Volte: What is it in a smartphone?

VoLTE technology is designed to significantly improve voice quality.

Looking through the list of smartphone features, you can stumble upon the mention of VoLTE. With the usual LTE, everything is clear - this is a type of wireless communication that allows you to receive and transmit data at high speed. And VoLTE - what is it in a phone? In short, this is a technology that allows you to transmit over 4G networks not only traffic, but also voice. But let's touch on this topic in a little more detail.

Voice communication difficulties

Initially, cell phones were intended only for making calls, even the possibility of exchanging SMS messages did not appear immediately. Cellular networks of the first generation actually transmitted only voice, most often even in unencrypted form. Only with the advent of the 2G era did different data transmission standards appear, including GPRS, which is familiar to many . But priority in those days continued to be given to voice communication, so far very few mobile phone owners used the Internet connection.

Now the situation has changed dramatically. Each new cellular communication standard is geared towards ever-increasing data rates. It got to the point that the fourth generation (LTE) is completely tailored only for the transmission of Internet traffic. Voice calls are still carried out via 2G or 3G, there are no other options. It wasn't until recently.

The main advantages of VoLTE

Now almost all large cities have LTE networks. Theoretically, a smartphone could only work in them, without wasting energy on switching between different communication standards. However, an outgoing or incoming call forces the system to use the 3G connection. Each such synchronization takes away some amount of charge. VoLTE technology solves this problem. This function, roughly speaking, consists in transmitting voice in digital form using 4G networks for this. With the support of this technology, voice calls will no longer force the device to connect to legacy networks. And in the future, this (purely theoretically) will allow telecom operators to refuse to support 2G and 3G equipment. But for this you need to wait for the moment when the population does not remain old mobile phones who do not have support for LTE and, most importantly, Volte.

In fact, the new technology has other advantages:

  • Fast connection. If the phone does not spend time on the transition to 2G or 3G, the call is carried out markedly faster. Sometimes the gain in speed reaches 30 seconds.
  • Calls can be free. In fact, the conversation through Volte consumes only Internet traffic. If unlimited Internet is connected, the outgoing call will not spend a single excess ruble. You can talk at least a day.
  • Improving the quality of the voice. No matter how high-quality microphone was endowed with a smartphone, all spoils the 3G connection. According to this standard of communication, it is simply impossible to transfer the perfect sound. And Volte is limited only by the signal reception stability. If the device supports the HD Voice codec, the voice will become volumetric, and extraneous noises will disappear.
  • Increase the capacity of cellular networks. A limited number of subscribers can connect to each 3G-database. If the limit is exhausted, the device is connected to a further database, and the connection is worsening. LTE equipment has three times higher capacity than 3G, and six times higher than 2G.
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  • Simultaneous voice and traffic transmission. When a conversation on the phone is made, none of the applications can receive data from the global web. Getting traffic will be resumed only after the subscriber will put the phone. Volte technology such a problem is solved - the receipt of messages in messengers will continue even during the conversation.

Modern smartphones with VOLTE

Support for a new type of communication is available in many devices, even in relatively inexpensive. For example, the corresponding technology is built intoXiaomi Redmi 4x. This smartphone is one of the most sold on Aliexpress. People like a low price tag and optimal characteristics.

Of course, many flagships are endowed with support for Volte technology. In the theory, it is allowed to talk through LTE networksSamsungGalaxy S8, iPhone 8 and Xiaomi Mi6. In less expensive VOLTE devices, also occurs - the corresponding technology is endowed, admit,MeizuM5 Note andiPhoneSE.

Russian operators

If the manufacturers of smartphones are already supporting the transfer of voice to LTE, then about communication operators You will not say that. In Russia, while it is more profitable to use equipment working with networks of past generations, reserving 4g only for Internet traffic. Progress in this area is observed, but very slow. This is how things are in different Russian operators:

  • MegaFon launched Volte, but only in Moscow. Moreover, this feature was initially given to activate only Samsung smartphones and Apple. At the time of writing the article, the list of devices expanded almost to 40 models, including synchronization with Volte available on Nokia 3,ZTEV8,VERTEXSATURN andLGG6.
  • MTS only tests new technology. Press releases have repeatedly stated that the commercial operation of Volte will be launched in 2018. It is assumed that a new type of communication will be available not only in Moscow.
  • Beeline gave its Moscow subscribers the opportunity to try out Volte back in 2015. But testing quickly ended, and since then from the company "VimpelCom" no news came. It is said that the owners of the iPhone using the Beeline services will soon have the opportunity to speak Volte, but these are only rumors.
  • Tele2 launched a new type of communication in April 2017, but only on the territory of Moscow. The list of supported smartphones is rigidly limited. Moreover, to feel the "super-quality" of the voice only when talking inside the network.

Disable Volte

Some people prefer to disconnect all modules that for some Reasons are not used. Deactivation of Volte does not make sense, because this function does not spend additional energy volumes. On the contrary, this technology will save the battery charge if the operator suddenly starts to support it.

However, turn off the Volte is very easy. To do this, go along the way: "Settings -> Connections -> Mobile Networks -> Volte Calls". Here it remains only to deactivate the corresponding switch. Please note that on some smartphones the path may differ.


When choosing a smartphone should not be seriously given the attention of the VOLTE function, since Russian operators have only yet limited technology support. The exception is the inhabitants of Moscow - they will take advantage of the new type of communication the easiest way. However, technologies are developing, the operators are gradually purchased new equipment. It is possible that one day the support of Volte technology will appear in your city. Therefore, the function will not exactly.