TWS headset review Hiper TWS Bora

In our hands hit the Wireless TWS headset Hiper Bora, capable of boasting a rich equipment and good sound. We tell about the device in a detailed review.

HiPER (the brand name is formed by the words High Performance) - Hong Kong company, which produces a wide range of consumer products, balancing between high quality and affordable price.

It is the price that distinguishes the headphones Hiper TWS Bora - it does not exceed five thousand rubles, while the headset makes the impression of a premium product that can be capable of towing competitors from the highest class. So, what can the device offer to his owner?


  • Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Speakers: 13 mm
  • Connection: Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
  • Profile support: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Radius: 15 m
  • Compatibility: Mobile devices, PCs
  • Battery capacity of headphones: 100 mAh (2 × 50 mAh)
  • Case battery capacity: 800 mAh
  • Autonomy: 4 hours - Headphones, another 26 hours - case
  • (4 4) Features: Sensory control, moisture protection according to IPX6 standard

Equipment and design

Hiper TWS Bora is supplied in a small white box, on which images of the headset are applied, a list of its main features (deep bass, low weight, comfortable landing), as well as a list of specifications.


Under the lid, the user will detect a tissue bag for transporting the device, recessed in a foam of the case with headphones, as well as a set of replaceable ambuchur, USB-C Charging cable and user manual in Russian.

Headphones combine a fairly wide housing with a thin long leg. On the speaker, the Silicone Ambushure is found (in the kit - three pairs of replaceable nozzles), on the end of the case there is a touch pad for controlling the headset, just below, on the leg, there is a LED indicator, and even lower, in its end, the scholar microphone is located.

The shape of the body is impressive with its ergonomic: the headset does not need to insert in the ear, it simply falls into the ear shell, reliably fixes and does not fall even with intensive walking and running. Headphones are protected from moisture according to the IPX6 standard, so you can freely wear them even under torrential rain.

Plastic case is extremely large, elongated in width. Silver edging visually shares the housing and the cover that holds on the magnets. To open it, you need to pose a small recess and attach an effort - my own lid will not open, rest assured. At the right end of the case, the connector is located for connecting a charging cable, and on the front you will find the display showing the level of charge in percentage - a very convenient solution. Headphones are put in the case horizontally, the speakers down, and the left headset takes the place on the right, and the right, respectively, on the left.

Connection and configuration

After opening a Case headset for women A voice in Russian will announce the inclusion of headphones and connect to the device (or transition to the pairing mode, if they are not yet connected to your mobile gadget).

Install the Connect is extremely simple: turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone, tablet or PC, find Hiper TWS Bora in the list available for connecting devices, make a pairing - ready! Headphone charge level is displayed in the "curtain" of the mobile device.

An application for a smartphone, such as Razer Hammerhead True Wireless, this headset does not have, so it is impossible to reassign control commands. There are several of them:

  • Double touch sensor on any headphone will launch or stop the music track, will take an incoming call;
  • Holding a finger on the sensor on any headphone for 2 seconds will dismiss the incoming call;
  • Holding a finger on the sensor on any headphone for 3 seconds activates the voice assistant;
  • Triple touch of the left sensor will switch music to the previous track, and the triple touch of the right - will launch the next track.

The headset LED flashes green when it is discharged - in my opinion, a controversial solution, as the average user is used as alarm as alarm. In the pairing mode, the indicator flashes green and white alternately.

impressions of use

As noted above, Hiper TWS Bora is securely lying in the ears. I would have been able to completely forget about them, but after a couple of hours it begins to be felt the pressure at the bottom of the ear shell, where the thickened part of the body is located. For short walks, this is not a problem, but if you use the headset all day, you will have to periodically give the ears to relax.

Sound - I did not have enough low frequencies. Basin sounds flat and almost disappear on low volume. With high and medium, everything is fine, the vocals are excellent, and the tools are clearly allocated in the composition. However, if you are from those who love hip-hop and the genres close to him, these headphones will not satisfy you a hundred percent.

The headset manifests itself well during conversations by phone, provided me, and my interlocutors are an ideal hearing. There is no noise reduction, but extraneous sounds practically do not interfere - even on a busy prospect. In addition, the volume of volume allows you to completely drown out the external noise. When using headphones with games, there is a small backlog of sound from the image - the game regime at Hiper TWS Bora is not. [92! Case itself is gaining a full charge for 2 hours.


HiPer TWS Bora An eye design with The use of gloss and bright accents, quite a decent sound and a presentable case with an interesting constructive feature in the form of a display. And also, of course, affordable price. These advantages outweigh the cons, among which are weakly pronounced low frequencies and audio delays in games.

As a result of non-small five thousand rubles, you will receive a universal headset that can satisfy too demanding music love. Very advantageous attachment, if you do not chase loud brands, preferring the balance of quality and prices.