What is a mobile access point?

Need the Internet on the road? So, do not do without a mobile access point Wi-Fi.

Those who work outside the office and love to travel, for sure at least once sorry for the absence of the Internet in the working device. In such cases, it helps the mobile access point.

What is a mobile access point?

Mobile Access Point is a small device that connects to the 4G or cellular network and distributes Internet using technology Wi-Fi on a smartphone, laptop or tablet. This is a kind of bridge between personal electronics and cellular network.

The range of distribution of the Internet on all devices is engaged in the router. The broadband cable contained to it serves as a channel for data transmission between the subscriber and the provider. In a sense, the mobile access point is similar to the router, only it is characterized by portability and wireless communications.

Access point is more convenient than a home router in that it does not require a physical connection.

Types of mobile access points

Mobile access points exist in three types - access point in the smartphone, portable access point and USB device. All of them are intended for different purposes.

Access point in the smartphone

from all devices that can go online outside At home, the first smartphone comes to mind. Cellular communication is not limited to calls alone only by calls and SMS: almost all mobile tariffs today there is a gigabyte package. And in modern Android and iPhone there is a Wi-Fi access point mode.

The smartphone can not only consume traffic independently, but also redirect it to other devices via Wi-Fi, that is, act as a wireless router.

To do this, you must enable mobile data transmission and activate the access point mode. The settings of this mode set the network name, password to protect against strangers and if desired, the limit on the amount of data. After these non-hard manipulations, the network can be connected from another smartphone or tablet.

Having mobile Internet on your phone, you can distribute it at any time to a tablet, laptop or other smartphone where mobile data transfer is not configured or the tariff is too expensive.

Portable hotspot

If you don't want to use it, a portable hotspot will come to the rescue. This is a small, battery-powered stand-alone device. It connects to the cellular network and allows other devices to connect to it via Wi-Fi.

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, portable mobile hotspot, travel router, MiFi, pocket Wi-Fi are all the same device.

Like a smartphone, a pocket hotspot receives a signal from cell towers, so it requires a SIM card with a data plan configured for mobile data to work.

Autonomous power allows you to use it anywhere - outdoors, in the car, put anywhere for the best signal.

The portable hotspot can be replaced by a smartphone without damage. But in some ways, pocket Wi-Fi is more convenient, as the extra load will drain your phone's battery faster.

USB hotspot

USB hotspot is like a pocket Wi-Fi, only powered by the USB port of a computer or laptop. In fact, this is the same cellular router that works with mobile data transmission.

A USB router with an access point function is the ability to access the Internet directly, bypassing intermediary devices such as home routers.

Note that not all USB routers have access point mode.

USB hotspot is better to choose if Internet access is required only on a laptop. This solution is optimal for travel. At home, it will come in handy if for some reason you do not want the laptop to receive Internet from your home router.

A significant disadvantage of the USB access point is the inflexibility of the connection. If pocket Wi-Fi can be easily moved in space (for example, put on a windowsill if the signal is better there), then this will not work with a laptop.

If the signal at the workplace is not very good, it might make sense to replace a portable router USB with a similar mode on a smartphone or purchase a pocket Wi-Fi.

Modern technologies allow you to take Wi-Fi on the road

for those who spend a lot of time on the road and uses several personal gadgets, Wi-Fi access point will be a useful acquisition. But which option to choose is the personal matter of everyone. Sometimes you need to try all the options in turn to understand what advantages and disadvantages play a significant role.

If you use a car access point, do not forget about security. Online music will scratch a long way, but to be distracted by Messengers Being behind the wheel - it means to subjected to the fatal risk of yourself and their passengers.