What is better: samsung or honor?

The diversity of smartphones, which can be seen today in stores or commercials, is really huge. In this regard, many have problems when buying a new phone. Let's try to correct this situation.

The place under the sun on the mobile market android devices is extremely hard. Players such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Honor and other brands are constantly finding something to surprise the buyer and introduce new technologies to smartphones and A more advanced filling, increasing the rate of competition.

All this is just confusing users who, after the competent work of the marketing department, one of the companies can make the wrong choice of smartphone. This heading is called to clarify the situation and orient you in this huge digital world.

We recently compared with each other Xiaomi and Huawei, samsung and redmi. Today we will return to the Korean brand, but let's try to oppose Honor him. We will charge points for some criteria and let's see who will come out the winner of this fight.

Line and pricing policy

first where the comparison will begin - with the assessment of the model range of two brands and their pricing policy. Let's see what manufacturers offer and try to find out which of them offers more affordable smartphones.


of all kinds of branches in products Samsung smartphones Not so much. The brand has only five episodes:

  • Galaxy S - the main flagship line. The devices receive the best hardware components (most powerful processors, the highest quality optics, etc.). Externally looks balanced, without explicit features.
  • Galaxy Note - Another branch to which Samsung flagship devices belong. The only major difference is the enlarged screen diagonal: it is more convenient to play, watch movies or work.
  • Galaxy Z. This series contains smartphones with a folding mechanism. In terms of the filling of large differences from the top devices "Note" and "S" no, but in some models they still have (weaker battery or less high-quality cameras) due to design features.
  • Galaxy A - all other smartphones, with the exception of the M-series and of the flagships. Previously, the ruler was predominantly the middle class, now the manufacturer relates to it both subflagmans and ultra-judgetants.
  • Galaxy M is almost the same as A-series, but with some differences. Among them you can select a large battery capacity (highlight of this line), which in some models reaches 7000 mAh, and a design close to state employees.

Linek not much like Honor, but here, running forward, it is worth noting at least clear, simple and understandable logic. Smartphones are distributed on them most correctly: almost every model corresponds to the description and distinguishing features of its series.

And now the average cost of each series:

  • Galaxy S: 62 000 rubles.
  • Galaxy Note: 70 700 rub.
  • Galaxy Z: 112 500 rub.
  • Galaxy A: 16 700 rub.
  • Galaxy M: 23 900 rubles.


and although SAMSUNG model range can definitely envy some manufacturers, Honor also has something to answer. The entire mobile segment of the Chinese company's products can be divided into the following rules:

  • flagships. They have no definite name, referred to themselves without unnecessary "markers", for example, Honor 30 Pro. As it should be the top devices of the model get the most powerful filling and are able to fight with the best smartphones of other brands. However, after the branch from Huawei, the first flagships called "Magic" begin to appear.
  • Lite-series - lightweight versions of the best top Honor smartphones at an affordable price.
  • Honor View - another flagships. Analyzing the characteristics and cost is not entirely clear what they differ from the main number series (Honor 20, 30, etc.). However, in some cases they have a more profitable price tag.
  • The "Play" series. How can I understand from the name, these models are created for games. They can meet a good performance and some exclusive technologies for the brand ( GPU Turbo, for example).
  • Series "I". These are models based on lightweight flagships, but strongly cut in terms of filling. Simply put, this simplification of the Lite-series, that is, even weaker devices.
  • LINE "X". The technical equipment is very similar to Honor "I" smartphones. However, these devices are positioned below.
  • Line "C". This series includes devices, very similar at the price of Honor A and Honor X. It is focused on good cameras and the best "iron" in the ultra-budget segment.
  • A-series - Some of the most inexpensive smartphones in the model range. They need them in order to provide the user with the minimum comfortable set of technologies for little money.
  • Honor s newsputs is the most affordable representatives of the model range. They have little interesting, but at times the company rolls out a good model to the market, especially if you consider extremely low cost.

In an amount, as you can see, the brand is unlikely to lose the Koreans, but in understanding the logic clearly remains. For example, the most affordable and inexpensive smartphones are Honor S. A-series is a little more expensive, but has better technical equipment. Even the "above" are the Honor C and Honor X devices, but often smartphones with the "Pro" console in the line "A" turn out to be more expensive by offering places improved, and in places the deteriorated characteristics.

The impression is created that the manufacturer and sometimes confuses: to find a more logical explanation for such a division is extremely styling. Total: For a more understandable plain, the model range of the score clearly gets Samsung. And from a larger number of Linek Honor no sense, because Many models quickly disappear from store shelves, which you will not say about representatives from Korea.

Consider the average cost of Honor smartphones to roughly define the price policy of the brand and understand whether they are cheaper than Samsung. For convenience, unite some rules:

  • Flags: 43 500 rub.
  • Middle Class: 20 500 rubles.
  • Budget level: 9,900 rubles.

