Useful applications for schoolchildren and students

Modern schoolchildren go to classes not at all with textbooks taken in the library, but with iPad and tablets on Android.

and it's not in the desire to emphasize the status or prosperity - in many schools, the presence of a tablet for a student is a mandatory requirement. Of course, children are more accurate to install on game gadgets, so the loading of useful programs that can help their parents should take care of their parents. What kind of mobile applications are really able to simplify the hard work of the schoolchild?

Applications for planning and self-organization

Training Assistant

in contrast to many applications of our selection, " an educational assistant" performs Not educational, but an organizational function. With the help of the program, you can keep a diary, write homework, names of teachers and classmates. " An educational assistant" is ideal for those who visit not only school lessons, but also optional classes engaged in tutoring. About similar programs for students, readin this selection.

Consider several interesting features of the application " Educational Assistant":

  • Events. In addition to the main schedule (for 1 or 2 weeks), you can add additional events with reminders. For example, trips on excursions or meetings.
  • Time to the end. For unloved classes, you can configure a special timer that will display the time remaining until the end of the lesson (according to the schedule). This feature is convenient for those students who want to learn to control their day and follow the time.
  • books. In this section, you can save books, add quotes and other information about your favorite works. Or just lead a list of references.

In addition to the functions for the organization of the educational process, the Handbook of the main subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, English) is embedded in the application. It contains only the most important information (important formulas and explanations), so it is unlikely to be called a full-fledged crib.

Unfortunately, " Educational Assistant is available only for Android, but the owners of devices based on iOS Probably find in App Store applications with similar functionality.


Timetable - the most beautiful and intuitive application in Google Play for the organization of school or student buddies.

Information is conveniently systematized in graphical form: For each item, you can choose a separate color, and the schedule is well placed on the screen. In the settings, you can specify the duration of each occupation and the duration of the interruptions. If you enter this information before using the application, it will save you the time subsequently.

Timetable supports the ability to keep track of missed and extra classes, as well as the number of upcoming exams. The app has a widget that you can add to your home screen, and notifications can be turned on to alert you to individual classes or couples. Forgetting to put your phone on silent? The app can do it for you.

Unfortunately, the names of some functions are still not translated into Russian. However, this does not prevent the Timetable from being used for its intended purpose. In addition, if we compare Timetable with analogues in Russian, the application is certainly one of the best.



Forest -is an excellent application for concentration. The program will be useful for those who cannot put down their smartphone and are constantly distracted by games and notifications from social networks. Do you have a habit of postponing your studies? In this case, download the program from Google Play. You will not regret!

Unlike other applications that can be used directly for learning, Forest aims to reduce the amount of time spent on the smartphone. At the same time, it is assumed that you have textbooks and other educational materials in print or electronic form outside your smartphone.

The whole point of the program is to grow a beautiful forest from different types of trees. A certain time is allotted for the growth of one tree, which, if desired, can be set independently, focusing on how much you will study. If you exit the app before the timer expires, the planted tree will die (for this feature to work, the app needs to be granted multiple permissions). To remove a dry tree, you need to use in-game coins, which are not so easy to get in the application.

In 2018, the developers of Forest received an award from the editors of the Google Play app store in the category “Best self-improvement app” in Russia, Korea, India, France and other countries.

Unfortunately, in Forest there is no way to track the active usage time of individual applications. However, the developers promise to correct this flaw in the near future.

Applications for output

Microsoft OneNote

Company Microsoft, as well as Google is known that it constantly produces convenient office tools not only for computers, but also for smartphones. ONENOTE - one of them. The program offers ample opportunities, so it can easily be used for educational purposes.

C ONENOTE You can create quick notes and organize personal information. In notes, you can dial text on the keyboard, write by hand, make sketches and draw diagrams. Notes are easily divided into sections, and partitions on notebooks. So you can store well, and the built-in search and user tags allow you to quickly find the necessary data.

In addition, the program allows you to automate most simple actions. If it is necessary to solve the mathematical equation, ONENOTE will not only show a ready-made answer, but also step by step will explain all the stages of solving out loud. Training tools will help improve letters, reading and communicating skills.

The user will have their own personal space for creative work and lessons. He will be able to record lectures, music and add a video content. The program allows you to screenshots and insert them directly into the educational material. You can share with one ideas and developments with classmates or classmates.

And if the user is preparing scientific work or makes a diploma work, the program will allow you to do so with other students. Data can be synchronized between multiple devices, while all confidential information will be protected by a reliable password.

in Microsoft OneNote Used OCR technology, which recognizes printed and handwritten texts. In addition to reading, the program is able to translate texts to other languages.

