Top video signs

Here you will find the best baby room surveillance systems with useful features and high image quality.

The life of young parents is like an endless series of troubles. When all the forces go to surround the little man with comfort, there is not always time to put yourself in order and have a calm dinner. For some other things, for example, the search for a good video surveillance system for a child, all the more, there is no strength left.

By the way, many modern parents admit that they cannot imagine life without a digital baby monitor. This gadget eliminates the need to often look into the nursery. One glance at the screen - and you will find out what the baby is doing, whether he woke up, what he plays, whether he reached for something dangerous. Leave the camera turned on while the real nanny arrives, and you will be sure of her dignified behavior. Need a moment to go on business? Not a problem, through the video baby monitor you can not only look after the child, but also calm him down by audio communication if he bursts into tears, noticing your absence.

A digital baby monitor is a real lifesaver in the daily routine. If you didn’t manage to choose and buy a suitable system in advance, our selection will save you time. We will talk about the best baby monitors and their capabilities.

I would like to note the leader of the category - Arlo Baby from Netgear. This gadget offers many conveniences: two-way audio communication between camera and smartphone, night mode and clear 1080p video recording. It is equipped with useful sensors, and a well-organized mobile application will help with control.

A more economical option is the iBaby M6T baby monitor. Here, too, there is a night vision function and two-way audio, but the maximum resolution is 720p. Unlike the previous model, this camera has a movable design: it can be remotely rotated to select the optimal shooting angle.

Ramili Baby RV1300 stands out from the premium devices, a modern system with a huge range and autonomous power supply. If the simplest video baby monitors consist of one camera, then the Ramili Baby RV1300 system also includes a parent unit - a small screen through which you can watch what is happening in the nursery.

AngelCare AC1300 is unique in its own way. Its part is a sensory mat for monitoring breathing. If you put it in the crib with the baby, the system will monitor the rhythm of breathing and warn of failures or stopping of respiratory activity. This feature will be especially useful for parents of weak babies and those who are afraid to face such a phenomenon as apnea (sudden cessation of breathing during sleep).

How much does a baby monitor cost?​​

A modern baby monitor with a bunch of sensors will cost about 15 thousand rubles. The price can be higher if the device offers an advanced level function - monitoring the infant's breathing. There is certainly a benefit from this mode (sometimes it saves lives), nevertheless, in the range of up to 12 thousand, you can find reliable practical video systems, though you have to sacrifice picture resolution and a set of options.

Recording video files in cloud storage is usually provided on a subscription basis. The option is optional, but its inclusion will increase the cost of maintaining the video system.

Cheap baby monitors costing less than 3-4 thousand should be treated with great care: they do not have reliable data protection. Major baby monitor manufacturers (Ramili, AngelEye, Samsung ) take digital security seriously, release firmware updates regularly, and respond quickly to support calls. But even if you choose an expensive secure camera, do not forget to change the factory password.

Some surveillance systems include a portable screen to access live streaming. Its presence increases the cost of the baby monitor. Budget options work through a mobile application.

NETGEAR ARLO BABY: Best video in 2019

  • Viewing angle: 110-130⁰
  • Resolution: 1080Р
  • Parental block: No
  • Mobile Appendix: Android, iOS
  • Temperature / humidity sensors: Yes / is
  • Video recording: There is

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Bright green gadget with funny Hare ears are easy to take for a children's toy. But in fact, this is Arlo Baby - one of the most popular video signs. It includes features such as a night vision, air quality monitoring in the room, soft night light and constant listened mode (Always listening). Speaker supports bilateral audio communication. This means that you can and listen to what is happening in the nursery, and talk to the child.

The gadget is very compact, he will have a place even in a tiny children's corner: you can put on the shelf or hang on the wall. If the baby fell asleep in another room, transfer Arlo Baby to it. The lack of a socket is not a hindrance, since the power can go from the built-in battery. True, its container is small, enough for only 3 hours of autonomous work.

By default, Arlo Baby writes video in a resolution of 720p, but in the application you can switch to 1080p. There you can also configure the sensitivity to trigger the alarms for sound and movement, run the built-in lullaby, turn on the backlight, etc. Unfortunately, the camera does not have a swivel mechanism, so you will have to choose the shooting view. Another disadvantage is that the launch of the broadcast after receiving the notification occurs with the delay.

There are no complaints to the quality of the video. The temperature and humidity sensors will notify the slightest changes in the room of your baby. Arlo Baby has everything to ease the life of young mothers and dads, and this system is perfectly integrated into the apartment with an already installed Apple Homekit platform.


  • Clear video.
  • Compactness.
  • The speed of connection and ease of use.


  • Connecting to broadcast occurs with a delay.
  • The camera does not rotate.

IBABY MONITOR M6T: the best of inexpensive video angles

  • Viewing angle: 360⁰ horizontally, 110⁰ vertical
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Parental block: No
  • Mobile application: Android, iOS
  • Temperature sensors / Humidity: Yes / Yes
  • Video recording: There is

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For three years, IBABY Monitor M6T offers an impressive set of functions at a low price.

Here are PTT-bond (, "click and say"), automatic photo saving and video recording in HD when motion is detected. In the fresh version of the M6S resolution increased to 1080p. Another feature of this gadget is a rotary hinge with the possibility of rotating 360 degrees horizontally.

