What is an account in the phone

In many modern services, social networks and other resources you need to create an account - register. It also applies to any mobile device: Google account is created in Android, iOS - iTunes.

Surely most of you are actively using various social networks (for example, VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), Messenger and other services. You will be familiar with the process of registration of your profile in the system, which is called the account (from the English. Account is an account).

In the modern world, the person gradually matures more and more accounts. One is needed for communication with friends and close in Skype, WhatsApp and other messengers, the second, he created to use email and receive various letters, for example, from work, well, he needs the third to entertain and download games from Steam, wargaming.net and other resources.

Each platform if it means constant, and not single use (among such can be allocated, for example, various photochostings, where it is often not necessary to start an account to load a couple of times -Lo image) requires user registration. This is necessary for storing personal data and identify each person.

What is the account on the smartphone

if with all sorts of online services and sites more and less Clearly, why make some accounts on your smartphone / tablet? In modern mobile devices, the majority of applications and services are already integrated into the system, which require an account.

To answer the question about the question about what the phone is in the phone, consider the following situation. You buy a new smartphone running Android. Someone for you already installed programs such as Google, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and not only. First, at least authorization (entry into their account) is already required to work. It also concerns most models iPhone, iPad.

Secondly, today the smartphone is not just a "dialer". In it, we often can keep important information of any nature: photos, videos, documents, contacts, music, application files, etc. Imagine this situation that the device failed and is not subject to repair or, for example, you lost it, and there was no account on it.

Hundreds of photos, video and gigabytes of other valuable information were stored in the internal memory of the gadget and reach them now you are unlikely to be able to. And having bought a new phone, restore the lost data will not work. In this case, the availability of the account. For Android database, we will cover the Google account, which helps to easily transfer backup copies of files and personal data from of the old smartphone to the new one.

Well, for smartphones and tablets, using the iOS operating system, almost the same function performs iTunes. This is how the role of the account in the phone looks like this.

How to create an account on Android

To connect Google account on the Android device you need to have an already created Gmail email address (@gmail. COM). Then it will only go to the system settings, press a pair of buttons and enter the data: Login (phone or mail address) and Password.

In any case, you can see the step-by-step instructions for creating a Google account:

Step 1. Open your device settings menu and locate the section "Users and accounts", go to it.

Step 2. Locate the button "Add Account" and click on it.

Step 3. In the list that appears, select the "Google" stringand wait a few seconds.

Step 4. On the authorization screen, press the "Create Account" key and select "for ourselves ".

Step 5. Next, fill in the instructions all the necessary fields (name, surname, date of birth, etc.), select Address Email and follow further instructions on the screen. After confirming the registration and completion of the authorization process, the Google account will be added to the device.

How to manage Google Account on Android

On smartphones It is possible to manage added accounts. At Google account, you can adjust the huge number of security settings, personalization, change various personal data management parameters and much more. For other profiles it is possible only to enable or disable automatic synchronization.

To manage various settings, Google account must be done as follows:

Step 1. Open the system settings and go to the "Users and Account" tab.

Step 2. Among the list of all accounts, find the Google account and click on it.

Step 3. To enable or disable synchronization, it is necessary to tap along line "Synchronize accounts". To manage other settings, select "Google Account".

Step 4. The menu of your account will appear, where you can view personal information, change the parameters of personalization, security, access settings and not only.

and to completely delete data about any account (account) from the device, you just need to click on the "Delete Account" button "Step 3 out of the instructions above.