Top smartphones and phones for children

In this collection, we will talk about several models of smartphones and phones that are ideal for children of different age categories.

Schoolchildren do not need expensive novelties and “ flagships ” of firms Samsung and Apple. In an article about how to choose a smartphone for a child, we wrote that such gifts to babies do more harm than good. However, forcing a child to walk with a very primitive push-button telephone (at least in middle and high school) is also wrong - a teenager will feel like an outsider among classmates who have the opportunity to communicate with each other through social networks and chats.

As soon as the child enters high school, parents should definitely consider buying him an inexpensive smartphone. Our rating will tell you about the best models of smartphones and cell phones for children. The top includes only devices worth up to 10 thousand rubles with a good battery, display and other features, the purchase of which is unlikely to bring down the family budget. At the same time, the young user will definitely be satisfied and will not get out of the modern trend.

For the smallest


  • Screen size: 1.5 inch
  • Camera (front left / rear) : none / 0.3 MP
  • battery: 500 mAh
  • system: none

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Excellent model for the youngest students. The device is push-button and has the necessary set of functions. In addition to calls and SMS, the device allows you to listen to music or radio, especially for this you can install a memory card up to 16 GB. The rest is a simple push-button "dialer" in children's performance and several bright colors. Included there is a lace on the hand.


  • A simple set of functions.
  • Bright colors and children's design.
  • There is a camera.
  • There is a built-in player.
  • Supports 2 SIM cards.


  • There is no fast set in the device - for children the function is relevant.
  • Weak battery.


  • Screen Diagonal: 1.5 inches
  • Chamber (Front / Rear) : None / 1 MP
  • Battery: 1200 mAh
  • System: No

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Phone for the smallest users. The gadget is sold at the Chinese platform Aliexpress, but is fully adapted for use in Russia. The device is key and designed for the simplest tasks - calls and SMS. The manufacturer equipped the device is a simple camera. There is support of two sim cards and a memory card slot. The kit comes a pretty silicone case, as well as an adapter for the Russian socket.

Users noted that the phone holds the network perfectly, has a loud speaker, and the batteries are enough for a week. An excellent option for first-graders who do not need numerous functions, and you need a bright and small apparatus for calls to parents. It corresponds to these criteria by 100%.


  • Small sizes.
  • Nothing superfluous for the child.
  • Good speaker.
  • Long battery operation.
  • Easy use.
  • Six bright colors.
  • A simple camera.
  • Children's silicone case included.


  • No missing.

for students of junior classes

BQ Strike Power 5514L

  • Screen: 5.45 inches, 1440 × 720, IPS
  • Processor: MediaTek MT6739
  • Camera (Rear / Frontal) : 13 mp / 8 MP
  • Memory (Operational / Built-in): 1/8 GB
  • Battery: 5000 Mah
  • System: Android 8.1

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The most inexpensive smartphone Of our selection is the product from the domestic producer BQ. Strike Power 5514L model costs less than 5 thousand rubles, but has a large battery, bright and high-quality IPS screen, and also works for still modern version of Android. Such money is unlikely to be sorry if the child will lose it, or in the event of a breakdown, but in this price category it is one of the best options.

The hull is made of metal and plastic, and you can immediately purchase a model in five colors. If you want something brick and more interesting, that is, a red and yellow color. For more versatile design, silver, gray and black colors are available. The cameras here are far from the most sophisticated, but for the cost of less than 5 thousand. It definitely not worth expecting. The main one has a single module on 13 MP, while the front has received an 8-megapixel sensor. For basic tasks, but not more.

BQ Strike Power running the MEDIATEK MT6739 single-grip system. For games, it is definitely not suitable, but with everyday tasks should cope. The screen is here with a rather large frame, but it makes the device compact. Eyes are unlikely to be tired, as IPS is the most neutral and gentle vision matrix in mobile devices. This is especially true for children who can sit with a smartphone clock. And thanks to the battery with a capacity of 5000 MAH, the device can work for several days in normal use (calls, Internet, social network), which is an excellent indicator.


  • He holds a charge for a long time.
  • Support 4G.
  • Compact screen with high pixel density (clarity).
  • Low price.


