VIVO TWS 2E TWS-Headphone Overview - Budget Variant Airpods Pro

Presented in October Wireless headphones Vivo TWS 2E are mainly collectable only positive feedback. Is the novelty good and really worth your money? This is where to learn in today's review.

Most recently, 2 modelsof wireless headphones were presented with 2 models vivo : TWS 2 ANC and TWS 2E. The first features support for more codecs (SBC, AAC, APTX Adaptive) and an active noise reduction system. The second one about which will be discussed in the review - a more simplified version without APTX and with some other differences.

The recommended retail price of headphones for Russia is 6990 rubles, but in some stores now the device can be purchased a little less than 6 thousand. Well, if you are not confused by a long delivery from China, you can save even more thanks to the site Aliexpress - there is the cost of VIVO TWS 2E fluctuating around 2500-3000 rubles.

In terms of the filling, the feeling is immediately created that the headphones fully justify their price: Bluetooth 5.2 for a quick and reliable connection, many modes of operation (including the game), active noise reduction. Is everything unequivocally, as it seems at first glance?


  • Headphone type: Intracinal
  • Connection type: Wireless
  • Connection Interface: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Working distance: 10-15 meters
  • Size Speakers: 12.2 mm
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 114 dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Waterproofing: IP54
  • Control: Touch Button
  • Supported codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Interface for charging connection: USB Type-C
  • Battery capacity (headphones / cover): 45/430 Mah
  • Opening hours: up to 7.6 hours (with Charger Cases for 30 hours)
  • Charging time (headphones / cover): 60/110 min
  • Features: Active noise reduction, several Work modes, Deepx 2.0 technology, Deep-HD, Find My TWS


Vivo TWS 2E packaging box includes the following:

  • Case for charging.
  • Headphones.
  • Charging cable USB-C.
  • documentation.
  • Silicone Embosses of Three Sizes (L / M / S).

The device is available in two colors: "Moon White" or "Star Blue". In our case, the color is white, but if you consider the headphones to buy, it is worth seeing to the blue version: it looks more interesting and the gradient effect is especially noticeable on it.

In addition, there is one important part on the box - QR code with reference to the official Vivo Earphones application for Android smartphones. In the future, it will be needed to configure the headset.

Design and Appearance

According to its design, VIVO TWS 2E, as well as their elder TWS 2 ANC, is very reminded by Airpods Pro headphones. Therefore, if you were looking for something similar to the device from Apple, the visual component is the first reason to draw attention to today's guest.

as a charging case and the headphones themselves are made of glossy plastic. Prints and various dusts will often adhere to such a surface, which is especially noticeable on white color. There are no questions on the assembly: the case does not creak, the cap is reliably, there is practically no backlash. When falling from the non-critical height, the headphones are unlikely to scatter on the sides.

Yes, and the "ears" themselves do not fall from their places, even if you try to specifically shake them. As in weight and size, the headset is compact and practical. There are no complaints in the assembly plan, there is quite nice to life. In any case, "Chinese" does not smell from him.

There is a sensory multifunctional area on the surface of the "ears". With it, you can set certain actions so that you do not have to take a smartphone in your hands or approach the computer. Under the outer shell there are 2 microphones capable of suppressing noise. According to Vivo, new headphones can reduce wind noise by 148% better, in comparison with the previous TWS NEO model.

On the case immediately under the battery charge indicator and the branded logo there is also a button, but physical. It is needed, for example, to quickly connect headphones with a new device. Connector for connecting to the zoom is in a standard location - on the bottom of the housing.

Binding and Control

To connect Vivo TWS 2E to its device, it is not necessary to download third-party software. It is enough just to turn on the Bluetooth, bring the headset and open the charging case. In any case, the binding manual comes in the kit, so if any problems occur, you can always contact the official instruction.

And yet, to unlock all the capabilities of headphones and enjoy one of the main functions, you have to download one application. We are talking about the company "VIVO EARPHONES", which is available on Google Play. You can download it by typing the name or scanning the QR code on the device box.

So, the application is installed. What is interesting in it? Let's start with the settings. You can only enable or disable automatic updates.

By pressing the blue button next to the name of the headphones, you can get into a more interesting menu. The following functions are available here:

  • Setting the touch control. From gestures while only double pressing is available. You can "hang up" the music switch to the next or previous track, the awakening of the voice helper or pause / playback. And for each "ear" it is configured separately. Also, there are basic actions that cannot be changed: acceptance of an incoming call and reset the call.
  • Changing the mode of operation. Headphones support several stereo sound effects thanks to Deepx 2.0 technology, among which "pure voice", "mega bass", "clear high frequencies". Lacking "lower"? Choose bass. Need something universal? Leave the default mode.
  • Acquaintance with opportunities. On a separate tab, the entire functionality of headphones is painted in detail, which is accompanied by animated pictures.
  • Update firmware. Yes, now on the headphones can fly by air new versions of software. We recommend not to ignore this item and update in a timely manner: it can eliminate the problems with the connection and make the work of the headset is more stable.

