Top smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor

During 2019, there were many interesting smartphones on the flagship processor Snapdragon 845. All of which they have a high performance, but they begin to decline for them.

The beginning of 2019 was marked by the appearance of the first smartphones at the chip of the new generation - Snapdragon 855. These are models with even greater productivity and improved possibilities in the field of artificial intelligence. But the novelties at the start of their sales will cost quite expensive for ordinary Russian. Therefore, we suggest you look at no less interesting options in 2018, but at more affordable prices. We will show the best models of smartphones on Snapdragon 845, which have relevant performance and all the capabilities of the top segment.

Google Pixel 3 and PIXEL 3 XL

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For the year of its existence, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL managed to repair technical relevance. The main reason why Google smartphones enjoy stable demand are a reference android without any shells with a guarantee of three-year support. Another advantage of the line is a camera with unique II modes.

Both models have about the same relation ( 18: 9 and 18.5: 9), the function of wireless charging Qi, frontal speakers on the chin and are deprived Headphone nests. They have another general feature that can be attributed to disadvantages: battery. Pixels never beat autonomy records. In the third generation, the basic model received a weak battery at 2915 mAh. PIXEL 3 XL In this regard, it looks boosting: it has a battery for 3430 mAh, but also energy consumption due to the large-format display is also more. Therefore, the autonomy of both smartphones at about the same level.

Google Pixel 3 specifications:

  • Processor: Snapdragon 845 octa-core, clock speed 2.8 GHz
  • Screen: 5.5" Full HD+
  • Camera (Rear/Front): 12.20 MP / 8 MP
  • Memory (RAM / built-in): 64 / 128 GB
  • Battery capacity: 2915 mAh

Google Pixel 3 XL specifications:

  • Processor: Snapdragon 845 Octa-Core 2.8GHz
  • Screen: 6.3" QHD+
  • Camera (Rear / Front): 12.20 MP / 8 MP
  • Memory (RAM / Built-in): 64 / 128 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3430 mAh

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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The Galaxy Note 9 has recently received a successor, but this event has not prevented it from remaining among the most competitive devices on the Snapdragon 845. If you choose a model in the minimum configuration, you will receive a phone with 6, 4-inch display, 6/128 GB storage, microSD slot and a battery that lasts at least a day. A smartphone with such characteristics can be safely taken with the expectation of two years in advance.

Note 9 comes with stylus Samsung S Pen. It will be useful not only for art, but also for navigation, quick handwritten notes, and camera control.


  • Processor: Snapdragon 845 octa-core or Exynos 9810
  • Screen: 6.4" QHD+
  • Camera (Rear / Front): 12 + 12 MP / 8 MP
  • Memory (RAM / Built-in): 6 or 8 GB / 128, 256 or 512 GB
  • Capacity battery: 4000 mAh

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

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The Slider Xiaomi Mix 3. For those who are looking for something inexpensive on the current processor, there is no better option.

The unusual design allowed to achieve a high screen-to-body ratio (93.4%) and get rid of annoying cutouts. Among the abundance of monobrow devices in 2018, Mi Mix 3 looks fresh. The front camera opens only if you move the top of the display down, the rest of the time it is hidden from the eyes. The main chamber is although it is not capable of shooting the level iPhone x or Galaxy S9, but also bad things can not say anything.

In addition to the SNAPDRAGON 845 MI MIX 3 chipset 10 GB of RAM, 6.39-inch Full HD + display, two-frequency GPS module, Which was first used in Xiaomi Mi 8. The smartphone supports a wireless charging, has an IP protection, but he has no headphone connector.


  • Processor: Eight-core Snapdragon 845, clock frequency 2.8 GHz
  • Screen: 6.39 inches, Full HD +
  • Camera (Basic / Frontal): 12 + 12 Mp / 24 + 2 MP
  • Memory (Operational / Built): 6, 8 or 10 GB / 128 or 256 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3200 mAh

Xiaomi Pocophone F1

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Pocophone F1 perfectly balanced at the price and performance. When he was released, it was called the most affordable gaming smartphone. The powerful iron is supplemented with a 6.18-inch Full HD + display and a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh. At the start of the sales for him, 24 thousand rubles were asked.

The potential buyers confused only the absence NFC. What to do, without compromises it did not cost, especially since the smartphone was not originally applied for a premium level, and the NFC module is present only in the most expensive Xiaomi devices. And even with this disadvantage, the first Pocophone F1 party scattered like hot cakes.