  • Small memory.


  • Screen: 5.5 inch, 1280 x 640, IPS
  • Processor: MEDIATEK MT6739
  • Camera (rear / frontal) : 8 + 0.3 mp / 5 Mp
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 1/8 GB
  • Battery: 2850 Mah
  • System: Android 8

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INOI KPHONE is the only smartphone on the Russian market, which is not just suitable for children, but also created specifically for them. The producer approached the matter responsibly and released the device capable of please as young users and their parents.


The display of 5.5 inches has a relation 18: 9 and HD permission, which makes the gadget small and convenient for a small hand, and the image on the screen is quite clear to the child's eyes are not tired. The housing is made of matte plastic, it is not slippery and fingerprints remain on it. Four color solutions are available - black and blue for boys, red and gold for girls. A pleasant bonus is the ability to order on the official website of the manufacturer's case with a picture of a picture of parents, a favorite superhero or any other option.

The quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM will allow you to launch simple applications and games, and the net android will not immediately ship the system. The amount of memory is 8 GB. The model is released in two modifications - with support for 3G and memory card up to 32 GB (4,990 p.) And version C LTE and memory card up to 128 GB (5,490 p.). The battery is designed for full time, so you won't worry that it will not have to do. The manufacturer did not forget that modern children love to do the photo, so I installed a good front and high-quality double chamber from behind.

In general, the hardware is quite typical for inexpensive phones, but pre-installed pleasantly surprise parents. In the OS, the functions that cannot be removed, that is, even if the child wants to get rid of attention and control he will not be able to do this. Inoi KPhone communted with parents gadget on Android or iOS using a branded application. Through it, you can find out how much the battery is left on the child's phone, send a loud call, even if the sound is turned off or activated by vibration, control the time of use of the device, Internet or installed applications, as well as block unwanted software or contacts. Parents will be able to find out where their child is, listen to what is happening around him, and they will also receive a notification that the baby has left the yard or school.

The nice features don't stop there. In order for the child not only to receive a fashionable gadget, but a truly useful device for development, a number of applications are installed on the smartphone - LitRes with 30 children's books as a gift, the IVI cinema with a two-month subscription, the application "Where are my children" with a subscription for a year, as well as "Foxford" with a month of free access to textbooks. In addition, there are a number of useful applications for an interesting and easy study of the mysteries of the universe, history, mathematical rules, foreign words and much more.


  • Excellent ergonomics.
  • Clear screen.
  • Vibrant performance colors.
  • Possibility to order a cover with your own design.
  • Thoughtful and convenient parental control.
  • Gift subscriptions for paid applications.
  • Pre-installed development software.
  • Dual camera.
  • The design of the device resembles an iPhone - the baby will not feel deprived against the background of peers.


  • Little RAM.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core

  • Screen: 5.3 inch, 1480 x 720, PLS
  • Processor: MediaTek MT6739
  • Camera (Rear/Front) : 8 MP / 5 MP
  • Memory (RAM/Built-in): 1/16 and 1/32 GB
  • Battery: 3000 mAh
  • System: Android 10 Go

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If you prefer South Korean quality, Samsung's Galaxy A01 Core is a great option. It must be admitted that, taking into account the characteristics, the smartphone was developed according to the principle “we use all the cheapest, but to work”. And you can’t say: it’s bad or good, because among other famous brands there are practically no fresh devices for 5-6 thousand rubles now. And if the purchase is intended for a child, then everything is far from being so bad here and there will definitely be enough filling.

The device went on sale in the summer 2020 and runs on the current Android 10 Go (lite version). The screen is quite modern with an aspect ratio of 18.5 / 9, bright, not faded with HD + resolution. The Galaxy A01 Core uses a fully plastic case, in contrast to the previous BQ. Cameras are completely simplified: rear main lens with a resolution of 8 megapixel and front sensor for 5 meters. No portrait or night modes, macro and other things (including even HDR ) there is no. Only basic photos for social. Networks or text.

Inside, the same processor is used as in BQ Strike Power 5514L, which we talked above. About games here exactly speech does not go, since the device can brake even in everyday use, which is its main main disadvantage. All this makes a seamless dialer for communication to social. networks and solve the simplest tasks.