Portable Monitor In the IBABY M6T system, there is no streaming video broadcast on a smartphone or a parent tablet. Even with a weak lighting, the picture remains a clear. A two-way speaker provides a decent sound in any conditions. As a bonus, through the mobile application, the IBABY system can reproduce lullaby melodies.


  • Full turn horizontally.
  • Simple and clear mobile application.
  • The ability to select the quality of the audio stream.
  • relatively low price.


  • Not supported broadcasting through the browser.

Ramili Baby RV1300: inexpensive Baby monitor with rare functions

  • Viewing angle: 360⁰ horizontally, 140⁰ vertical
  • resolution: 720p
  • Parental block: There is
  • Mobile application: Not required
  • Temperature / humidity sensors: Yes / No
  • Video recording: No

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This is the novelty of 2019. It will become an indispensable assistant in the family, where the child's parents suffer from hearing impairment: it has a rare function of vibration. The uniqueness of this system is also that the camera is capable of turning after moving the baby. Both blocks are autonomous, complete charge is enough for 18-20 hours of operation. There is also a special mount for the stroller (sold separately).

One of the most enticing characteristics is the communication range. The indicator declared by the manufacturer is as much as 300 meters, however, in practice it is much lower. Perhaps this is not the best option for a large house.


  • Low price.
  • Decent picture quality.
  • There is a vibration alert.
  • Camera rotates.


  • The actual communication range is less than the declared one.

AngelCare AC1300: Baby Monitor with Breath Monitor

  • Parent block: yes
  • Mobile application: not required
  • Temperature / humidity sensors: yes / no
  • Video recording: no

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Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail - both design and functionality. The body of the camera itself is made in the shape of an angel; in the dark, it can work as a soft nightlight. A large range (250 m) allows you to watch the baby through the parent unit from anywhere in the apartment.

AngelCare AC1300 has a lot of settings, but the developers paid special attention to the safety and health of the baby. Part of the system is a sensory mat that reads the movements and rhythm of breathing. If the panel does not detect any activity within 20 seconds, the baby monitor will sound an alarm.


  • Autonomy of all blocks.
  • Communication range.
  • Respiration monitor included.
  • High sensor accuracy.


  • High price.

Baby monitor or regular surveillance camera: which is better?

In essence, a baby monitor is the same Wi-Fi camera that is used to protect the local area and living quarters: it reacts to sound and movement, has a night mode, transmits the broadcast to the mobile application. Even the price is about the same. But besides this, the baby monitor is endowed with special technologies that will help in caring for the child. This device is able to measure the temperature and humidity of the air in the room, monitor the quality of the baby's breathing, etc. Therefore, when choosing a surveillance system for a children's room, it is best to give preference to a specialized device, that is, video signs.

But if you like a more practical option, look at the Nest Indoor Cam wireless device. This camera received a high assessment of buyers, and many used it as a baby monitor.

Nest Cam: Universal Camera for Children's and Total Home

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The NEST compact camera has excellent characteristics in its class. 3 mp sensor removes in a resolution of 1080r at 30 fps. The quality of the record in the night mode exceeds any baby monitor: it is clearer and detailed. Fixed viewing angle - 130 degrees. Nest Cam offers PTT communication, alert when driving motion and sound. Thus, when the child is growing and the need for video units will disappear, this camera will continue to serve you, but already as a home video surveillance system.

It is worth remembering that the functions of the video in Nest Cam are missing. The device is not able to play lullaby melodies, to make screenshots and save the video in the cloud (the two last options are available by subscription in the Nest App, and this is not an option for those who do not plan additional costs).


  • Excellent video quality.
  • Easy connection.
  • There is a night vision mode.
  • It is possible to connect the NEST PROTECT and NEST THERMOSTAT sensors.


  • High price.
  • For full functional in the application, subscription must be issued.
  • Dynamics and microphone are not very high-quality.

How to choose a video dianu?

To select reliable and funny video innovation, you need to have an idea of ​​many characteristics. Talk about the most important.

The presence / absence of a parent block

Some systems consist of two parts of the children's and parent block. Children's block - this is the camera itself, the parent - a portable screen for watching the broadcast and settings. If there is no such screen, connect to the camera and watch the kid will have through a smartphone or tablet. What option is more convenient - to solve you, but remember that video angles with the parent block are usually more expensive.


This determines how far the Parent Unit and Baby Unit can move away from each other without breaking the link. A system with a long range will come in handy in a spacious house where the nursery is on the second floor and the parents spend most of their time downstairs. For a small apartment, a video baby monitor with a large range is not needed.


The higher the resolution, the clearer the video. A large field of view means that more space will enter the frame. Some cameras can be rotated horizontally and vertically, and controlled through the application, you can see what is happening in every corner of the room. It makes sense to choose such a baby monitor if the child can crawl or walk, and you give him the opportunity to play independently in the room.


Through the PTT baby monitor, you can talk to your baby like a walkie-talkie. Some baby monitors have a built-in set of lullabies.


Most baby monitors run on mains power. Few models have their own battery. The parent unit (if provided) is powered by replaceable or rechargeable batteries.

Special functions

Some baby monitors have built-in humidity and temperature sensors. The night vision function is needed so as not to go into the nursery once again in the middle of the night. If your baby monitor comes with a sensory breathing mat, you will find instructions in the box on how to position it correctly in your crib.