Two simple monitor or one ultrashire: what is better for home office?

In no office, no work will be productive and will not bring joy without a well-organized workplace. The monitor here is given not the last role.

If we talk about monitors, then several options. You can buy one elongated with a bend or somewhat less dimensional, but flat. Both are comfortable in their own way.

Modern achievements in the production technology of screens allow you to produce widescreen monitors in format 21: 9 or 32: 9, which are similar to the windshield of the car according to its size. But not in each work area there is a place for such a wide monitor. Nevertheless, they have a stable demand for office and home premises. Not anywhere and the classic option - ordinary monitors in the amount of two or more.

Two simple monitor against one widescreen: pros and cons

The ultrashire monitor looks more modern and at first glance more convenient than the multimonitorial configuration. Its advantages primarily include a spectacular view, a convenient connection and a huge work area. In addition, it perfectly complements modern workstations with minimalist design.

But let's not forget that the monitor is not an interior thing. His appointment is to give you the opportunity to work on a computer with maximum convenience and efficiency. Will this convenience be more if there are two or three monitors? And if one, but very big? Let's compare different options.

The area of ​​the screen

If the monitor requires the highest possible resolution, then one of this cause is enough to purchase a model of the model. The appropriate offer is LG : a 38-inch display for a PC with a resolution of 3840 x 1600, which in general gives 6 144,000 pixels.

On the other hand, if you take three 24-inch monitors each with a resolution of Full HD, that is, 1920 x 1080, in the amount of 6,220,800 pixels. And these three monitors will be twice as much as one widescreen.

Managing the workspace

It is obvious that with any choice (one ultrashire monitor or several conventional) workspaces will be enough to simultaneously use multiple applications. Let's see how this space can be organized and what nuances are there.

The window binding function in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a standard application binding function to the left, right side of the display or corner area. If there are two monitors, all workspace is divided into maximum of 8 independent sections.

One ultrashire monitor is divided into just 4 parts. And although each will be quite large in size, some applications will not be enough.

FancyZones and similar applications

The problem solving offers the FancyZones utility from PowerToys. It creates layouts to bind windows with the ability to adjust the size of each zone.

The flexible program, there are ready-made layouts in it, and the ability to create your own, however, due to the complex setting, there are often situations when the application is displayed incorrectly When starting in one of the created areas.

The development and configuration of Fancyzones occupy a lot of time.

Multitasking with full-screen applications

If you need to keep several full-screen applications running, the choice is unambiguous - two monitors and more. So you have to go for normal use photo edits, video edits and programming programs games.

Location and connection

In general, widescreen monitors are characterized by flexibility in terms of installation and placement. One such display takes a lot less space than a multi-screen installation. In addition, when connected, only one power cable and one signal will be required.

For two and three cable monitors, respectively, you must double or three times more. Also for everyone will have to think through the individual method of fastening.

The ultrasoin screen is also good because it has a seamless workspace. In the multimonitorial installation in the field of view, the monitor frameworks fall, which prevent the perception of content and make it difficult to zoning.

However, systems with three monitors have a special advantage. If you set the screens at the right angle, you can achieve a new immersion depth in digital reality. Currently, top ultrasound monitors have a radius of curvature in 1000r. This means that the optimal location of the user is in one meter from the center of the screen. But in the presence of three monitors, you can arrange them in such a way that the radius of curvature is 500R or even less. This will give the opportunity to sit closer to the screen and use the entire field of view.


As already mentioned, ultrashire monitors in the bulk are more expensive than usual with the ratio of the parties 16: 9. Is it possible to save on the purchase somehow? Yes. If you already have one flat computer monitor, then it is more logical to purchase the second one. It will be cheaper, and benefits will be enough. If you collect a computer from scratch, then the restriction will only budget.

There are many ultra-wide monitors on sale at prices up to 20 thousand rubles.


A widescreen monitor gives you a huge seamless area to work with. Many choose it for this very reason. However, multi-monitor installations also have enough supporters, so it’s impossible to say unequivocally that one of the options is better. It all depends on how you use it.


Multi-monitor configuration is better for running two or more programs at the same time. In some professional programs, such as Lightroom and Adobe Premiere, it is possible to use a second monitor to preview the project in real time. Also, on an additional monitor, it is convenient to keep folders and browser pages open while the main work is done on the main screen.


Most gamers prefer one elongated monitor. They explain their choice by the need for a wide view without any frames in the middle. This is especially true for first-person shooters and top-down games.

But in some games, such as flight simulators, a three-monitor layout is a better choice. It simulates the view from the cockpit, and the frames in this case seem to be part of the windshield and add realism to what is happening on the screen.

It's also better to have multiple split screens for streaming. While many apps, such as OBS Studio, offer split monitor functionality, most games require you to run on a separate monitor.

With only one monitor, you have to constantly switch between the game window, chat and streaming software. Or you may have to overlay windows on top of the game, sacrificing immersion and convenience.

With multiple monitors, there will be no such problems, since each task will be placed on a separate screen.

Legacy games without ultrawide support will run without problems as they only fit on one monitor and cannot be stretched across multiple monitors.


But for those who cannot imagine an evening without a good movie, it is better to refuse the multi-monitor idea. Everything is simple here: launching a movie on one screen will not require additional manipulations in order to stretch the window with the movie so that the frames do not interfere with viewing.

So what to choose?

Previously, the standard choice for all users was monitors with the aspect ratio of 4: 3. The 16: 9 format was considered an elite, but now he entered the usefulness, and the premium offers include options 21: 9 and 32: 9.

It is logical to assume that in the future the standard will be considered 21: 9 monitors. In the meantime, their price bite, and the amount of 16: 9 uses the greatest demand.

How much money you can allocate for the purchase - also an important condition. Perfectly, if the acquisition of the ultrashire monitor does not hit the wallet. Then you will have an accessible superior device with the highest characteristics, which will contribute to productive work during the day and pleasant pastime in the evening.