  • Decent quality of cameras at its price.
  • Actual version of Android 10.
  • Cost.
  • Extreme Energy Saving Mode.


  • Sometimes it can be tangible to heat.

for adolescents

Realme C11

  • Screen: 6.5 inches, 1600 x 720, IPS
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G35
  • Camera (Rear / Frontal) : 13 + 2 MP / 5 MP
  • Memory (Operational / Built): 2/32 GB
  • Battery: 5000 Mah
  • System: Android 10

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After overpaying a couple of thousand rubles, relative to the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, you can buy a smartphone from less The famous and "fresh" brand, but with much more powerful and modern characteristics - REALME C11. Here is a huge battery, and a double camera, a powerful processor (for their money), large screen and not only. If the manufacturer is not important to you and you do not choose the device, appreciating them only by brand, then this model will be a good option to buy for a teenager.

The case here is completely plastic and looks, you must admit cheaply. On the back of the smartphone there is a double chamber with the main sensor on 13 MP and a depth sensor with a resolution of 2 megapixels. The latter is used to make portrait photos and wash the background using the "bokeh" effect. There is also a night mode (in some Samsung worth 10-15 thousand rubles it is not) and support for AI (artificial intelligence), which improves the quality of the pictures. By the quality of the photo, despite the many modes and 2 cameras, everything is crying here. The same can be said about the front lens.

For which you can really praise the model, this is for the presence of game (according to MTK) MediaTek Helio G35 processor. Thanks to this chipset, the device is not only excellent and without brakes copes with basic tasks, but also it starts the demanding games on low graphics settings. Separate honors Realme C11 need to pay for a huge battery at 5000 mAh, with which the smartphone will accurately stretch around 1.5-2 days at one charge, which will not allow him to turn off at an inappropriate moment and leave a child without communication.


  • Autonomous time.
  • Best technical equipment for your money.
  • Smart processor.
  • There is a fingerprint and unlocking to face.
  • Full Android 10.
  • Large Beamless IPS Screen.


  • Mediocre chambers.

Xiaomi REDMI 9C (NFC)

  • Screen: 6.53 inches, 1600 x 720, IPS
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G35
  • Camera (rear / frontal) : 13 + 2 mp / 5 Mp
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 2/32 and 3/64 GB
  • Battery: 5000 Mah
  • System: Android 10

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Another good version of the modern Android smartphone for a schoolboy of medium and high schools will be Xiaomi REDMI 9C ( NFC ). There is everything for a comfortable use: Capacitive battery, a good processor, a triple camera, a large IPS screen and even the NFC module for contactless payment. In addition to gray, in which Redmi 9C is also running, you can choose among orange and blue coloring, which gives the gadget of fresh youth design.

The rear chamber is triple with the main sensor on 13 MP and support for artificial intelligence. For portrait photos there is a depth sensor with 2 MP permissions. In many ways, this is a useless sensor that does not always make it possible to correctly determine the boundaries of the object for the "bokeh" effect. The front lens is also not highlighted by anything good. Jump only for banal simple photos and any basic needs. It is possible to record video in Full HD 30fps.

Like cameras, the processor here is the same budget. This MediaTek Helio G35, which is installed in the previous Realme C11. If you wish, you can run any games, but on low graphics settings. Traditionally, for most Xiaomi smartphones, we have a huge battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. The battery holds the Redmi 9c is especially good, and in the settings you can include the "ultra-saving energy" mode (an increase in operation time up to 9 times).


  • Time of autonomous work.
  • Large screen with vision protection technology.
  • The presence of the NFC module.
  • Low price.
  • Bright modern design.


  • Photo quality.