  • Processor: Eight-cherished Snapdragon 845, clock frequency 2.8 GHz
  • Screen: 6.18 inches, Full HD +
  • Camera (Basic / Frontal): 12 + 5 Mp / 20 MP
  • Memory (Operational / Built): 6 or 8 GB / 64, 128 or 256 GB
  • Accumulator capacity: 4000 mAh

Nokia 9 PureView

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"Cameras do not happen much," they decided in Nokia and released Nokia 9 PUREVIEW. Its main chamber is a penta-design of 5 sensors that combine snapshots in one image. Very ambitious solution, but in the field of mobile shooting did not take off.

The color gamut of the photographs is very close to reality, there is a lot of detail in the shadows, but the glare of bright light leads to the appearance of overexposed uneditable areas. In general, raw images from the Nokia 9 Pureview look darker and less saturated than photos taken with other high-end smartphones. On the one hand, it's even good. Tired of the oversaturation that Chinese flagships sin? Upgrade to Nokia 9 Pureview and enjoy natural colors with auto mode.

Today, its general characteristics are far from premium. The display scanner is one of the first in the mobile segment (slow, not accurate, more for show than for convenience). The case is saved by a powerful chipset with a sufficient supply of memory, pure android, NFC and water protection.


  • Processor: Snapdragon 845 Octa-Core, 2.8 GHz
  • Screen: 5.99" QHD
  • Camera (Rear/Front): 12+12+12 +12+12 MP / 20 MP
  • Memory (RAM / built-in): 6 / 128 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3320 mAh



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Asus ROG is powered by a Snapdragon 845 with a boost clock of 2.96GHz (standard 2.8GHz). Accordingly, under load, it produces more impressive results than other gaming-oriented mobile phones. The heaviest games (for example, Modern Combat 3 or Injustice 2) will run on it without lags at maximum settings.

Six-inch AMOLED with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 in refresh rate lags behind other gaming monster Razer Phone 2 - 90 Hz vs 120. But calling it a disadvantage is language will not turn, because for other mobile phones this value rarely exceeds 60 Hz.

Memory, battery, camera - everything meets the needs of modern users. And more recently, ROG Phone 2 appeared on sale, which has become even faster and more autonomous than the original.


  • Processor: Eight-year Snapdragon 845, clock frequency 2.96 GHz
  • Screen: 6 inches, HD +
  • Camera (basic / frontal): 12 + 8 mp / 8 Mp
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 8 GB / 128 or 512 GB
  • Accumulator capacity: 4000 mAh

Sony Xperia XZ3

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in Sony have long been thought of to move away from acute-angular design, and in Xperia XZ2 it happened: the smartphone received a more rounded Ambient Flow case, which he inherited from him and Xz3. In comparison with the old smartphones Xperia, XZ3 looks unusual. It has a frameless 6-inch OLED QHD display with the aspect ratio of 18: 9, rounded edges and reduced frames. If it were not for the Sony logo on the "chin", it could be taken for Samsung Galaxy S8.

The main chamber is presented in the form of a single module with a large resolution of 19 megapixel. She does not pretend to the masterpieces of photography. Of the advantages - a pleasant color reproduction, accurate autofocus and good exposure. Of the minuses - strong noise with weak light.


  • Processor: Eight-year SNAPDRAGON 845, clock frequency 2.8 GHz
  • Screen: 6 inches QHD +
  • Camera (Basic / Frontal): 19 Mp / 13 MP
  • Memory (Operational / Built): 4 or 6 GB / 64 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3300 mAh


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LG V40 THINQ is a device focused on the camera and audio. For music lovers there is an audio jack for headphones and a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad Dac chip for a more saturated sound.

Lovers of natural paints will appreciate the triple chamber LG V40 ThinQ: no poisonous saturation even in mode with AI. The greatest resolution (16 MP) has a wide-angle lens. The remaining sensors are presented in the form of a standard lens and telephoto with the same resolution of 12 MP. For the bokeh effect, the front camera received an additional sensor for portrait shooting.

Smartphone is large. Part of the display takes out the cutout. It is not as pronounced, like Pixel 3 XL, and if desired, you can hide it. In this case, the width of the frame from above and the bottom of the screen will be approximately the same, and it will look for such a solution.


  • Processor: Eight-cherished Snapdragon 845, clock frequency 2.8 GHz
  • Screen: 6,4Tyum, QHD +
  • Camera (Basic / Frontal): 12 + 12 + 16 Mp / 8 + 5 MP
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 6 GB / 64 or 128 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3300 mAh


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One of the first smartphones with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, which appeared at the beginning of 2018, becoming quite remarkable thanks High performance and screen " MONOBROTION". IPS-matrix with a density of 401 ppi looks simple for the flagship, but high-quality and wide viewing angles, and protects the display glass Gorilla Glass 5.

The device can offer a good main Sony 3 generation chamber and not Less than good front. Not the most actual sensors, because the photo sensors of the 5th generation are already available, but their capabilities are still good.

otherwise, there are all modern interfaces, Fast charging, NFC, current version of the operating system and a pleasant design, made entirely of impact-resistant glass.


