What is an Ethernet cable and how accelerates an Internet connection?

We tell about two types of connecting to the Internet - by Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Nowadays, the most common way to connect to the Internet is a compound Wi-Fi. It is convenient because it does not require wiring, acting at a high distance and is supported by a wide range of equipment. However, this is not the only way to "deliver the Internet to your devices. There is also a wired connection using an Ethernet cable.

What is an Ethernet cable?

Before wireless communications appeared in everyday life, the main way to enter the Internet was a network cable. It connects the computer, laptop, game console or another device with your network router.

And today the EHTEENT connector is provided on many devices. It allows you to connect to the Internet using a standard cable.

At both ends of the Ethernet cable there are identical plugs. In general, it is very similar to the wire from the old stationary phone, only its size is greater.

When buying a router, the Ethernet cable can often be detected. Also, it can also be purchased on the Internet and in many retail stores.

What are the advantages of the Ethernet cable before Wi-Fi?

Wired internet connection is considered more reliable than Wi-Fi: less failures, delays and interference from the surrounding electronics. The quality of communication does not affect physical obstacles in the form of walls, furniture, etc.

when connecting Ethernet speed and quality indicators are higher than on Wi-Fi, since the data is transmitted on the dedicated line.

You can independently make sure this difference. To begin with, run the network connection test on SpeedTest.net via Wi-Fi, and then try again by changing the connection to the cable connection. In 99% of cases, the Ethernet data transfer rate will be close to the one that promises your Internet provider.

It is important to remember that with any method of connection - at least a wired, even without - Internet speed can not exceed the limit set provider. Ethernet cables provide speed up to 1 Gbit / s, but if your tariff plan has a maximum speed of 100 Mbps, you will not be able to exceed this value without changing the tariff plan.

How to use Ethernet cable?

on desktop PCs, PlayStation, Xbox, smart TVs, etc. For the Ethernet cable, a special connector is provided. The wired connection of these devices to the Internet is intuitive: one end cable is connected to the router, to another to the device itself. No additional adapters are usually required. For tight contact on the plug, latches are latches.

Ethernet port is not on Nintendo Switch and modern MacBook. They need an adapter USB-A / Ethernet (Console) or USB-C / Ethernet (MacBook).

Further actions depend on the type of device. In some cases, simply connections to the cable is enough to establish a connection. But sometimes it is necessary to go to network settings and specify the use of Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.

When switching from wireless connection to a wired, you may encounter a limit on the length of the cable. If the router is at a high distance from the device, there is a chance that the wire does not reach it. Drill the floor for cable output to the top floor is also not always possible.

In cases where the wired connection cannot be implemented, the PowerLine adapters will be useful. This Wi-Fi amplifiers of the signal, they are connected to the outlet next to the device on which wired communication is planned, and the signal from the power transmission router is driven. The connection is not so reliable as wired Ethernet, but can help if there are no other options.

It is important to note that most routers are not alone, but four Ethernet ports. This means that it can be connected to four devices. If you need more, a network switch with an additional set of connectors will come to the rescue.

Use Ethernet for better compound

Ethernet cable can be used with different consumer electronics, but there are exceptions, such as smartphones. In them, the Ethernet connector is not provided, since the wired connection directly contradicts the mobile nature.

As for stationary PCs, laptops and gaming consoles, they will be apparent qualitative changes in data transmission only if you often download large files or play network games.