Xiaomi REDMI 9

  • Screen: 6.53 inches, 2340 × 1080, IPS
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G80
  • Camera (rear / frontal) : 13 + 8 + 5 + 2 MP / 8 MP
  • Memory (Operative / Built-in): 3 / 32 and 4/64 GB
  • Battery: 5020 Mah
  • System: Android 10

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The sixth line among the smartphones on Android takes another model from Xiaomi - Redmi 9. From this point on, we move away from the ultrasound segment and go to full-fledged devices that will be the perfect option in almost any plan. The device is distinguished by a huge battery, four main cameras, a large FHD + screen, a powerful processor and a large set of memory. The smartphone is unlikely to make you or your child feel uncomfortable: here at a high level is absolutely everything.

On the back of the case is a system of 4 cameras. The main lens with a resolution of 13 MP is used in most scenarios and gives good quality images, and 8 megapixel wide-angle sensor helps it (for joint photos with an increased viewing angle) and a module for a macro for 5 meters. In addition, there is a depth sensor that allows you to create portrait pictures. There are many modes for shooting, and in the quality of the photo very worthy.

Smooth operation of the system provides a powerful Helio G80 processor from MediaTek. If you wish, you can even play comfortably, not to mention simple tasks (communication in social networks, surfing on the Internet, etc.). It will be most nice to use the device, as a high-quality IPS matrix is ​​installed. It feeds the entire filling of the battery at 5020 mAh, the capacitance of which is enough for a long time. And if the charge remains little, you can enable a special power saving mode.


  • Works for a long time without recharging.
  • Powerful processor.
  • A good fixed camera.
  • There is support for NFC.
  • FHD + High Definition Screen.


  • No significant detected.

Realme C21

  • Screen: 6.5 inches, 1600 x 720, IPS
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G35
  • Camera (rear / frontal) : 13 + 2 + 2 mp / 5 Mp
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 3/32 and 4 / 64 GB
  • Battery: 5000 Mah
  • System: Android 10

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Smartphone Realme C21 is an improved version of Realme C11, which we have already considered higher. Changes touched cameras, memory stock, as well as NFC technology. Model C21 received an additional sensor to the main chamber, more operational and built-in memory, the module for contactless payments. Consider the maximum configuration 4/64, although the minimum version with memory 3/32 is much cheaper (about 8,000 rubles).

The 2 megapixel sensor for the macro for a simple dual camera Realme C11 "Dock". The main lens is here at 13 megapixel, and the depth sensor with a resolution of 2 megaps also helps him. Both on paper and in practice, there is little change in this plan, in comparison with the version C11. Decent photos provide only the main sensor, the depth sensor and the macro for such money here only for quantity. To maintain their social networks, the teenager will completely come down.

on the "gland" everything is simple: a very popular processor for smartphones up to 10 thousand rubles MediaTek Helio G35. As synthetic tests show, which is basically confirmed in real use, the model is not a game. The reserve of performance for the future is not here, but now everything will work quite smoothly. And you can use the device about one and a half days with active use, without fear that charging will end in the most inconvenient moment.


  • Remaining battery.
  • There are NFC.
  • The amount of memory.
  • speed and speed.
  • 2 SIM-Card + separate tray under memory cards.


  • Front-camera.
  • The sound of speakers.

Honor 8A Prime

  • Screen: 6.09 inch, 1560 x 720, IPS
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio P35
  • Camera (rear / frontal) : 13 MP / 8 MP
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 3/64 GB
  • Battery: 3020 Mah
  • System: Android 10

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and, finally, another representative of a more eminent brand than Xiaomi and Realme, model 8a Prime from the company Honor. First of all, 8A Prime is an embedded NFC, almost unprofanding screen with a diagonal of more than 6 inches, a large memory for storing photos, music, video and other content (expands the memory card for another 512 GB), as well as a stylish minimalistic case in strict design. The manufacturer provides 3 colors: "Full black", "blue" and "emerald green".

Honor often focuses on his smartphones on camera. Not bypass and model 8A Prime, the camera of which, though he received modest characteristics on paper, but is able to issue good snapshots. The main sensor here is 13 meters with support for AI and portrait mode. Even in insufficient lighting mode and when working at night, you can get quite good photos. The front lens received a resolution of 8 MP, also supports AI and the possibility of improving Self.

