What to do if the phone is not charging?

There can be many reasons that can interfere with the charging process of any mobile device. We learn to find problems of this kind and eliminate them.

It happens that the phone just stops charging. What to do in such a situation? After all, there are quite a few reasons for this: from pollution of the USB port to serious problems in smartphone microcircuits. To independently understand why the phone is not charging from charging, you need to find out the causes of this malfunction and try to fix it.

Debris and dust in the USB port

This happens if you always take your smartphone with you, carry it in your pocket and never part with it. With active use, the phone jack quickly becomes dirty with dust and fine grains of sand. In view of the above circumstances, it becomes easy to explain the fact of why the battery of the device is not charging.

In this case, do the following:

Step 1. Inspect the USB port. To clean the nest, you can use a toothpick if it is not very dirty.

Step 2. If possible, use a can of compressed air to blow through the charging port. It will help clean the connector from dirt and even fine dust much better than any toothpick or needle. Plus, it's more secure.

Careless cleaning with improper items (needle, etc.) may damage the connector. In this case, you will have to change parts, and the service for replacing them is not cheap.

Faulty USB cable and memory

must be defective. The plug must be straight and free from dirt inside. There can be several reasons for a broken wire. For example, a cable may become inoperable if it has been used for many years (4 or more). Also, the cause is often its mechanical damage or bending as a result of inaccurate use or storage.

The memory unit, in turn, becomes unusable with frequent power surges, due to which the parts burn out. The non-working condition of the adapter may be caused by the drop or strong pressure on it.

To check the cable and block, you need to take another wire and connect your smartphone to charging. If the problem did not solve, then the reason lies in the other.

The failure of the operating system

is often a problem becomes a failure in the Android operating system. It is arranged in such a way that it does not allow the discharge of the battery to zero. For this OS collects statistics for using the device through special sensors measuring the amount of the remaining charge.

Sometimes on the mobile device there is a complete rank of battery, which is why it cannot correctly take the charge. This is due to violation of the power controller.

In order to correct the situation, you need to reset the factory settings, following the steps below:

Step 1. Open the Mobile Device Settings menu.

Step 2. Find item "System" (may be called somewhat otherwise, for example, "On the phone" ) and go in it.

Step 3. Go to the section called "Reset settings".

Step 4. In the window that appears, select "Delete all data".

It is important to understand that all applications, files, pictures and music are deleted. Therefore, it is better to make a backup of all files in advance or transfer them to memory card.

The rechargeable battery

was one of the possible causes is the sweat of the battery. In this case, only the purchase of a new and replacement will be the only way out. Each battery has its own service life, which is affected by the number of charge cycles and discharge.

If the gadget is actively used and for more than five years, then, most likely, the battery life is already on the outcome. To check its serviceability, you need to open the smartphone cover, remove the battery and inspection. It should not be inclined or thickening. If the battery swelled, it is better to immediately go to the store for a new one.

It is worth noting that modern smartphones just do not disassemble the case. At least, at home, attempts to open it can lead to sad consequences. Often, the swollen battery causes the deformation of the body, so it is possible to identify such a breakdown just visually.

should not continue to use such a battery, as it will damage the device in the event of a leakage of harmful substances. There is also a probability of an explosion due to gases accumulated in it. Charge the swollen battery is dangerous, not to mention trying to replace him.

If a visually battery does not have defects, it is better to check it with a multimeter. With low voltage, it is also recommended to replace.

Viruses on the smartphone

Sometimes the virus that fell into the system does not allow to charge the device. At the same time, a quick discharge of AKB may be observed. In this case, you need to try to set Antivirus and check the system for malicious files. Sometimes the program does not see traces of infection, but if there is still a dangerous software on the gadget, then the following signs will talk about this:

  1. The device began to slow down, and this began to occur suddenly.
  2. Spontaneous closing of applications and games.
  3. Music player constantly freezes.
  4. With different connections, the alert indicator on the screen is missing.
  5. When the Internet is disconnected, Advertising appears on the screen.

If the antivirus does not help, then it is necessary to reset the settings. It happens that even after resetting the factory settings, the virus remains on the device. In this case, the flashing is required. It is easy if you have some basic android basic skills, you know how to look for the right information and clearly follow the instructions.

Oxidation of the USB port

Phone based on android and any other platform can Do not charge and due to the oxidation of contacts. This happens as a result of a long idleness of the gadget or its operation in adverse conditions.

Make an independent USB port cleaning need carefully, so as not to damage the contacts. To do this, repeat the following steps:

Step 1. Turn off the mobile device.

Step 2. Clean the USB connector if it is dirty.

Step 3. Take the toothpick and screw the wool on it, mixing it with alcohol.

Step 4. Gently wipe the USB port without damaging it.

Note that when cleaning the connector is extremely recommended to do the following:

  1. stick the needle into the socket if the mobile device is turned on. So you can burn all contacts.
  2. Share the connector.
  3. Pour alcohol into the socket or brushing it with a thick cotton wand.

If the USB port is already walking or the plug enters it loosely, it is better to contact the center for repairing mobile devices. Most likely, without complete replacement of this part of the device, it is not necessary.

Other smartphone charging options

If the service center today does not reach, then you can:

  1. Turn off the gadget and connect charging for several hours. In this case, there is a chance to charge it to the desired minimum.
  2. Use an external adapter if the battery is removable. You can also charge the battery with the help of the Power Bank. This option is suitable, for example, if the phone did not use for a long time.

Thanks to the external adapter, charging will be smooth, but long, since the current from the network is fed to the drops to be compared.

Other recommendations

To extend the operation of your gadget, it is better to adhere to simple rules:

  1. Apply original and high-quality wires.
  2. Do not use the phone during charging. So it can overheat, and also it leads to loosening the connector or the inflection of the wire.
  3. Protect connectors from dust and moisture.
  4. Try not to leave the gadget under the influence of low or high temperatures (it applies to non-protected devices). Battery operating temperature: from +3 to 45 degrees.
  5. Do not discharge the battery to 0. Optimally charge it already when charging 20%.
  6. It is better not to use a universal Charger with a small power.
  7. Do not charge the apparatus in wet conditions and at high temperatures.
  8. Do not leave the phone at charging for a long time (by 3-4 or more hours).

All described problems in the article will help eliminate the malfunction. If it was not possible to solve the problem independently, it is better to contact the service center. Experts will diagnose with special equipment and, if possible, eliminate the cause of the breakdown.