For teachers, personal workspace will become indispensable and space for collaboration. The application will help in tracking homework and forming a plan for courses and lessons. All materials will be at a distance of one click. Comment on your homework in the form of printed note or audio message.


Penultimate - application from developers Evernote and an excellent alternative for embedded " Notes . The unique feature of a notebook program Penultimate lies in the fact that notes here are carried out only "by hand" - the electronic input is impossible. Penultimate eliminates schoolchildren and students from the need to carry with them to Cypu's class teachers and from finding the desired abstract in the traditional chaos of adolescent rooms.

In addition to the possibility of manual input from Penultimate, there are other advantages over similar applications for notes:

  • Synchronization . Penultimate is capable of synchronized with cloud storage Dropbox and C Evernote. In addition, any note can be sent to iTunes or through an email.
  • The function of associated movement. If you activate this feature, the page will move at hand, automatically adjusting to the tempo of the letter.
  • Technology of protection against accidental touch. Thanks to such technology, users may not be afraid to put the wrist on the tablet screen - there will be no blots.
  • Choosing a working hand. Two modes are available in the settings: right-handers and left-handers. Attention to such details does the honor of developers Evernote Corporation.
  • Large selection of tools. At hand, the user Penultimate is always "handle" (ink color can be adjusted), "Eraser" and "scissors". You can choose not only tools, but also the type of paper: in the free version Penultimate Cell, line and clean sheet are available.

As a lack of application for study Penultimate, users often mark the absence of searching for notes (which is in Evernote ). In general, for an application that can be downloaded to a smartphone for free, the notebook Penultimate is even too good.


Ideal program for recording lectures and lessons. Its main feature is the ability to translate speech into text. For this, a voice recorder is used, which records the voice of the teacher and converts the speech into a printed format. All texts are saved in notes, which can be immediately shared with classmates or classmates.

The program can not only record speech, but also translate it into more than 60 languages. To use this feature offline, you will need to download the appropriate language pack.

Skilled students will find other uses for this program. For example, if you have a brilliant idea that can be turned into an essay or a solution to a problem, just speak it into the microphone. When you sit down for the lessons, a note with your sketches will open in front of you.

Note that SpeechTexter requires Google Assistantto work. If the assistant is not installed, the program will not be able to record speech. The errors of SpeechTexter are practically reduced to zero. Yes, and the incorrect word is easy to guess from the context.

FineScanner AI Free

Smart pocket document scanner. The program will scan the original and save the file as PDF or JPEG. Copies of diagrams, abstracts, tables and slides will be uploaded in the best quality. One document can have up to 100 pages. Now you don’t have to spend money on buying educational materials - you can take a textbook from a classmate and just scan it.

The application is able to independently find images with text fragments stored on the device, and offer them to scan. This uses artificial intelligence. It discards images and background, leaving only text. And the feature of BookScan automatically divides the scanned reversal of the book into two pages.

If you allow access to the cloud storage, all scanned documents will automatically be saved on the cloud. A saved abstract or page from the textbook, you can share with classmates via messenger or email.

Program Finescanner AI FREE is completely free. However, access to additional functions will have to pay. To digitize the text (OCR) and convert it to Excel, Word or PDF formats, you will need to make a small contribution.

Applications with access to free online courses

Foxford Tutorial

" Foxford textbook" is another collection of detailed online courses for schoolchildren with 4 Grade 11. The appendix has theoretical and practical materials, as well as video courses. Any studied topic can be consolidated on solving various exercises and tests. Some courses are available not only online, but also offline (pre-loading is required). Total " Foxford Tutorial" offers:

  • more than three thousand different materials for students from 4 to grade 11.
  • Several levels of complexity of practical tasks (from the base to the Olympiad).
  • Practical and theoretical materials for major school items.
  • Convenient navigation by classes and textbooks.
  • Regular updates.

The application is suitable not only to those who want to refresh their knowledge or fill the gaps, but also to prepare for the exam and OGE. Most of the materials " Foxford textbook" is available for free, but paid courses are also present in the appendix.


Coursera provides access to over 3,900 courses from 200 universities and companies, including IBM, SAS, and Google. Here you can find courses in various information areas, such as IT, exact sciences, pedagogy, economics and law.

Recently, courses have appeared on the platform in collaboration with major companies, as well as courses from leading Russian universities.

Applications for learning foreign languages ​​


game form. At the first launch, the user can indicate their interests - in accordance with this, the application will select educational materials. If you have already studied a particular language before, this can also be indicated. For a more objective assessment of skills, the program will offer to take a test.

In the process of learning, excerpts from popular books, music of various genres, thematic videos, series, cartoons, documentaries and shows are used. The version for Android supports 19 languages. To learn English, Spanish, Italian, German and French, you will have to make a small contribution. Other languages ​​are available free of charge.