Conclusion: Let each manufacturer we give 1 point - it will be true. Samsung for having a variety of smartphones with a clear well-thought-out logic in a model range. Honor, though he tried to take the amount, but did it too confusing, and there is little sense from this (new models appear quite rarely, if you do not take the Chinese market). But their devices are much cheaper and not always with loss in quality, but about it.

samsung Honor
Line + -
pricing policy - +



Now let's talk about appearance. If you take into account only Samsung devices for premium and strong average price segments, a certain elegant and discreet design will be published on the fore. Smartphones look like carefully and minimalize without unnecessary parts.

On the back of the case there is a miniature logo of the company, and the cameras are in a special block with edging in the left corner. In the color scheme, the choice is rather big. Available as dark shades, as if emphasizing brutality and something brighter and allocated.

If we consider the devices easier, for example, state employees from a-series or line "M", then the picture is expected. The rear camera block looks no longer so impressive, it is somehow modest and clumsily placed in a square edging. Materials are immediately cheaper: from the glass case we turn to the usual inexpensive plastic or its mixture with a carbon fiber, resembling glass.

from a stylish design that gives the high cost, we go to cheaper. On the lids of some models, patterns, atypical for flagship or close to it segment appear. At the same time, new colors (green, blue, purple, etc.) become available.


If Samsung Stamps smartphones in about one style (with rare exceptions) And has long found its own version of how the phone should look like, the Honor does not stand out so constant.

The company often experiments and comes up with something new, making devices in some way to youth. On one models, a huge overflowing Honor logo can be born, on the other you can mark more minimal and strict design.

In flagships and smartphones close to them, the manufacturer uses standard materials for this type: Metal and Glass. It is noteworthy that the glass case has some medium-budget price range devices (for example, Chinese versions of Honor 9x and 9x Pro).

In general, in the aspect of the design between Samsung and Honor "draw." There is already a matter of individual preferences. What do you like more: classic solid design or something more bright and interesting?



At the moment, even not the most famous manufacturers use good matrices in their smartphones like IPS or PLS, which are the most affordable on the market. The only technology at the sight of which the first bell may appear to refuse to buy a device is TFT. It is associated with poor viewing angles (strong distortion and deterioration of the picture), low color reproduction and contrast.

In turn, Samsung most often uses two types of matrices: AMOLED and its derivatives (improved variations of "Super", "Dynamic") for flagships and sub-flagships, as well as PLS (advanced IPS) for the mid-budget segment. We have already talked about their advantages and disadvantages in the comparison of Samsung and Redmi.


A clear picture is also visible in Honor smartphones: more emphasis in the context of the display is done on IPS. Both flagship and mid-budget devices are equipped with this type of panels, which, although not as rich in color reproduction and contrast as AMOLED, has its undeniable advantages.

However, OLED panels are increasingly used in the latest innovations of the company (Honor 30 Pro Plus, Honor 50). There are also models with AMOLED matrices (Honor 30i), but in the case of the Chinese brand, this is more an exception than a standard practice.

As with design, everyone has to make a personal choice here, depending on their preferences: the most accurate color gamut and durability, or the brighter and richer picture of Samsung AMOLED panels.

Features and performance


Previously, Samsung has been equipping its smartphones with proprietary Exynos processors for a long time. Some models also received chipsets from Qualcomm, but this applies to versions for the US market.

Recently, the manufacturer has begun to trust MediaTek single-chip systems as well. They have always been distinguished by a lower price, and therefore continue to be used in a huge number of third-tier smartphones.

Apparently, for the same reasons, Samsung decided to save a little in economic or production terms and switch to MTK chips. And besides, in recent years, the Taiwanese company has made a huge leap forward and the processors have become much more productive and technologically advanced.

It is worth noting that this concerns only a medium-budget segment in which some smartphones receive chipsets and from Qualcomm (more often is the 700-aia series). Simply put, two trends are traced: Exynos / Snapdragon from flagship models and MTK / Snapdragon / Exynos have more affordable.


Unlike Samsung, which recently does not happen at all Single-terrain systems of other manufacturers, Honor focuses predominantly on their branded KIRIN chipsets. All top-end solutions of the company are equipped with such a processor, but in the middle and budget price segments, the Chinese already allow themselves to choose and the list is rapidly replenished with processors from MediaTek.

In general, to say right away, which smartphones have better technical equipment quite difficult. Why? First, EXYNOS and KIRIN chipsets are almost the same. They are equipped with one graphic core (only in different modifications, and similar). It follows from this that in games identical SOC (one generation) will demonstrate approximately equal results.

Secondly, although the exynos budget level processors lose their possession of Hisilicon Kirin, some inexpensive Samsung models get worthy "stones" from MediaTek (Helio G) or even Qualcomm. And if you add to this fact that Snapdragon single-rackers (years of release, etc.) are more powerful than KIRIN, it can be concluded that in the middle class and among state employees here parity.