Comfortably play on the smartphone is unlikely to succeed, but the power of the processor will be enough to not cause negative emotions. Applications must be launched cheerfully, and serious accurates in the system are practically excluded. But not only this had to "pay" to enjoy the curly modern screen and a good chamber. On autonomy, they saved here, equipping 8a Prime battery only at 3020 mah, although it should be enough for a day of use.

A large feature of the device and the Honor shell in particular is the presence of a simple mode that can be enabled in the settings. It simplifies the management of the system and avoids any problems if a child enjoys a smartphone.


  • Quality and volume of speakers.
  • Easy and ergonomic.
  • Large and bright screen.
  • Memory supply.
  • NFC support.


  • The battery could be more.


  • Screen: 6.5 inches, 1600 x 720, pls
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
  • Camera (rear / frontal) : 13 + 2 + 2 MP / 5 MP
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 3/32 GB
  • Battery: 5000 Mah
  • System: Android 10

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The second Samsung device in this selection is the Galaxy A02S model, which even its appearance is already much more like a strict middle class, in contrast to previous smartphones. It will be the most suitable option for a teenager who will use his gadget much more versatile. Here you can make good photos, play almost anything, enjoy the bright HD + screen and do not worry about the fact that the battery charge is suddenly suitable for the zero mark.

The purchase of Galaxy A02S is available in three colors: white, blue and black, and the location of the cameras already remotely resembles the devices of the middle segment, although inexpensive plastic is still used as the case material. In general, we have a standard design from Samsung. The modest front camera on 5 MP is located in a drop-shaped neckline, which allows you to minimize the frames and better enjoy the picture thanks to the bright pls display with eye protection (blue filter). The main camera received a resolution of 13 megapixel, the module for the macro and the depth sensor is both 2 megapixels.

The power of the device will be enough to run any games with comfort, but on low graphics settings. This means that with the rest, more primitive and everyday tasks there will be no problems here. A small surprise was the presence of a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh, which together with the current version of Android and the built-in energy saving modes will allow the smartphone to hold out on one charge at least a few days.


  • Simple and ergonomic design.
  • He holds a charge for a long time.
  • Qualitative and bright screen.
  • smoothness of work.
  • Lies well in hand.


  • Front-camera.

Huawei P40 Lite E

  • Screen: 6.39 inch, 1560 x 720, IPS
  • Processor: Hisilicon KIRIN 710F
  • Camera (rear / frontal) : 48 + 8 + 2 MP / 8 MP
  • Memory (Operational / Built): 4/64 GB
  • Battery: 4000 Mah
  • System: Android 9

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and completed the selection of the device from the company Huawei, the price of which a little came out for a certain border of 10 thousand rubles, but Most of the most part. Among the features I want to highlight the presence of a NFC module, a capacious battery and an excellent basic camera with good quality pictures, which will especially like the teenager for which this item is important in the smartphone. P40 Lite E is a workhorse that will not disappoint a user of any category.

The smartphone is particularly distinguished by a bright and unusual design, which is achieved thanks to a special reflective back cover with a light game. And you can purchase P40 Lite E in 2 colors: "Full black" and "bright blue". The triple camera with the main lens at 48 MP makes beautiful pictures in any conditions, day and night. It helps her the ultra-crochege lens with a resolution of 8 megapixel and the depth sensor for the "bokeh" effect on 2 megapixels. There are many modes of operation and more than 20 categories with hundreds of shooting scenarios. Anyone can per minute to feel like a real professional photographer.

The performance here is also at the highest level. The smartphone on the basis of the KIRIN 710F branded chipset, which is enough for simple tasks. If you wish, you can run any games without loading and not limit yourself to anything. It makes a good accessible toy with a good camera and a battery, the capacity of which is enough for a night of active use.


  • Shutter processor.
  • Big and clear HD + screen.
  • Good basic camera.
  • Large memory stock.
  • There is support for NFC.
  • Unusual design with a transfusing lid.


  • No Google services.


In the case of buying a gadget Teenager: more expensive - not It means better. The best smartphone for a child is the one that guarantees the safety of Chad, helps him in study and does not devote his parents' wallets. Show-windows of stores are now simply "breaking" from the phones of the Chinese manufacturers of the "middle hand" - the child will certainly be pleased if he will give one of those.