The program develops language skills in all areas: reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, writing. With the help of excerpts from popular books, reading speed and reading comprehension develops. The student will be asked to fill in the missing words, build sentences correctly and put spaces between words.

In addition, LinguaLeo gives access to the following features:

  • Audio recordings help you focus on pronunciation and understand what you hear. The user gets used to foreign vocabulary, which improves the perception of the language.
  • Vocabulary training not only improves translation skills, but also improves pronunciation. The student can hear how a particular word is pronounced correctly and see its spelling. Grammar exercises will help you learn cases, declensions, tenses and other features of sentence construction.
  • The program also includes thematic courses. So the student will be easier to get acquainted with the spoken language or a set of words for work and hobbies. The training includes simulators to prepare for exams at various levels. Express training will help you master the basics of a foreign language in just a few lessons.
  • The student can always refer to his dictionary, which is easily edited. New words and their translation are saved here. In the search bar, you can enter an unfamiliar word and find out its translation, pronunciation and use cases in sentences. To facilitate the search for words and phrases, the program provides ready-made thematic sets.
  • Phrasebooks allow you to master everyday language. They are divided into topics: for business, at the airport, shopping, dating and many others. Each of them can be added to your dictionary, after which access to training in this category will open.

The program allows you to organize battles with friends. The losers will be severely punished - they will have to complete the most unexpected tasks.

BBC Learning English

Advanced English from BBC. With this application, you can not only learn foreign speech, but also be aware of the latest changes that have taken place in the English language. An effective and progressive technique has gathered thousands of fans around the world. We have no doubt that the application BBC Learning English can be useful to you too.

Anyone who studies a foreign language would do well to remember that it is not volume that is more important, but regularity. This is well understood by the creators of the application, which is focused on small daily workouts.

It is worth noting that the developers made a bias towards British English. The user will be able to familiarize themselves with grammar, test their pronunciation and expand their vocabulary. There are several categories to choose from: Business, Grammar, News Reviews and Pronunciation.

Each lesson is marked with a certain level of knowledge. This way the user can start the session with a suitable workout. In addition, it is very convenient that a separate tab displays progress and recommendations for improving skills.

Each category has several short videos with closed captions, practice text and interactive activities. In addition, the program provides a separate section for preparing for international exams. And if something is not clear to the student, he can use a separate tab to view answers to frequently asked questions. For those who like news, there is another section called Lingohack. Here the user can read and view information about the latest events, replenishing his vocabulary with new phrases.

Learning is made fun with fun quizzes and transcripts that are updated regularly. It is noteworthy that new lessons first appear in the application, and only then are published on the site.

ABBYY Lingvo

ABBYY Lingvo is a famous dictionary that has absorbed many lexical publications from all over the world. The program works offline, which can be especially convenient if Internet access is limited.

In order to get acquainted with the meaning of a word, just enter it in the search box. The screen will display the translation, all cases and declensions, as well as examples of usage in context. In addition, in ABBYY Lingvo you can download voice acting to your device, which will help you practice the pronunciation of words.

The software can recognize text from images that can be scanned with the camera. Split screen is also supported, which is undoubtedly very convenient for simultaneous reading of the original text and its translation on a smartphone with a large diagonal.

In addition, Lingvo can translate expressions in other applications. In order to translate the desired expression, you do not even have to switch between them, which greatly speeds up the whole process.

The iOS version has countless foreign word cards that you can sync across all your Apple devices.

Exam preparation applications


" Examer" is a free service for self-preparation for the exam and the exam. Mandatory authorization via VKontakte is required to work with the application. After that, access to online tests in all the main subjects of the school curriculum opens. The application has:

  • Tests for 14 subjects (with solutions).
  • Detailed theoretical materials, divided into topics.
  • Ability to track learning progress.
  • Individual exam preparation plans.

Thanks to a convenient training system, during which you can gain experience and upgrade your account, preparing for exams turns into a kind of game. Therefore, " Examer" performs not only an educational, but also a motivational role.

In addition to the modules for preparing for the Unified State Examination (grades 10-11), the application also contains materials for the OGE (grades 1-9). Therefore, " Examer" is perfect for schoolchildren of all ages. Unfortunately, only one module is available for free to prepare for the Unified State Examination; to work with the rest, you will have to purchase the full version. At the same time, all tests for the OGE and theoretical materials for the USE are available completely free of charge.

Knowledge Cloud

" Knowledge Cloud" is a library of interactive educational materials from 1 to grade 11 according to 14 main school subjects. For each item, the user is available workbook, textbook, task, workshop, and a complex of issues to prepare for exams. " Knowledge cloud" - an excellent assistant in self-preparation for the exam and GIA, because simulators are also available as part of the application, allowing to redeem the delivery of state exams in conditions close to real.