  • Processor: 8-nuclear Snapdragon 845, clock frequency 2.8 GHz
  • Screen: 6.2 inches, resolution 2246 x 1080
  • chambers (basic / frontal): 12 + 12 MPIX / 8 MPIX
  • Memory (Operational / Built): 6 GB / 64 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3300 mAh


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The flagship smartphone company LG is somewhat more expensive, but looks interesting in the previous model. All thanks to the infinity screen with high resolution and 563 PPI density on the matrix IPS M-LED, protected by glass Gorilla Glass 5. Cameras also have an interesting functionality, which uses autofocus with an AI algorithm that recognizes various scenes and objects., creating the best perspective.

From other features, we note the battery with fast and wireless charging, the battery is not the largest in size, but has high autonomy. Smartphone withstands dive underwater, dirt entering and random drops and certified IP68 and MIL-STD-810G. This feature is inherent in all models of the South Korean manufacturer.

Melomanany will appreciate the loud volumetric sound of speakers with DTS-X support (boombox) and excellent sound in headphones. The housing is made of metal frame and tempered glass, there are all current interfaces, including NFC.


  • Processor: 8-nuclear Snapdragon 845, clock frequency 2.8 GHz
  • Screen: 6.1 inches, resolution 3120 x 1440
  • chambers (basic / frontal): 16 + 16 megapix / 8 MPIX
  • Memory (Operational / Built-in): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh

MEIZU 16th

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After its appearance in August, this smartphone immediately went to the most productive leaders according to the Benchmark Antutu, gaining more than 290,000 points, which is a very good result. Meizu managed to optimize the system to achieve the best speed. Therefore, this model is one of the best in its segment.

The device boasts a high-quality Super AMOLED screen 401 PPI density with a built-in fingerprint scanner, a rapid charging battery and powerful Sony cameras. There is a triple geolocation, but NFC is missing, which is a minus for the top model.

The novelty will also like those who do not particularly like the on-screen "bangs". The design looks pleasant, and the body is thin and is made of a combination of glass and metal.


  • Processor: 8-nuclear Snapdragon 845, 2.8 GHz clock frequency
  • Screen: 6 inches, resolution 2160 x 1080
  • Camera (Main / Frontal): 12 + 20 meters / 20 MPIX
  • Memory (Operational / Built-in): 6 GB / 64 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3010 mAh

OnePlus 6T

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The new "killer of the flagship" got a drop-shaped screen indent, which made it a little more popular with its predecessor OnePlus 6. The trend has already picked up many manufacturers and will be used for just 2019.

As for this smartphone, it is definitely one of the best options based on the Snapdragon 845 processor, which received a high-quality large amoled display with an embedded scanner of the imprint and one of the best major chambers of modernity. The latter was marked in Dxomark, which showed excellent results in the photo and video shooting.

The fast charge is supported, currently today NFC, all modern interfaces and OS Android 9.0. Design at height, the back side of the body is protected by Gorilla Glass 6 glass, which is also used to protect the display.


  • Processor: 8-nuclear Snapdragon 845, clock frequency 2.8 GHz
  • Screen: 6.41 inches, resolution 2340 x 1080
  • chambers (main / frontal): 16 + 20 meters / 16 MPIX
  • Memory (Operational / Built-in): 6 GB / 128 GB
  • Battery capacity: 3710 mAh

Xiaomi Mi8

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Among all smartphones on the SNAPDRAGON 845 processor is the most accessible option in terms of cost. The novelty was quite successful and published in several variations: with a print scanner on the screen, transparent rear case and a lightweight version.

There is a high-quality AMOLED-screen with " monobrov", protected by Gorilla Glass 5 glass, excellent performance and actual version of Android OS 9. Fast battery charging is supported and there is NFC.

But the capabilities of the cameras that received the highest score on Dxomark tests and produce very high-quality photos and videos through powerful Samsung Sensors. Regarding the design, the smartphone has a thin case made of glass and a metal frame, and looks premium.


  • Processor: 8-nuclear Snapdragon 845, clock frequency 2.8 GHz
  • Screen: 6.21 inches, resolution 2248 x 1080
  • Cameras (Main / Frontal): 12 + 12 MPIX / 20 MPIX
  • Memory (Operational / Built): 6 GB / 64 GB
  • Battery Capacity: 3400 mAh


Of course, this is not the entire list of models on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, but we picked up the most remarkable models, Received most positive feedback. Some of them are not available on the Russian market, but they can be purchased through the famous Chinese online stores.

Prices for presented models are already declining, so those who are not chasing the novelties on the basis of Snapdragon 855, but wants flagship performance, may seek our selection.