What to do if the laptop is noisy?

The cooler of your laptop is constantly noise? Here are some ways to correct this problem.

One of the main advantages of the laptop compared to the PC is portability: you can take it with you anywhere and work almost in any conditions. However, for this mobility you have to pay. Heat formation is often the problem of laptops due to the fact that all components are close to each other, as well as due to large capacity batteries.

As soon as the laptop overheats, you will notice that the cooler will begin to publish a lot of noise. But why does this happen and how to fix this problem? Let's find out.

Why Cooler noise?

For starters, let's figure it out why the laptop cooler makes noise.

Laptops, hybrids with touch screens and other devices are equipped with coolers for one reason: for heat removal due to air circulation.

In most cases, the cooler is noise because it is so arranged. However, this can be very distracting, and in some cases it is completely emitting too much noise. Even such an expensive and high-quality laptop as the newest MacBook Pro, with an extreme load sounds like a whining drone.

If in the room where the laptop is used is too hot, then the device will have to work harder to effectively allocate heat, and this means that the fan will begin to make noise much more. In the same way, if the grilles are closed (usually when using a laptop on upholstered furniture), the laptop is heated.

In addition, if you run a demanding game, use WebGL or mount the video, you will also encounter a laptop overheating.

Below you will find seven ways to solve the problem with the noise of a cooler on a laptop.

Complete all processes

If the cooler begins to make noise suddenly, then it means That one of the components of the laptop works in reinforced mode (usually this graphics processor ). The best way to solve this problem is to complete all unnecessary processes.

Mac users can isolate and complete unwanted processes using Activity Monitor, and Windows users use the task manager.


If the problem is associated with the overheating of the device, it would be reasonable to prevent the launch of a too large number of processes when the computer starts:

Windows 10 users can edit the startup folder, and Mac users You need to go to the system settings> Users> Startup and remove from there all unnecessary.

Reset SMC and PRAM parameters on Mac

MAC users who face constant Culera's noise, we advise reset SMC parameters (System Controller). SMC is responsible for the work of many physical elements: indicators, coolers, keyboards and power buttons. To reset the controller, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Turn off the laptop.
  2. On the keyboard, check the CONTROL + OPTION + SHIFT key combination. Hold them within 7 seconds.
  3. Hold down the keys, click on the Start button. Hold all four keys for 7 seconds, then release. Turn on the laptop by simply pressing the start button.

Stand for laptop

Previously, coolers for laptops represented Ordinary metal plates with fans at a base intended for maximum increase in available airflow.

Now they are equipped with LEDs with adjustable flow rate, temperature sensors and built-in USB hubs.

Thus, the cooling coasters perfectly copble with the cooling of your laptop.

They are ideal if you use a laptop on the table or in another static position. The greatest benefits will be removed by those who play in demanding games or engaged in by mounting video.

In addition to cooling stands, which are installed under the laptop, you can also purchase a vacuum cooler that literally sucks hot air directly from the laptop.

However, it is worth remembering that external coolers can help with the problem of overheating, but this is not a long-term solution if your laptop is heated and noise on an ongoing basis.

Purification of the laptop

If the cooler begins to make noise, then the temperature of the device rises. If he is always noise, the laptop is hot on an ongoing basis. One of the reasons is the accumulation of dust and hair inside the device. The fan becomes clogged, which makes it work worse, so you need to clean your device from time to time.

Warning: If your laptop is still under warranty, opening it will void the warranty (including AppleCare). Moreover, with insufficient knowledge, there is a high probability of damaging the components.

To clean a laptop, you need to stock up on a can of compressed air, a screwdriver and, of course, patience. In addition, be sure to unplug the laptop from the power source (and, if possible, remove the battery).

Use the can with short presses to remove dust and hair from internal components, especially around coolers and coolers.


software. Some models even have built-in controls.

With this type of application, you can adjust the fan speed or initiate a cleaning procedure to remove dirt and dust. So, in theory, you can reduce the noise on your laptop by lowering the fan speed.

However, please note that this will further increase the temperature of the notebook and shorten its lifespan in the long run, so use this feature with extreme caution.

Third-party fan control applications are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Download Macs Fan Control (Windows and Mac)

Rumble and buzz


If the laptop starts to make a loud rumble or buzz all of a sudden, then this is a big problem.

Probably the reason lies in the bearings of the cooler. The solution to this problem is almost always a complete replacement of the component. Yes, bearings can be repaired, but it will most likely take longer than buying and installing a new cooler.

The replacement process is not very difficult, but those who are not particularly good at repairing laptops are unlikely to be able to cope. The basic principle remains the same for all devices, however, different procedures apply for models from different manufacturers.

This video shows how to replace the fan in a HP Pavilion 15 laptop.

Expert advice

If after completing all the steps above, your laptop cooler is still noisy or you do not want to open the device, then contact a specialist.

If your computer is still under warranty, that's good: Apple laptops, for example, can be taken to the Apple store. Other manufacturers have different repair policies, so you should clarify this on the official website of the company or call the hotline.

If you bought a device on the Internet or the store is too far away, you can go to a computer repair shop.

At best, they'll just clean the laptop, maybe replace the cooler. However, be prepared for some bad news: in some cases, the problem may require the replacement of critical hardware (for example, motherboard ).

There will usually be an estimate of the repair cost - if it's too expensive, it may be cheaper and better to buy a new laptop.


So, if the cooler on your laptop is noisy, then you need to follow these steps:

  • End all unnecessary processes so that the cooler does not work in enhanced mode.
  • Mac users should reset SMC and PRAM settings.
  • You need to keep your laptop at the optimal temperature at all times - this is where the laptop stand comes in handy.
  • Clean the device.
  • Use third party software to control fan speed.
  • Replace cooler if necessary.
  • Consult a specialist.