What is animezhi and how to use them?

iPhone X was equipped with a unique front camera - thanks to this, gadget users can play with Animoji.

At the presentation of iPhone X, Apple Vice President of Software Craig Federighi remarked: “If you have been tormented by the question of how humanity will use the most powerful system face recognition, then we can give an answer ”- and turned his face on the screen into an animated muzzle.

The audience was delighted with the show hosted by Federighi. Despite the pessimism of some experts who claimed that Animoji on the iPhone is “another child’s play”, Apple fans accepted the new feature with a bang. In this article, we will explain what fashionable Animoji is and how to use it.

What is Animoji?

Animoji are animated emoticons that completely repeat the facial expressions of the user's face. Thanks to Animoji, users are no longer limited to the banal set of emoticons that software developers have enough imagination for. It is easy to make the little animal on the screen make a completely unusual physiognomy.

Animated emoji recording was made possible by the TrueDepth front camera technology found on the iPhone X. The technology is also used by the face recognition system Face ID - and this is precisely its main purpose. When creating Animoji, the TrueDepth camera scans the user's face and generates a kind of map that takes into account more than 50 muscles. Next, the map is superimposed on one of the 3D emoji templates.

At the beginning of 2018, there were only 12 templates, but there is no doubt that over time there will be much more of them.

Animoji can be sent to another phone in one of 3 formats:

  • Static iMessage sticker (iOS devices only).
  • Photography.
  • Video up to 10 seconds long.

In the latter case, the audio is also recorded. During the animation, the cartoon will speak in the user's voice.

At what smartphones are axiodi available?

De Yura Creating animezhi is possible exclusively on the iPhone X - at least until Apple has shown more modern smartphones. It is believed that only the model X is a fairly technological front camera to cope with copying expressions of user individuals.

However, the I Love Ice Cream developer team did not agree with this and released the MRRMRR application, free and affordable to download to any "apple" device (starting from iPhone 5S) from iOS 11. In essence, the program is an analogue of Snapchat, but only with the function of creating animated emods.

Users in reviews noted that between the MrrMrr application and the built-in iPhone X there is a big difference. Firstly, in a third-party program to choose from two less than animery. Second, smartphones, which involve a simple frontal chamber to read the expression of the face, cannot track the facial expressions just as accurately and respond to its change as quickly as flagship Apple.

View animezhi will be able to see any "apple" smartphone, the version of the OS version above 11.0.

Creating and viewing Animoji on apparatus with Android is not possible. Despite the fact that in the Google Play, the mass of applications offering to write animezhi, as on the iPhone X, they all either do not work properly, or do not start at all.

How to create, save Animoji and share it?

Create animese on iPhone X can be created according to the following algorithm:

Stage No. 1. Open the message " of the message" and select the dialogue in which you want to send animezi. If there is no such dialogue yet, get it out.

Stage No. 2. Click on the AppStore icon next to the camera icon (to the left of the text field) . In the menu that appears, select the option with a three-dimensional image of the face of monkeys


Stage No. 3. Scrolling the menu on the left, select the character, which, in your opinion, is convincing the rest will be able to reflect your emotions. Among the characters there are, for example, a pig, panda, aliens, a robot and even Monday morning.

If you want to view the picture in full screen mode, you can do it by pressing the arrow up.

Stage No. 4. Choosing a character, click on the "REC" button - a red circle. At this moment, the microphone and front camera of the iPhone are turned on - voice record and reading the facial expansion. At the same time, the countdown will start 10 seconds - the timer will appear to the right of the face . Complete the recording will turn out before - by clicking on " stop"


Upon completion, you can choose another character. Mimic and voice will be superimposed on it automatically.

Animery is ready! There are several options what to do with it next:

  • Unload into chat (conversation) - Press the blue button with an image pointing upwards.
  • Delete to record a new one - click on the red icon with the image of the garbage tank.
  • View again - tap the " repeat button" with a circular arrow placed below the removal icons.

Save the animezhi

To save the animezhi in the iPhone gallery, you need to start playing a suitable roller and press the button " Share", placed in the lower left corner .

In the list of options that appeared, select " Save Video" (" Save the video )

. After that, it will be possible to share animezhi in other messengers - What's App, Telegram, Viber - and social networks, since the animery from the point of view of the format is a regular video.

Download Animezhi will also be able to use 3D Touch. You need to consistently perform "deep" pressing, swipe up, then in the list of options to select "Save" ("Save").

How to make a sticker?

To make Sticker Animezhi (sticient image), you need:

  • Select a suitable Character.
  • Place your face into the frame and forward the physiognomy that you want to display.
  • Reduce the image in the conversation field - when the fruit "Animation" will take the desired expression.

That is, using the recording button to create a sticker is not necessary.


The opinions of experts on the animery are extremely ambiguous. For everyone who urges to look at Animoji as a stupid, meaningless and infantile innovation, accounts for at least one, which adheres to the opposite point of view and considers that the appearance of "animations" capable of copying the facial character of a person is a revolutionary step towards absolute freedom of self-expression. Someone and at all sees in the technology of amazing opportunities for the development of the film industry: Imagine if instead of chanterelles and pigs in the list of available axiodi would be a face of Bruce Willis and Ryan Gosling and every owner of an iPhone could assign their facial expressions to them?

Whatever arguments were given by experts, there is no doubt that animery compared to conventional emoticons is greatly diverse communication, turning a banal correspondence in a truly "live" chat. The new owner of the iPhone X should be prepared for the next weekend it will spend, having fun with 3D-Emodi - regardless of what age he is.