What not to do when buying a new smartphone

Buying a new smartphone can be both a joyful and a tiring event. It's hard to make a choice when there are so many great options in the store.

You will have to work hard to find the right device and not regret buying it. If you don't like something, you have to live with it for a long time.

All people have different tastes and desires. Despite this, there are some general tips for choosing a new smartphone.

Do not spend too much money

The first advice is not to spend more money on buying a smartphone, than you can afford. Before you start choosing a specific model, decide how much you are willing to spend.

If you limit your budget, it will allow you to narrow down your search. For example, if you are not ready to give more than 20,000 rubles, you can discard more expensive models.

Of course, everyone wants the most beautiful and functional models to show off to their friends. However, there are more important things in life. It is hardly worth getting into debt and denying yourself more serious things for the sake of a smartphone that will become obsolete in a year.

No need to blindly worship brands

A big mistake when buying a smartphone is to limit your search to popular manufacturers. Companies like OnePlus can produce smartphones that are in no way inferior to the flagship devices of more popular market players. The recently launched OnePlus 5T can be found for Rs. cheaper than the Galaxy S8 and performance is even better. There's more RAM, dual SIM support, and dual rear cameras.

You need to choose a smartphone without bias. You should not think that large companies produce devices a cut above compared to little-known manufacturers both in terms of quality and functionality. In most cases, this is not the case.

This does not mean that it is not recommended to buy Samsung smartphones or LG, but you need to understand that the louder the name, the more you overpay for it. If you like a smartphone made by Honor, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus and other small companies, there is no reason to avoid them.


Be clear about what hardware and functionality you want. Without this, it will be difficult to make the right choice.

Take a piece of paper and write down what is important to you on your smartphone. It can be camera, battery capacity, wireless recharging, memory and support memory cards, cramless screen, etc. This is even more narrowing a circle of searches, since it will be possible to delete the model that does not meet your requirements.

It will also be easier to make a choice between similar devices. For example, you choose between LG G6 and GALAXY S8. If you need a large battery and excellent camera, LG smartphone is suitable. Here is the capacity of the battery 3300 mAh against 3000 mAh in Galaxy S8, and the dual rear camera supports the bokeh effect. If you are more important for you, the performance, smartphone samsung has a faster processor SNAPDRAGON 835 against Snapdragon 821 in LG G6.

It should be understood that depending on the budget selected, you will have to go to the victims, so write the desired functions in order of importance.

Do not skip the old smartphones

should not be disregarded to more age smartphones. The arrangement of one-year prescription may have the necessary functionality, while the price is lower than at the time of the start of sales.

New smartphones are not always better than their predecessors. For example, not everyone can like changes in appearance, and productivity growth may not be enough to come to terms with them. If you are not of those who need the most modern model, buying a device at the age of 1-2 years can save a lot of money.

For example, instead of Galaxy S8, you can buy the 2006 apparatus of Galaxy S7 EDGE. Its performance is more than enough for the overwhelming majority of users, there is a large screen with curved edges, protection against water and dust. You can buy it for 34,000 rubles. instead of 50,000 rubles. For Galaxy S8.

Lower cost means some compromises. In Galaxy S7 Edge, there is no frameless screen with as the aspect ratio of 18: 9 and anterior chamber with a higher resolution. If it does not bother you, Galaxy S7 EDGE will be a great purchase.

Before the final selection, check the characteristics of older models and compare with the previously compiled list of your requirements.

Look for discounts

in different stores on the same devices can be different prices. It will be a big mistake to buy a smartphone in the first shopping store, yielding to a pulse.

When you were determined with what smartphone you need, it's time to start looking for it at the lowest price. To do this, you can use the capabilities Yandex. Market, where prices are shown in all stores where this device is available.

Also nothing bothers to buy a smartphone abroad. Amazon, eBay, , , (58], , GearBest, , are easy to find Amazon,. There prices may be lower than Russian even at normal time, not to mention the sale with discounts. Sales can be confined to Christmas and New Year, there are discounts in black friday, cyberprom, etc.

Of course, this list of possible tips when choosing a smartphone is far from complete. You should not buy smartphones only because of external beauty, not paying attention to the quality of assembly and software. Also, you should not buy a new smartphone immediately after its appearance on sale when its price is the highest.