What is FastBoot Mode on Android

What are the similarities between Android mobile devices and computers? In an understandable language, we talk about what Fastboot mode is.

What is Fastboot Mode

Fastboot Mode (“bootloader”, “fast boot”) is a special mode of operation on Android devices that is used to flash file systems. In some way, it is even a tool where a special data transfer protocol is implemented, which comes with the Android SDK (Software Developer Kit).

Using the Fastboot menu, you can install updates for your operating system or download any other components at a deeper system level.

Fastboot mode is disabled by default on some devices, so the bootloader will have to be unlocked before updating the system or flashing it. This is done for security purposes so that an inexperienced user cannot harm the OS kernel and, in principle, disrupt the operation of his device.

What is Fastboot mode for

In fastboot mode, users can change any components your operating system. For experienced users or programmers, this will allow you to adjust the OS as you like. Moreover, it is worth considering the fact that Fastboot Mode is able to boot even before the launch of the Android system itself. Therefore, if we draw an analogy with a computer, the bootloader in Android is in many ways similar to the BIOS.

Even if your device does not have a system installed and, in fact, the smartphone / tablet is a brick, with an unlocked bootloader, you can easily install a new firmware. If you are not a developer or programmer, then you will most likely limit yourself to fastboot mode only for recovery purposes. Although it can be used for more difficult tasks (redefining kernel command line parameters, erasing memory sections, etc.).

As we have already found out above, unlocking Fastboot can seriously threaten the security of the device. In this case, you make the manufacturer's warranty, contactless payments features (payment programs will stop working, such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Sberbank online and others) will turn off Google Lock.

In addition, ways to protect the screen from the most primitive to the most reliable (blocking to face, fingerprint or retina) will lose mean, since during the loss or theft of the device it will be relatively easy to remove the blocking.

It is worth noting that all the shortcomings of the unlocked FastBoot can be avoided by blocking it again, after making the necessary changes (for example, flashing or updating).

How to go to FastBoot Mode

depending on the manufacturer of your device, the transition to the loader mode may differ. And besides, in some cases it will have to be unlocked. Consider several ways at once.

Option 1

This method is suitable for a small circle of devices, especially those installed a custom firmware. To go to FastBoot Mode, we do the following:

Step 1. Press and hold the power key for a few seconds.

Step 2. In the pop-up menu that appears, select the string "FastBoot" or "load mode". If we need no point, we read further.


Embodiment 2

Return to the most universal method, although it may have to experiment a little.

Step 1. Turn off the device.

Step 2. Press the combination from the power button and "Volume +" (you can try "Volume-" ).

Step 3. After the vibration and turn on the display, after about 1-2 seconds, we release the power key, but continue to hold the volume button to fully download the FastBoot Mode. Upon successful download, a green robot icon should be displayed.

Option 3

The last method is suitable for those who did not work out the loader with previous methods or, for example, if the device Do not work any physical buttons.

First you have to install ADB drivers to your computer. On how to do this, we have already told in this article.

Step 1. After installing the drivers and connecting the device with a computer, connect it via a USB cable and check that everything is done correctly using the command "ADB Devices". If the smartphone is defined on the command line, continue below.

Step 2. We enter a query "FastBoot Reboot Bootloader" and wait until the device restarts in the bootloader menu.

How to exit FastBoot? To do this, enter the following in the Line command: "FastBoot Reboot". In the extreme case, you can try to pull the battery from the device or clamp the power key for about 20-30 seconds.