There are a number of other reasons why " Knowledge Cloud" is among the best applications for schoolchildren:

  • Crossplaflate. To use " Knowledge Cloud" can not only holders iPhone and gadgets on android. " The cloud is installed on a PC with Windows and Linux.
  • Saving data. All results are stored in the cloud storage, and not on the gadget, so the schoolboy, starting responding to the metro test on the phone, can continue at home on PC.
  • Submission of material. Even the most "dry" and boring themes in " clouds of knowledge" are submitted by a living language, and the testing of the surveyed skills occurs in a gaming entertainment form.

The creators of " clouds of knowledge" are far from the form of education. The program is based on perennial studies of the founders of Physicon, conducted in the experimental classes of different cities of Russia. The quality of the program presented as parties was confirmed by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

other useful applications for study


The process of using an application for school on Android and iOS PHOTOMATH is simple: it is enough to bring the camera to a mathematical example, and the program will show the answer and before it in a step-by-step solution. However, it is solved that the problems with the homework in mathematics are solved forever, prematurely - the user who is going to upload photomath , should be aware of some restrictions in the program:

  • The application works only with printed examples - it does not recognize handwritten text yet, although the developers actively announce such a function.
  • PHOTOMATH Examples with complex fractions, matrices and other mathematical "delights" will not solve - but with linear equations and standard arithmetic, the program copes without problems.

It is assumed that the application PHOTOMATH brings only harm, erroneously - much more often than schoolboys, for example, parents are used when checking homework of their chad.

brief content

From the name of the program it is clear that it allows students to get acquainted with the brief content of the classical works of domestic and foreign literature - in the database of more than 1000. Appendix " Brief content" can be useful not only for negligent students who do not want to spend the summer days of reading books, but also for teachers of literature - even adult people are not so easy to keep the plots of all read books in the head.

Appendix " Brief content" is quite primitive. All available works are broken by classes. For example, "Master and Margarita" Bulgakov can be found in the program for grade 11, and the "grief from the mind" of Griboyedov - for 9.

In general, the free version of the application is quite scanty Library of available materials. But it has all the main works of the school program from 9 to grade 11. If you need an application with a more impressive library of books (including those that are not included in the school curriculum), then pay attention to "(857] " .

It must be said that the application is characterized by minimal functionality. Here you can not configure the font and color of the background (there is only a white text mode on a dark background), quickly share text with friends. In addition, there is no transition to the desired page, which is especially uncomfortable when working with complex literary works.

However, this is an excellent application for those who need quick access to a huge library of books. This is the perfect option in order to refresh knowledge about the material read. Specifically, this application is available only for owners Android, but in APP STORE There are other programs with similar functional.

Mozaic 3D

The program in the form of a digital tutorial with exciting 3D scenes. Here is a whole set of volumetric layouts on such subjects: mathematics, physics, geography, chemistry, biology, technology, history and art. The student will be able to visually familiarize themselves with the process of eruption of the volcano, the formation of a supernovae, the structure of the eye and even visit the excursion in the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci.

Any of the layouts can be rotated and approach. Some of them contain sound support and tasks. Titres are available in several languages, thanks to which you can gradually master foreign words.

This is the perfect complement of the series of books CLICK N 'LEARN from Mosaic. All images from the textbook seem to come to life, and if you wear glasses with supporting augmented reality, you can also take a walk in the places. Never, the learning process was never so exciting!

Every week, the student receives 5 3D scenes. To view the rest of the content, you need to connect the Premium version.

human body, interactive 3D BP

An indispensable application for those who need to tighten knowledge by anatomy. The program gives a general idea of ​​body structure and basic body systems. The image in 3D-format will clearly show where one or another is located. Animation can be rotated and increased. In addition, the program has interesting facts about each system, which is presented as a small lecture. On Google Play you can find other similar applications. However, most of them are paid. Among free, it is one of the best.


Many parents should already move away from conservatism and start collecting children for school not with notebooks, pencil cases and multi-colored pens, but with a tablet and an electronic pen. Provided that the necessary applications are available on the tablet, the gadget will become a skillful study assistant, a free tutor for the Unified State Examination and the GIA (when downloading " Clouds Knowledge" or " Foxford Textbook"), as well as a "live" diary, in which data on homework and class schedules will be updated automatically. You can find a selection of the best educational applications on our website - for example, on this page presents the best programs for learning English.

Parents need not worry that preparing their child for school will cost a pretty penny - almost all of the applications mentioned are free, despite their incredible usefulness.