What memory card to choose for smartphone

Android smartphones are not able to boast a large amount of integrated memory - on budget models of megabytes may not be enough even to save one roller in HD format. Therefore, the users of the smartphone prefer to buy a memory card for a smartphone with the gadgets themselves and quite often take at all what you need. Please note how numerous inscriptions on the flash drive itself and on the packaging from it: each of them is important, so it should not come from one parameter - the amount of memory is not followed.

SDHC or SDXC: Why is the Card Standard important?

The user who comes to the salon and requests the most expensive flash card, hoping that the smartphone will "fly" with her, may be disappointed: it is likely that the gadget (especially if his The price is small) just not seen such a card. Choosing a flash drive, be sure to proceed from the capabilities of the device itself - it is better to clarify the consultant, which SD card is suitable for a specific model.

There are several card standards:

  1. MICROSD - combined with any gadget, but rapidly Lose popularity, because they cannot offer more than 2 GB to the user.
  2. MicroSDHC. The HC abbreviation is decrypted as High Capacity, that is, an increased capacity. Such cards are most common - their volume is limited to 64 GB. Holders of gadgets released until 2008, buying an SDHC flash drive is not recommended - the risk is too large that the smartphone will not "see it."
  3. MicroSDXC ( Extended Capacity ). Top restriction by the amount of memory of such diabetes - 2000 GB. It is worth working with a 3-4 thousand rubles an Android-background with a flash card XC, meaningless. MicroSDXC flash cards have a different file system (EXFAT) compared to other SD cards, and therefore incompatible with digital devices and cartriders operating only with SD. To accurately make sure the compatibility of the gadget and the card is worth searching the SDXC logo on the device itself or its packaging.

How to choose a memory card suitable in class?

The memory card class reflects the data transfer rate - this parameter is no less important than the container of the flash drive. There are cards of such classes:

  1. Class 2. The recording speed on such a card is only 2 MB / s. Flash cards of the 2nd class are suitable for MP3 players and photo frames, but not for modern smartphones and tablets working with a huge stream of data.
  2. Class 4. Despite the instability of the work, such cards are still often offered by consultants to smartphones. When using a 4th grade flash drive in a budget smartphone, the user's complaints will most likely not arise.
  3. Class 6. 6 MB / s is considered an optimal data rate for a smartphone with an average functionality. It is recommended to buy a card to the smartphone of this class, although you have to overpay 100-150 rubles.
  4. Class 10. To buy a 10th grade USB flash drive, there is no need - the difference in the speed of work compared to class 6 it will not notice. As a rule, MicroSD 10 is put in professional camcorders, removing FullHD. The disadvantage of such cards can be considered a high cost.
  5. UHC Speed ​​ Class. There are UHC-1 and UHC-3: the latter are theoretically able to transmit data at a rate of 321 MB / s. The actual transmission rate reaches 30 MB / s. UHC - future technology; While the minimum number of gadgets is compatible with such flash drives.

The class can always be viewed on the map itself - it is usually expressed in the figure enclosed in the letter S.

What capacity Card is better for the smartphone?

Many concerns about the capacity of flash cards are inflated: if the user installs instead of 8 GB with a capacitance card in 16 GB, nothing terrible will happen. Determining with the volume, it should be assumed how the gadget will be used. The filmans will need at least 16 GB, because one season of the favorite series in good quality will weigh anyone 8 GB. If the user spends memory only on rare snapshots or work documents, enough and 4 GB.

What memory card to choose for a smartphone: the best manufacturers

The final parameter to which you want to pay attention to when purchasing a flash drive is a manufacturer. It is recommended to buy a memory card for the production of one of the three "whales": Kingston , transcend or SANDISK. All these companies give a long warranty on their products and have long been on the market. For example, Taiwanese company Transcend, existing since 1988, declares a lifelong warranty on SD cards and Flash drives.

It is worth avoided purchases of flash drives with a brand of retail chain-seller - for example, in the MTS shops on the shop windows there are calls of the same name. To find out who is really a manufacturer of such MicroSD is very difficult, which means that it is impossible to be confident as a product.


"Trust, but check" - the main principle of communication with the salon consultants. Ask for help in choosing a flash card costs, however, if the consultant starts selling goods with "its" brand (for which the commission is always greater), it is better to go to another, more sincere seller or choose a memory card for your phone yourself, based on the functional features of the gadget and the sum that you have.