What phone to buy a child?

Search for a safe and inexpensive phone for a child - real flour for parents. Find out what criteria you need to choose "mobile phones" for children of different ages and how to organize an effective control system for the kid.

Modern parents leads to amazement that even in the elementary grades of the teacher requires children so that they come to lessons with tablets. Parents protest, arguing that they themselves managed to get high-quality education without any technical innovations.

However, they do not take into account what they studied at other times - when knowledge was difficult to access. Now any information is easy to "google" - a child who is deprived of such an opportunity immediately falls into the number of outsiders. "Mobile" not only gives the child quick access to the Internet and information search skills - it also allows parents to track the location of the baby and always be in touch with it. The presence of a phone from a child is an objective necessity, and the conservatism of those who consider otherwise, not justified.

At what age should the first phone worth buying?

Medical experts strongly recommend parents to protect children aged 1 to 3 years from "communication" with mobile gadgets. To teach the child to the smartphone completely "with the pellery" not only meaninglessly, but also harmful. Contrary to the stereotypes, promoted by Hollywood cinema, the baby will not grow by genius programming, if there will be a mobile gadget as the main toy - it is more likely that it will become a painful and closed child dependent on the Internet and online games.

Whether to buy a gadget to the baby aged from 4 to 6 years, each parent must solve himself. By and large at this age, the child is also not needed, because the baby is under constant supervision of his parents. However, the negative consequences due to the fact that the 5-year-old baby parents will give a "children's mobile phone" with a minimum level of radiation, will not. Of course, about iPhones and flagships Samsung speeches does not go - this gift does not make sense, because the child will not be able to estimate all its advantages. Most likely, the baby will quickly withdraw an expensive smartphone in order, and the money of parents will be thrown "on the wind".

There are special models on the mobile market - "for the smallest". The leader of this segment is the company BB-Mobile. Models for kids are equipped with minimum features, it is extremely easy to manage and visually resemble children's toys (for example, Teddy's bear). Doscomber stands to give exactly the following phones - especially since these devices are pretty cheap (from 500 rubles).

As soon as the baby starts attending school, his parents will have to spend money on the "adult" phone. Even the simplest push-button model will be consistent - if only the child was in touch. Telephone in the form of Teddy Bears, alas, not suitable for society - the risk is too large that the baby with such a telephone in the class simply learn. Children are cruel - do not forget about it : problems with classmates in such an early age can affect the mental state of the baby.

How to choose a mobile phone for a child?

Of course, first graduate and without five minutes, a graduate needs different smartphones. That is why the question of which mobile phone is to buy a child to school, there is no definite answer - it all depends on the age of the schoolchild.

in primary school

There are 4 main criteria based on which the phone should be selected for a child for 7 years - first grader:

  • Screen size. The child should not constantly strain his eyes, peering into tiny beaks on a small phone screen - otherwise his parents will soon have to "fork out" and on glasses. You should give a baby phone with such a screen diagonal to use the device was comfortable, or select a model in which the font size is adjustable. Recommendation Buy schoolchildren black and white phones are now irrelevant. Find those on the shop windows of shopping stores - the task is almost impossible.
  • Strong case. The case of the device must be monolithic - and if it is also protected from moisture and dust, it is doubly wonderful. Protected push-button phones are widely represented on the market - for a similar phone will have to overpay a little, but you can count that it will serve as a schoolboy faithfully for several years.
  • Easy. Multimedia functions are that no need to schoolboy in primary classes. If you give the kid touchscreen smartphone with a lot of "chips" and "frills", as you think, will it be concentrated in the lessons? The phone must be as simple as possible - so that the child can call himself, take the call and listen to the music on the way from the school home.
  • Price. Do not give the baby dear gadget - high school students in school will surely take away such a "mobile phone" at the first convenient case. Yes, and the child himself can break the device - in such an early age, children are not aware of the price of things, and therefore they do not try to protect them.

Parents should abandon the purchase of a first-grader of the button telephone of the company Nokia - Although this is the most obvious option.

There are two reasons for refusal: First, the price of such phones is disproportized by their functional - Nokia Pretty roads compared to alternative models, secondly, Nokia phones are regularly returned with the supplemented buttons and other physical defects. We look at the criterion number 2 and understand that Nokia does not suit us.

