhone 12: Design

To the appearance of the iPhone 12 Apple may make significant adjustments, in particular to get rid of " MONOBROS".

According to China Times, Credit Swiss Bank analysts believe that at least one of the smartphones of the new series will lose the cutout on the display, since its front camera will be integrated under the screen. This technology is expensive, and if it is used, it is most likely to use the application in the top model of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Another source suggests that Apple develops a new version Face ID, which can be implemented in the "bang" reduced size. Presumably the company considers several design approaches, including the one that implies the use of the front optics of the reduced size to accommodate it into the thin top frame.

At the same time, Let's Go Digital site sees a hint in the new patents of Apple on the fact that the company will generally refuse Face ID in favor of the display scanner of prints.

Refusal from MONOBROY - not the only expected change in the design of the iPhone. Already mentioned Min-Chi Kuo assumes that a metal frame in the style of iPhone 4 will be used in the iPhone 12 - more flat, without rounded faces. He also claims that in general the design will differ significantly from current iPhone models.

But this is an old information, it was published in September 2019. In later leaks, another says: the design of new iPhones will remain the same as in the eleventh series, with the exception of some differences in the location of cameras and dimensions. Based on this data, it can be assumed that the base 5.4-inch iPhone 12 can be about 131mm tall, the 6.1-inch around 147mm, and the 6.7-inch model will be slightly taller than the 158mm iPhone 11 Pro Max.

As for the thickness, it is logical to think that Apple will continue to decrease: the expected thickness of the flagships is 7.4 mm versus 8.1 mm in the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The overall design remains questionable, but Ming-Chi Kuo's publications confirm several other common rumors: the introduction of a ToF camera in the iPhone 12, the launch of a budget flagship with a telephoto lens, the transition to USB-C and support for 5G in all models of the series.

In addition to the camera integrated into the display, Apple may equip its future flagships with an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

This solution could become the main feature of the entire series, since modern iPhones do not have a fingerprint scanner at all, and only the face unlock system is responsible for data protection. But if you hide the camera under the display, it will not be able to implement the entire set of Face ID sensors. Thus, the fingerprint scanner may return to the main security function, but we are not sure that Apple will roll back so far as to completely eliminate Face ID.

As for color schemes, there are rumors that the forest green shade will disappear from the iPhone 12 line, and dark blue, which is more relevant in the fashion industry, will take its place. In the eleventh series, cheerful pastel colors went to the base iPhone 11, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max were honored with a discreet classic. Based on this, it can be assumed that a soft shade of blue is more suitable for older models.


iPhone 12 Display

One or more iPhone 12 models will receive a high refresh rate of 120Hz versus the standard 60Hz. Several insiders are talking about this possibility at once, including the notorious Ice Universe. If so, then users will be provided with a more pleasant experience of interacting with a smartphone. The likelihood of these rumors coming true is high, as many mobile phones today have refresh rates above 60Hz and some iPads too.

Of course, different models in the new series will receive different screen sizes. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be slightly larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max – 6.7” versus 6.5”. The iPhone 12 Pro, on the contrary, may slightly decrease in size and get a diagonal of 5.45 ”against 5.8” in the iPhone 11 Pro.

The analyst believes that the basic version of the smartphone will receive the same diagonal as the iPhone 11 – 6.1”, but it will switch from LCD to OLED. Then, for the first time in Apple's history, all three iPhones will feature OLED displays.

South Korean Technical Site etnews also believes that 5.4-inch diagonal should be expected in iPhone 12 Pro. According to journalists, only in models Pro will use a special form OLED, which is cheaper in production and allows you to construct a thinner display. In fact, such a solution can lead to a decrease in the cost of new iPhone, and as a result, the price is reduced for the buyer, but it is not worth a hurry with such conclusions.

Another prediction about the diagonal and the number of smartphones in the new series belongs to analytics from JP Morgan Malysia Chatterji. He claims that in September, Apple will release four new smartphones at once - one with a diagonal of 6.7 ", one more from 5.4" and two from 6.1 ". The level of the performance of the last two will be different.

Rumors about four new iPhones may well be true, since they do not deny the Min-Chi Kuo himself. It adds that all four models will receive OLED screens and 5G modules. One of the 6.1-inch models and 5.4-inch will have a double rear chamber, while the remaining will receive a triple lens system.

According to the Korean company The Elec, more subtle, cheap and energy-efficient screens will be used in some models of iPhone 12 than in the iPhone 11 line. This in turn will allow smartphones to work longer on one charge.

iPhone 12: Characteristics and chamber

Min-Chi Kuo predicts another important implementation in iPhone 12: This is support for 5G networks. In his opinion, the function will be part of the entire series. As for the whole series, we are not sure, but since many modern flagships support the connection of the fifth generation, it is logical to assume that at least one iPhone will get this option.

