USB TYPE-C: the most necessary accessories

Have you got a smartphone with a USB Type-C connector? Then it's time to buy a couple of accessories!

More and more electronics are moving to a new USB connector called Type-C. The range of accessories connected to this port is also growing. Let's get acquainted with the best of them.

Vention cable

Complete with each smartphone comes with a cable that connects to a computer or charger. But not always one cord is enough. Someone wants to keep a second cable in their office and car. Other houses have pets that can chew on the wire. In short, an additional USB Type-C cable never hurts. In its capacity, it is easiest to order Vention products. Such a cord can have a length of 25 cm to 2 m, while any of the options will be very inexpensive.

The manufacturer's assortment includes cables of different colors. In total, four color options are available: black, blue, pink and white. There are special tabs on the connectors, which are painted in a different color. In any case, the wire will be flexible and reliable. The manufacturer claims that, if necessary, the cord is capable of withstanding a current of up to 3 A - this allows you to safely connect it to a network adapter supporting one or another fast charging technology .

Garas magnetic cable

If you are already tired of inserting the USB cable into the smartphone socket from the second or third time, then you need to purchase a magnetic cable. This accessory is designed for different connectors, including some models designed for USB Type-C. For example, this can be said about the wire from Garas, which has a fabric braid. We have already talked about such cords in a separate article, so we will not repeat ourselves here. We will only mention that the use of such an accessory speeds up the connection of a network adapter to a smartphone several times.

USB Adapter Type-C - Micro-USB

Purchase of cable For the USB Type-C connector does not always solve the problem, because at your disposal there may be a wire with a Micro-USB plug, intended for connecting to completely specific devices. In this case, it is better to get an adapter. For very little money, you can purchase such an adapter from Huawei. This is a small accessory inserting into the USB Type-C connector and providing the ability to connect any cable with a Micro-USB plug.

The length of the adapter is approximately 21 mm. The tiny accessory turned out to be reliable, small and very helpful. Such an adapter should be in the table drawer of each owner of modern electronics!

OTG cable from TOPK

SETPHONE. RU website previously wrote about OTG adapters. Such an accessory may be very useful, because with its help, flash drives and gamepads are connected to the smartphone. If you are thinking about buying a similar cable, we advise you to pay attention to the products from Topk. Such an accessory has a short wire with a tissue braid, which makes it very reliable. Three options are available to the buyer, characterized by their colors. The main advantage of the adapter is in a low price.


Flashkin for USB Type-C from SanDisk

more recently All flaxes have only a full-sized USB plug. It is logical, because such an accessory in almost 100% of cases connected to a laptop or desktop PC. But for some time, the USB flash drive has learned smartphones. Connect the drive earlier with the OTG adapter. But now this process can be noticeably simplified by purchasing a special flash drive with the built-in USB Type-C connector.

The largest number of such accessories produce samsung and SANDISK. We recommend making a choice in favor of the second company, its products are more comfortable and reliable. The Sandisk flash drive has a slider, with which the USB connector needs to be connected to a computer, changes to USB Type-C. In this case, the product supports standard USB 3.1, so the read speed can reach 150 MB / s. The accessory has minimal dimensions, and its weight does not exceed 20 g. The body is made of metal - the baby is damaged only under the wheel of the car. In total, the manufacturer offers to purchase three options for the drive, differing in memory: from 32 to 128 GB.

USB hub

"MacBooks" Recently get all fewer connectors. Sometimes it comes to the fact that the creators are offered to do only by USB Type-C ports. And what if you want to bring pictures on the monitor, but at hand only the usual HDMI cable? Or if you need to connect a card reader equipped with a regular USB cable? In this case, a USB concentrator is required. Or the splitter, if you call it so more convenient.

Accessory is a small box with rounded corners. Its wire is inserted into the USB Type-C port, and the following connectors are in the accessory end: the same USB Type-C, HDMI and full-size USB 3.0. This allows you to connect three completely different devices to a laptop! It is worth the gadget, and three color options will allow you to choose an accessory under the color of the "MacBook". And note that the concentrator selected by us is intended for the "apple" laptop! However, walking through Aliexpress, you will definitely find solutions for other laptops.


The new connector has long been in the masses. They are equipped with smartphones, laptops, and motherboards, and many other devices. This means that it is time to think about buying different accessories. It seems that our selection interested you. Do not postpone the purchase in a long box! Moreover, almost all considered gadgets, adapters and cables are very small money.