What is fixed wireless internet?

Divided from large cities of options to ensure themselves with the Internet not so much. One of them is fixed wireless access.

Residents of cities in the overwhelming majority use wired Internet. This is a very affordable type of communication with a huge number of providers and inexpensive tariffs. Residents of countryside and cottage settlements have to be more difficult: no one has wired services. They remain two options - buy a USB modem with a SIM card, satellite plate or connect wireless fixed Internet BSHP (wireless broadband access).

How does a fixed wireless Internet work?

The output to the Internet fixed wireless access differs from DSL and fiber to the fact that instead of the cable, the signal is transmitted from the base station through radio waves.

If you decide to provide your BSHP suburban housing, the provider will install a special receiver with an antenna protected from weather conditions on the roof or wall of your home. It is needed in order to bind to the nearest station - the source of the signal. Inside the house requires a router. From the receiver to the router, the signal will come on a broadband cable.

Fixed wireless Internet access is a good remote area solution, where the creation of infrastructure for broadband services, such as DSL, is a lot of money. Transportation and laying of cables in the ground, as well as receiving administrative permits, also entails additional costs. These factors are the reason why wired Internet service providers do not serve countryside: there is simply not enough customers to cover all costs.

Fixed wireless Internet: pros and cons

Like any service, BSHP has both advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with good.

  • Configure the equipment required to exit the Internet fixed wireless way, is easier than other broadband connections, since cables and manipulations with them are not required.
  • Unlike cellular services, fixed wireless Internet often has a very high bar restriction (100 GB and higher) or has no restrictions at all. In addition, this technology offers high loading rates comparable to broadband services.
  • To connect to a fixed wireless Internet, the tariff plan is not needed.

As for the deficiencies, they are quite significant.

  • The first stumbling block is the stability of the connection. The signal quality highly depends on weather conditions.
  • The home receiver and the tower must be in the direct visibility of each other. Trees, hills and other landscape features may affect the quality of the signal, and in some cases completely overlapping the path to radio waves.
  • There is an acute question price. Accounts for fixed wireless Internet are higher than for other types of broadband access.

Fixed wireless and satellite Internet

Satellite Internet - another service for cagano residents where the cable connection is not available. It is largely different from fixed wireless communication.

For connecting satellite Internet, a satellite plate is needed. Phone or cable line is not required.

On satellite Internet weather conditions affect even more than on BSHP. The fact is that the signal must overcome the path through the atmosphere to the satellite and back. Any obstacles on the way will affect the stability of the Internet. The station used for fixed wireless access in a height is approximately equal to the cellular tack. It is usually located at a distance of 10 km from the subscriber's house, so the clouds above it or a storm can not be killed a signal.

Do not forget about the delay. The satellite is far farther from the home receiver than the earthly tower, so the satellite Internet is characterized by quite strong delays. Moreover, even a high-speed connection suffers from them, it is hampered by online gameing and playing streaming video.

Satellite Internet providers set a monthly limit to data transmission.

It is unlikely that such a condition will like the subscribers who are accustomed to consume hundreds of gigabytes traffic on films, online games and torrents.

But today satellite Internet is experiencing a small revolution, thanks to the well-known engineer and investor Ilona Mask. His project Starlink has been launched a low-bit satellite into space for several years to cover the entire surface of the Earth. At the moment, Spacex launched about 1400 satellites from the planned 12,000. At the same time, beta testing is gradually opening. How this project will change existing Internet services, we will see in the future.

An important difference between satellite Internet and BSHP is the cost. Satellite services are expensive. Therefore, choosing between these two options, to dwell on satellite communications is justified if the wired Internet is not available in your area, and fixed wireless. But even in this case, it may be more profitable to purchase a USB modem with a mobile operator sim card.

Fixed wireless Internet in Russia

Services of wireless fixed Internet access in Russia provide two companies - Rostelecom and Megafon. In total, BSHPs use about 100 thousand subscribers.

Rostelecom began the operation of this technology in 2017, and at the moment it can be connected by residents of more than a hundred settlements, including villages and cottage villages. Maximum speed of 10 Mbps.

The cost and conditions for connecting the company are invited to find out by calling their regional offices.