As for the chipset, it will be 5 nm A14 BIONIC. It promises not only a significant increase in productivity, but also a highly enlarged battery life. The eleventh series was beneficial from his predecessors in terms of autonomy, and we are waiting for no less impressive results from the twelfth.

The amount of RAM will also grow up. Insiders argue that in iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max they will be supplied 6 GB RAM compared to four in their last year's counterparts. Standard iPhone 12 obviously awarded 4 GB.

If you believe in rumors, a laser three-dimensional sensor will appear among the new features of the chamber. It will become part of the rear photosystem. Journalists have not yet come to a common opinion, what will be its function: someone talks about the perception of depth, someone mentions 3D scanning. In any case, both technologies can be fully implemented in a mobile device.

This sensor can get two iphone models of the top level along with a triple camera. Then the models of the middle and lower segment will get Dual Camera without 3D functions.

And finally, there is a rumor that a budget model of iPhone SE2 may be included in the iPhone 2020 series (but most likely under a different name) - a relatively cheap, simplified device, which is so Long waiting for the fans of the brand.

What do we want to see in the iPhone 12?

iPhone 11 - beautiful, modern and without any doubt powerful flagship from Apple. He very adequately competes in a premium segment, but if you compare it only with Cupertinian smartphones, the description will be directly opposite: iPhone 11 is a boring, faceless epplovsky gadget without any individuality. So that the line finally lost chic and coolness, Apple needs to be born into serious, even partly risky changes. For example, such.

New features

Everyone wants to get a steep gadget from Apple, however coolness - the concept is vague and largely subjective. We believe that the new iPhone must surpass any expectations of users, and we really hope that at the moment the brightest Apple minds are precisely above it and work in their laboratories.

Times change. Recycled design and a bit increased productivity no longer cause the buyers of enthusiastic sighs. To refuse an old smartphone in favor of the new, people need good reasons. And such reasons for Apple will be able to give if it tries. In the end, it is among the largest technocomposites with incredible capabilities. And if there is any brand in the world capable of making a cool smartphone, then this is exactly the Cook team.

New design

from the output of the iPhone X Apple sticks one design. Classic - of course, good, but over time it comes. As for the "bang", in 2020 she has no place. Compared to it, no other element causes so many contradictory emotions, even the strange arrangement of the rear lenses. But if Apple decides to leave the "bang" for the sake of saving Face ID, then we hope that engineers at least make it less noticeable.

Intradilate technologies

It would be very cool if the front side of the iPhone 12 occupied only the display and nothing else. One way to achieve this is to move the front camera under the screen. The result would certainly produce a strong impression on buyers.

It would also be reasonable from Apple to return the fingerprint scanner on those cases where the Face ID work is not so smooth as I would like. You can implement the scanner inside the screen too: already allowance for gadgets, in which one of the screen areas is used to unlock with a finger. The next step is to make unlocks possible throughout the display area. According to one of the rumors, it is such an Apple decision and plans to use in the iPhone 2020.

Accelerated Screen Update

Modernization of Displays is also to increase the frequency of the image update. Today, the standard is the value of 60 Hz. Increased 90 or 120 Hz indicators provide a smoother mapping of graphic material, including animation and transition between screens.

OnePlus 7 Pro has the maximum scan 90 Hz, Razer Phone 2 - 120 Hz. There are good reason to believe that an enlarged Refresh Rate will soon appear in Apple smartphones: in some iPad Pro models, the indicator already reaches 120 Hz. So the novelty this technology for Apple is definitely not.

Further incline of autonomy

Yes, we are still waiting for the iPhone, which you do not have to connect to the outlet more often than once every two days. And we very much hope that it will be the iPhone 12.

with the release of the iPhone 11 Apple for the first time in many years showed that it really did the autonomy of his smartphones with a priority item. The result is good, but the limit is not achieved, and we expect that the company will not quit his efforts on this path.

Support 5G

in the Apple connection area lags behind their rivals, because none of the iPhone 11 models are capable Work in the networks of the fifth generation.

However, the absence of 5G in the 11th model range cannot be called a critical omission, since in 2019 the 5G network in most countries did not have time to appear, and if they appeared, they worked on very limited territories. However, by the time the iPhone 12 is launched, the new communication technology will become more affordable, and therefore now it's time for Apple to join the 5G race.

The good news is that hopes are likely to be justified: many insiders converge in the opinion that 5G support will appear in the iPhone in 2020.

Reduced price

The price tag of the iPhone is very painful. He rose and grew over for many years, but in 2019 it happened incredible: the basic iPhone 11 was cheaper than the iPhone XR 2018. In fact, it is not possible that in the 12th series there will be another small reduction in cost. As the younger versions of Apple smartphones are usually the most sold, the company must have an incentive to continue their popularity.

But as the story shows, there should be no big hopes for this.