However, among the flagships, the most rapidly the Koreans turn out to be. The most powerful EXYNOS chipsets and are now superior to Kirin in most synthetic tests and games (but the difference is not particularly large). An even greater advantage and a margin can be seen between the SAMSUNG top devices based on Qualcomm and Honor. So what conclusion can be made of all this?

In the mid-budget price range in terms of brands, almost the same thing is offered. If you need to buy something inexpensive, it is better to look at the honor. In the middle class at the step higher, the Samsung will already be preferable. Among the flagships, a new Korean will also be an excellent choice.

Medium-budget segment + +
flagship models + -
Total: 3 2


for people actively leading social networks, and simply lovers of beautiful photos are of great importance. If earlier they could be assessed by a small number of parameters (detailing, color, contrast, etc.), now it is added to them: portrait shooting, night mode, image quality to wide-angle and telephoto lens, macro and not only.

Queuo cameras at Honor never had special problems. Most recently, the brand was part of Huawei, which is now one of the leaders among smartphones in this plan and knows exactly what is needed for high-quality and impressive shooting. Cooperation with the largest manufacturer of premium-class optics Leica, powerful neural processors (NPU), used for photo processing - weighty arguments.

By the way, neural blocks in the KIRIN processors even the middle class are ruded by some flagship chipsets from Qualcomm. The same KIRIN 810 in calculations on operations associated with artificial intelligence exceeds Snapdragon 855 Plus.

However, and equips the mid-budget segment with good cameras. Devices from this category receive several lenses to work in different conditions (wide-angle for a larger viewing angle, telephoto for a better zoom or macro).

However, the most high-quality and detailed pictures without artifacts are obtained only on the main module. "Shirik" often soapped a picture, and other sensors do not shine quality. Claims to this cannot be present, since in general its cost of the chamber corresponds to the Honor devices.

Dxomark will tell about the situation with the flagships with the flagships. If we open the rating, we will see that it is filled with SAMSUNG models, while Honorms are practically no. This is also connected with the fact that in recent times the Chinese company works at the downstream pace and produces many less devices for the CIS market.

Samsung Honor
Mid-budget segment + +
Flagship models + -
Total: 5 3

If you are looking for a top device, the best cameras should be looked for on the Samsung side. In case you need something cheaper, Honor is a great choice.

System and shell

it can still seem “lagy” even against the background of a weaker model in terms of components. This is because the operating system is of great importance for the speed and smooth operation of the device.

Different manufacturers use their own shells based on the Android OS with some modifications. Each developer tries to optimize the code and design the system in such a way that it works more correctly, more logically and spends less resources.

And various benchmarks help you figure out who does it best. The most famous of them is Master Lu, the results of which can be seen below:

And although these are the results for 2020, even in the top ten shells it is not visible One UI from Samsung. In turn, EMUI, which continues to be used on Honor smartphones even now (although after the separation of the brand from Huawei, it is gradually being replaced by Magic UI), took second place.

Considering that nothing fundamentally new was invented by the Koreans in terms of OS, we can rightly add at least 0.5 points to the Honor piggy bank.

Let's emphasize one serious detail: many Honor models do not have Google services. And although many use them, it cannot be said for sure that this is a critical moment for everyone. There will be no “penalty” points for this for the Chinese, but consider this point when choosing.

Samsung Honor
System and shell 0.5
Total: 5 3.5


And the last thing to argue and compare the two brands is the battery life. What is first of all you need to know about Samsung and Honor smartphones in this regard?

  • Koreans have a special Galaxy M line, which are equipped with huge batteries (5000 - 7000 mAh).
  • Many Samsung M-series models receive current Qualcomm processors with a small size of the transistors, which is better affected by autonomy.
  • both in EMUI and on one UI at the program level a variety of technologies have been implemented to optimize the discharge time.

Now take another rating, but already from NanoreView. Honor devices in it are practically no, with the exception of some models that do not occupy the best places (Honor 50 - 50th and 10x Lite - 101-O). Most likely, this is due to the fact that recently in the mobile market the Chinese have too small activity, if they do not take into account Chinese versions.

From Samsung, which annually produces many different models, caught their own rules, 23 representatives appear here, and two of them are included in the top five of the most autonomous smartphones according to NanoreView.

It is quite fair the score receives a Korean brand. Now Samsung smartphones are best in terms of autonomy (refers to A-series and Galaxy M) and share leading positions with OPPO. However, this does not mean that Honor devices are quickly discharged.

samsung Honor
Who keeps the charge longer? + 0.5
TOTAL: 6 4


So who according to the result turned out to be better? Despite the explicit lag Honor in the final table, the choice between data by manufacturers is a truly difficult task. Smartphones each brand has its strengths in certain segments.

And yet, if you say more clearly, at the moment there will be a samsung. The Korean company does not slow down the turnover and regularly releases new models, while Honor, apparently, is now busy with the Chinese market and the development of its own Magic UI shell.