What is teletype in android phone?

Exploring the Android operating system settings, you can stumble upon a set of hidden functions, for example, "Teletage Mode".

But what is Teletip in the phone? Let's figure it out how this feature works, as it turns on and who needs.

What is Teletip

Teletip - What is it? If you simply say, this is a special android function, intended for use by people with speech disorder and / or hearing. A person can enter the text on the keyboard of his smartphone, and it subsequently can be converted to audio. And, on the contrary, the question of the interlocutor can be transformed into a text format. This approach allows people with a hearing disorder or speech to communicate using the usual telephone line.

Nowadays, with the advent of video communications and messengers, the function becomes less or less in demand. And for this reason is not supported by most mobile operators.

How to enable teletype mode

Include telelet mode easy. However, remember that this mode must be supported by your mobile operator. Otherwise, nothing will work.

In order to enable teleotype, do the following:

Step 1. Go to Appendix Phone.

Note! The program of the phone, which was developed by the company Google and installed on most of the smartphones with the Android supports teletype.

Step 2. Press three points in the upper right corner to open additional parameters.

Step 3., select "Settings".

Step 4. Find item "Special Features".

Step 5. Press "Teletip mode".

Step 6. Default Teletep is disabled. To activate it, select one of the three pop-up points.

Teletip supports three modes of operation:

  1. Full-featured teletype. Communication by phone man with disabilities using text messaging.
  2. Teletip with the ability to hear the interlocutor. In this mode, you hear what the interlocutor says, and you can enter the answers on the keyboard.
  3. Teletep with the possibility of voice transmission. In this mode, you can speak, and answers to read in the form of text messages.

A healthy person is not needed this function, except for the sake of balobiness. But for deaf-and-dumb, it could be useful.