What to do if the smartphone fell into the water?

Two news: Bad - if a mobile phone without moisture protection to drop into the water, it will most likely never earn again. But there is a good one.

If the gadget is turned off immediately after removing from the water, the chances of keeping it in working condition is large. There are several more actions that need to be taken to save electronics from the destructive impact of moisture.

Mobile Spirit. What to do?

Act quickly, without losing a second. First of all, get it out of the water and turn off. For any electronics, water is the worst enemy. It easily seeps through the smallest holes under the display, inside the case and in the cavity where the battery is located. A closure may occur in the promotion device. If you do not have time to turn it off, you can get a tangible discharge. In this case, the internal components will burn, and further attempts to revive the drowned on their own will be meaningless.

were dropped into the water? Shut down immediately

Do not waste time trying to find out how Touchscreen, whether the speakers play if applications are launched. Any of these actions will aggravate the situation! As soon as possible, turn off the device by pulling the battery, or using the power button.

Nolescence can occur anywhere - on the street, at home, in the office. Wherever you are, find a flat dry surface that you can use for the following actions.

Disassemble and wipe dry all that it is possible

Fully developing the gadget is not necessary: It is enough to remove the back cover and pull out the battery (if the design allows), to get a SIM card, memory card and remove protective film from the display. Each part is gently blocked up with a paper napkin and remove into a dry place.

How to dry your smartphone or tablet?

To do this, you will need a paper napkin or a fabric that easily absorbs moisture - the best thing is something cotton (nasal handkerchief, shirt).

Get blocked all housing. Try to pick up the corner of the drops of the drops that have fallen into the headphone jack, speaker, slots and other hard-to-reach places. Carefully fit the perimeter of the display, buttons, screw mounts.

When remove all moisture from the surface, you can move to the following actions.

Where to dry a wet smartphone or tablet?

inside the mobile devices are processors, printed circuit boards, switches and a bunch of metal parts that are harmful to dampness. Therefore, your task is to dry the device as soon as possible.

1. In the drying machine

for this purpose any dry, well-hot room or unit (boiler room, 3D printer with a closed case, a dryer for linen, will fit. Kitchen dehydrator). Full bitch will take about a day.

But remember: high temperatures are also dangerous for electronics, so it is categorically impossible to allow the opposition of a mobile phone with heating elements. Leave it on a hot battery or under the right rays of the Sun, too, it is also impossible.

2. In the container with rice

, the most affordable material for drying in fine electronics. The device must be placed in the closing container and fall asleep in rice so that the cereal layer on each side is 2-3 cm. Then close the lid and leave for the night (and better for a day).

3. In silica gel

in the boxes from under shoes, clothing and electronics, small bags with silica gel are often lying. This synthetic substance perfectly absorbs moisture from the air. While the goods are transported or stored in a warehouse, silica gel protects it from dampness.

Place the smartphone or tablet in the box, throw as many bags with silica gel as possible, close and leave overnight.

4. In pure alcohol

an exotic, but effective way to remove from the bowels of the smartphone moisture - to put it in a clean alcohol container. Alcohol penetrates inside, mixed with water and quickly evaporate. The cons of this solution is that long-term detection in alcohol can lead to the separation of the display and deformation of the structure.

Nothing helped... How to be?

If none of the listed methods helped revive the device or you did not have the opportunity to experience them, one thing remains: to attribute a drowned in the workshop. And the faster you do it, the better.

Owners of the iPad and iPhone was lucky: there is an Apple Care + insurance for them, which covers two cases of unintentional damage, including drowning in water. Spend on it when buying an expensive device, the idea is not bad. If you have an extended warranty from another manufacturer or distributor, find out the details.

In conclusion: be careful with water

None of the above advice ensures that you can bring the sunken device back to life. The most effective measure is to remain vigilant. Be careful not to get the electronics wet when near water. From a few drops of rain, most likely nothing bad will happen, but a risky selfie session on the sea coast can turn into a wave overflowing the smartphone, and then the consequences will be sad.


  • Do not use your smartphone or tablet in the toilet.
  • Do not leave them in the bathroom (hot steam condenses and settles as water).
  • Treat equipment with care, no matter the cost.
  • When buying a new smartphone, opt for a waterproof one (many flagship and mid-range models survive short water dips without problems, including the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy).
  • Most importantly, keep vehicles out of the water. If this is not possible due to your hobbies or profession, take care of insurance.