What is Airbnb and how does it work?

Many of those who actively travel around the world use Airbnb. If you have not yet heard anything about this application, hundreds of advantageous offers for housing surrender are passing by you. Airbnb will save you a lot of money that you would spend on an expensive hotel in an uncomfortable area of ​​the city. And it will also help earn, because through it you can rent your housing or part of it.

Want to know more, what is this service and what financial benefit does it bring? Now explain.

What is AirBNB?

AirBNB (from the English. Airbed & Breakfast - an inflatable mattress and breakfast) is a network of hospitality through which Different Shooters and Landlords housing. As a housing, a whole apartment, a house, a separate room or a sleeping place can be offered.

AirBNB service is not designed for those who are looking for housing for one night. Similar offers are found there, but there are few of them. Much more options can be found if you need a roof over your head for several days or weeks in a row.

Through AirBNB, you can pass your apartment or part of it. The offer will take advantage of the same travelers who need a place for the night.

AirBNB is not the only application offering such a service, but it enjoys the greatest popularity: For ten years of its existence, the service sheltered more than 150 million people in 191 countries in the world.

What is Airbnb Plus?

AirBNB Plus - housing for increased comfort. To get into this category, the owner must have a rating of not lower than 4.8, as well as check in a few dozens of criteria. The PLUS marker is a confirmation that housing meets high standards.

What airbnb is better than the hotel?

Housing offered through AirBNB does not always correspond to hotel standards. However, there are reasons why to use this service can be more profitable than to move to the usual hotel.

First of all, AirBNB will help you get closer to get acquainted with the local culture. If for the time of travel settle in the hotel and the day after the day to use the usual amenities, you will never know the life of local residents. As a result, your acquaintance with the new country will be limited by banal tourist entertainment. Conversely - finding housing through AirBNB, you will find out on personal experience, what are the real living conditions in this country.

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to explore local stores and institutions of catering. The day will begin not from the standard hotel breakfast, but from the food to which the local is used. You will have a lot of opportunities to know the unfamiliar culture from the inside.

Through AirBNB, you can find accommodation for every taste. It's not a fact that all offers will be cheaper than the rooms in the hotel, but among the various options you with more likelihood you will find housing suitable for budget, location and other criteria. And saved money can be spent on purchases and entertainment.

How to make money on AIRBNB?

Real Estate Owners can register on AirBNB to rent an unused part of the housing - an apartment, a house or a separate room. The service provides an opportunity to communicate with potential removals and tell them about living conditions.

The cost of the service appoints the owner of the housing itself. You can set the price that you consider adequate, or discuss with a potential removal of its solvency.

AirBNB is not intended for renting cars, yachts and non-residential premises. If you were hoping to take a package in this way, you can use the platform clones.

AirBNB - Is it generally legally?

Some cities and countries oppose the service, as it provides short-term employment services for residential premises, which can go into incision with local legislation.

Before booking, it will be necessary to clarify how representatives of the law relate to AirBNB in ​​the country where you are heading. There were cases where the homeowners themselves did not know that AirBNB activities in their country were illegal, and received a fine. And travelers remained without a roof over their heads with spoiled impressions of the trip.

How to book housing through AirBNB?

Go to airbnb.com or mobile application, enter the name of the city, the date of arrival and departure and specify the number of people. The service will show a list of apartments available at the specified period.

Click on the post to view more photos, find out the details about the amenities, additional costs and reviews of previous removals. All this will help solve, this accommodation suits you or not.

When you find the appropriate option, click "Contact the owner" button, if you want to ask something additionally, or "Book", if you are ready to make a fee at least now.

How to pass your housing on AirBNB?

Again the apartment on AirBNB is a little more difficult than removing. Go to the Main Page and in the top panel, click the Guests button. The service will briefly talk about security policies, insurance conditions, etc.

Enter the name of your city, the type of living space and the number of people you are willing to accept, and you will learn how much you can make money on a month housing. Click "Start" to leave your offer.

Registration You can go through Google, Facebook or by email. About the living space must be provided with comprehensive information: type (apartment, separate house, etc.), accurate address, number of beds and bathrooms, the availability of equipment, master's things, etc. Prepare several photos.

You can specify the days for which guests are ready: for example, only on weekdays or weekends, only in certain periods, etc. People who will look for housing for an uncomfortable time for you will not see your offer in search results.

Is AirBNB safely?

Security is a matter of great importance for travelers, and for landlords. In general, AirBNB leads a lot to use the service to leave positive impressions of both sides, but no one is insured against trouble.

Safety of removals

Before you book an apartment on AirBNB, ask yourself one question: Are you ready to spend a few days or weeks in an unfamiliar house. If the answer is negative, Airbnb is definitely not for you.

It may be so that in the same apartment there will be a person who does not cause confidence. If this thought causes you an alarm, give up airbnb in favor of the hotel, where you can close in the room and do not intersect with anyone except the administrator at the reception, and it will be calmer.

The apartment found through AirBNB may not correspond to sanitary and hygienic standards. On some features (for example, damp and mold) you will not know until visit the housing personally.

Safety of the Lessors

For AIRBNB Housing Owners is also not 100% safe service. An unfamiliar man can be like a pleasant guest and those who will turn an apartment in full chaos. Nevertheless, AirBNB provides residential care services from unforeseen cases.

If you are not ready to regularly serve the room (making repairs, clean the cleaning, prepare for the arrival of guests underwear and bath accessories), from the delivery of the apartment on the Airbnb it is better to refuse. Do not forget that part of income you have to spend to keep the apartment in an attractive condition.

Guests can cause a lot of inconvenience - to break the technique, something to steal, etc. But in your power to decide how often you are ready to receive guests and how long let them stay in your apartment.