It is better to pay attention to the model - Nobby 320. This is an inexpensive monoblock with a large and twisted screen.

Nobby 320 is equipped with a set of basic functions (lantern, radio, Audio player ), there is a simple camera. The hull is made of metal, which will save the device in case of falling. Mobile supports 2 SIM cards - like all modern budget button phones. The value of the device is quite loyal, just over 1.5 thousand rubles.

in middle classes

for a child studying in high school, a simple push-button monoblock is no longer suitable - aged 10-12 years old, the baby begins to use a mobile phone As a tool for communicating with peers and for accessing the Internet. Parents should ask the opinion of the child himself when choosing a phone for him, but the final decision they still have to accept themselves.

What are the recommendations for choosing a mobile phone for children 10-12 years old?

  • Forget about the buttons. Buy the child a touchscreen smartphone - on the market mass of budget models. The functionality of them can be modest, which will not give a child instead of studying in games, and in addition, the schoolboy will not feel impelled against the backdrop of peers.
  • Ensure a child to the Internet. If you do not do this, then deprive the teenager opportunity to communicate with peers one of the most common ways now - through social networks.
  • Prefer the capacious batteries. Ideally, the smartphone must be able to work 5-6 hours without recharging. Teens constantly play, communicate in messengers for the sake of entertainment - all this very quickly puts the battery.
  • Do not buy an expensive smartphone. Choose a device in the price range from 3 to 5 thousand rubles. Be sure that you can find many functional smartphones for such a price. If your child is capricious and insists on buying a gadget with a five-digit price, you should focus not on choosing a mobile phone, but on education and formation of an adequate value system.

In no case neglect the purchase of the cover - you can find out on our site, How to choose a case for Smartphone. It is better to stop the choice on Flip-Case : It protects great, and it looks canceled. But if the flip-case is under the model you have chosen, no, suitable and simple bumper.

Excellent option for high school student - INOI KPhone. This is an inexpensive smartphone with thoughtful functionality not only for a schoolboy, but also his parents.

KPhone is a device that was originally created for children. He has several bright colors of the body, and manufacturing material - plastic with a pleasant and non-slip coating. Modern stretched IPS 5.5 inches screen with HD + resolution provides high-quality picture. The filling is represented by a quad-core chipset MediaTek MT6580 and 1/8 GB memory. This is enough for the daily tasks of a schoolboy - he will be able to comfortably use the gadget, but will not sit for hours in games. The phone has a capacious battery - 2850 mAh, which is enough not only at the time spent at school, but also additional classes or mugs after. Considering the tendency of modern children to trends and fashion, the manufacturer equipped the device with a double primary chamber 8 + 0.3 mp and a good front of 5 megapixel.

Inoi KPhone Sold with a cover included and has a number of pre-installed software for the development of children with already paid subscriptions. Among the main advantages - full-fledged parental control. Thanks to the company application, parents will be able to listen to the situation around the child, track its location, even if the sound is turned off, manage the installation of applications and a note book, as well as limit the time to use the gadget in applications. The price of the device is 4,990 rubles.

for high school student

choose which phone to buy high school students, you should not - be sure that your child is familiar with Mobile technology market is much better than you and can make a choice.

For a teenager, 14-16 years old most importantly, the smartphone gives the opportunity to enter the Internet, had 2 good chambers (including frontal - for Self ) and attractive design. However, these criteria correspond to the absolute majority of smartphone models present on shop windows. From you, as from your parent, you only need to install the limit of the amount that you are willing to spend on the phone for a child - let the teenager, based on this limit, is looking for a gadget that meets its individual needs, interests and views on the world.

The limit should be set at a mark of 10 thousand rubles. If a teenager wants a more expensive mobile device, offer him to earn it on him - high school students are at that age when it is already allowed legislatively.

How to keep track of the child through the phone?

Track the location of the child will be able only if there is a GPS module on the toddler phone. However, this is not the only prerequisite: without additional GPS software will not give parents any information.