In general, the program is really useful. And if in the context of the functional to set the actions with touch buttons you can once (and forget about it), then the need to switch operating modes will always be. And it is convenient. Listen to energetic music or watch any movie and want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere? In ViVo Earphones you can choose the appropriate effect in a couple of clicks that will improve the sound.


Best headphones show themselves in a pair with a smartphone from Vivo. Such a bundle reveals additional features. For example, the Find My TWS headset search will be available.

Sound, microphone, autonomy

It's time to run through the main aspects of any wireless headphones. In terms of the sound effect "Wow!" They do not cause, but in general there are no complaints about quality. In the default mode, the sound is harmonious, without frequency porridge.

The difference when applying effects is really felt: the lower sound range is noticeably incremented in MEGA BASS, bass, in "Clear Voice", some musical accents are suppressed and the voice is heard a little more clearly, but "Clear Hights "A little emphasizes high sparkling frequencies, making a bright melody, as if with the effect of presence.

The only thing that can be complained is on an insufficient volume of volume. During testing when listening to music or while watching movies, most often a comfortable volume level is maximum. And sometimes it could not be enough. However, although it is a controversial and subjective moment, and in the market there are headphones, the headset can not be called quiet.

In terms of voice recording and conversations, it is worth noting a noise reduction system with two directional microphones. With complex use scenarios (background noise), the device copes with its task. Noise noise is not perfect, but even when conversations on the street with strong wind gusts, the interlocutor will hear you quite clearly, even if some kind of noise will still be fixed.

Of course, the older model of Vivo TWS 2 ANC became much more interesting in the context of sound and the microphone, but it cannot be said that the data headphones are able to at least disappoint. Especially, given their autonomy:

The value (from the total charge of 100%) Discredition time (codec: SBC, volume level: 100%)
to 70% for 156 minutes ≈ 2.5 hours
to 50% in 235 minutes ≈ 4 hours
to 30% for 319 minutes ≈ 5.5 hours
to 0% for 440 minutes ≈ 7.3 hours

The manufacturer declared about 7 hours of operation from the full battery. It was verified by experimentally and successfully confirmed. To discharge headphones from 100 to 70% will be required more than 2.5 hours, while by 50% the battery loses the capacity for almost 4 hours. For some TWS headsets, this is the limit of dreams and discharge "in zero".

I am surprised at how quickly the device is charged. About Fast charging Direct text The manufacturer does not indicate, so think it is, it is possible to call it such:

216) Charging time
Value (C 0%)
10 minutes Up to 26%
30 minutes to 81%

Literally in 10 minutes, the headphones are filled with approximately 26% of the charge. This is enough for about 2 hours of work. If you hold the "ears" in the case of 30 minutes, then from scratch the battery will be filled with 81%. Crazy efficiency: 10 minutes are equivalent to 2 o'clock, 30 minutes - 5-6 o'clock.

At full charge, both according to the manufacturer's assurances, and according to the results of testing, it takes really about 60 minutes. The basic battery capacity receives much faster, but completely filled only in an hour: a sign of Quick Charge. Fast charging Here is still there.

Autonomy - one of the main features of Vivo TWS 2E. 7 hours of continuous listening of music will be a paradise for a real music love. And this is enough for watching multiple films. At the same time, the pause is completely minimal.


So What do we have in headphones for 5-6 thousand rubles?

  1. Bluetooth 5.2 - the newest version"Bluenesuba". Maximum stability, energy efficiency and data transfer rate.
  2. Active noise reduction.
  3. Excellent autonomy and very fast charge.
  4. DEEPX 2.0 SOUND stereo effects : for vocals, bass, high frequencies.
  5. Game Mode : The minimum audio delay is only 117 ms. React to what is happening faster.
  6. Simultaneous connection to two devices in the alternate mode of operation.

In our opinion, this list is enough to answer the main question about whether the novelty is worthwhile. Any ordinary user who is looking for new wireless headphones will definitely be satisfied with the choice. Complain here here can except "lives" audiophiles, and even that, only on the sound.

But more preferred options among the TWS headsets in this price segment are simply not. Especially if you remember about AliExpress, where the device can be purchased for it funny for it.