It is possible to organize a "surveillance" 3 methods :

using the mobile operator service. Each provider communication has a similar service - for example, MTS is called " a child under the supervision". The option to control is paid, but that the user can make sure that its work, the operator provides a grace period of 14 days.

" The child under the supervision" allows the parent to learn:

  • how much money is in the account of the child.
  • Where is and where the kid moves.
  • What is the battery charge on the phone of the child.
  • What mobile applications kid uses.

Please note that two recent functions are available only if the phone has a free app from MTS "Children's Smartphone" on the phone For Android.

Mobile service connection looks rather a temporary solution. If parents try to use the option " of a child under control, they will convince that the data that the operator provides is very approximate.

using the mobile application. Applications for supervision of children set - one of the most effective is Mamabear. Download this program on iPhone can be here.

Mamabear allows you to accurately track the location and movement of the child, however, the functionality of the program is by no means Not limited. The application gives parents the opportunity to find out who the child added as a friend in social networks, and also notifies about rougins and curses in messages. A curious feature of the program is that it immediately signals the parent if the baby moves too fast - it means that the child is carried by the car.

With the built-in "beacon". On sale you can find 2 modifications of the phone "for the smallest" " beacon" from the company BB-Mobile.

If the child has such a device, parents will be able to clarify the location of the baby without the use of mobile applications and options. Find out where " Light" will be managed on the manufacturer's website (will have to enter IMEI devices) and via SMS message.

The main disadvantage of this method of control is that " the beacon is a pretty expensive device; Its value depending on the modification is 3-4 thousand rubles. Yes, and not every student will agree to walk with such a specific devission.

If " Light" It seems too expensive to you, give the child a clock with a GPS tracker. This useful device will allow the schoolboy to be in touch and clarify the time, and his parents - periodically inform about the location of the child. Such hours are not as an example cheaper than BB-Mobile gadget - from 1.5 thousand rubles.

Can the smartphone cause harm to the child?

Children are more sensitive to the radiation of cell phones, rather than adults. This was confirmed by the studies of English scientists (groups " Mobile communications and health ) and, in particular, Professor Oma Gandhi. Research results can be reflected by one illustration:

Image: Poznachowski.com

From the illustration it is clear that On the brain of an adult, the radiation of the cellular influences the minimum. At the same time, a 5-year-old child under the influence of the "mobile" radiation is almost the entire brain. Doctors argue that if the child begins to actively communicate with the phone from the smallest years, is quite a risk that already in adolescence it will suffer from convulsive seizures or mental disorder.

Harmful electromagnetic radiation is also able to lead to disorders of sleep and memory, head pains and migranes, even to change the structure of the brain. If you learned from teachers at school that your child has become forgetful and scattered, it is an alarming bell - it's time to protect the baby from communicating with gadgets.

is important and psychological aspect. Buy your smartphone child at an early age can not be for 2nd reasons. First, it will contribute to the formation of the baby so-called privileged self-assumption (term from psychology) - ideas that it can easily get everything that wishes. Second, Lazay's aimlessly on the Internet, the child is able to stumble upon non-sufficient content and shocking images.

How to take care of the safety of the kid?

Buying a smartphone for a child, parents must ask for a consultant, what the coefficient SAR of the mobile device.

The coefficient SAR shows how many electromagnetic energy is absorbed by the kilogram of the user body per second. The value of the coefficient is usually prescribed in the instructions.

With what value SAR, "mobile phone" is dangerous, it will become clear from the following table:

SAR (in W / kg)

The degree of irradiation

less than 0.2

Very low

0.2 - 0.5


0.5 - 1


more than 1

high (dangerous)

parents should not buy a baby phone with SAR above 0.5 W / kg - the use of such a device, rather Total, neat It will affect the health of the child.


When choosing a phone for a child, it is necessary to repel first of all from the age of the ward. In 7 and 17 years, children experience completely different needs - any parents must understand that one "mobile phone" for the entire period of study at school a child is not enough. Parents also need to be realized how great the role of a mobile device in the life of the younger generation is the role - if earlier "met for dressing", then now judge by phone. Therefore, to force your Chado in high school to walk with a primitive "babushcophone", condemning him on the mockery of classmates, simply brutally.