Top smartphone accessories in 2022

A smartphone is without a doubt the main gadget that each of us uses literally every day. At the same time, there are many devices that can significantly expand its functionality.

We offer you to consider the most interesting and useful smartphone accessories that will add comfort when using the most popular mobile device and make life a little easier.

Fitness Bracelet - Xiaomi Mi Band 6

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Mi Smart Band 6 is a smart device by Xiaomi from a series of fitness bracelets. The novelty went on sale in October 2021 and has become one of the most affordable wearable devices with support for NFC (only for MasterCard cards). A miniature bracelet allows you to pay in stores and terminals. Previously, this feature was available only in China for bracelets 4 and 5 series (with the exception of the special "Russian" version of Mi Band 4).

The device received a 1.56-inch AMOLED screen, which is 40% and 30% larger than the Mi Band 4 and 5, respectively. The Bluetooth 5.0 protocol is used to communicate with a smartphone. There is protection against water class WR50: you can wash your hands with the bracelet, and if you get caught in the rain, it will definitely not fail.

Of the sensors, there is a standard set that was found in previous models, nothing surprising: a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer. To measure blood pressure, which many smart watches can boast of, the device does not know how. However, the bracelet can measure the level of oxygen in the blood, analyze your condition and assess the level of health according to the PAI index, track sleep, physical activity and count calories.

TWS headphones - Huawei FreeBuds 4i

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The second accessory on our list is the Wireless Headphones FreeBuds 4i. The novelty from Huawei went on sale in April 2021 and is a very interesting device in its price range. It has active noise cancellation, fast charging with a large battery, intelligent touch gesture control, ergonomic design and more. Bluetooth 5.2 is used for connection, and USB Type-C is used as a connector for charging the case.

No worries about headphone sound quality: FreeBuds 4i uses a dynamic 10mm driver and a special design to cancel out any noise and provide clear and pleasant sound. There are no dips in either high or low or mid frequencies, so the sound of the headset is quite balanced. By the way, there is also a sound transparency mode reverse to noise reduction.

The headset feels comfortable in the ears, but due to the design and fit, sometimes it will have to be adjusted, which is not very comfortable. In general, given the cost, the FreeBuds 4i does not have so many cons, and the “cart” of pluses will be much harder: amazing autonomy (up to 10 hours without ANC / up to 7.5 with ANC), high-quality sound, ergonomics. By the way, of the supported codecs, SBC and AAC are declared here.

Wired headphones - Beats urBeats 3

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For those who don't really like wireless TWS headphones, there is another small accessory. We are talking about a headset from the manufacturer Beats, which, despite the low cost, can really surprise you in a good way. There are two versions of urBeats 3: with a Lightning connector for Apple devices and with a 3.5 mm interface for other devices.

Thanks to the special airflow technology and special acoustics, a certain pressure is created inside the headset, which allows you to play music of any genre with high sound quality. Judging by the numerous user reviews, urBeats 3 are the best at bass. The upper and middle frequencies do not fail, but it is the lower ones that many people choose these headphones for. In terms of bass, you simply cannot find better for the money.

Otherwise, this is a regular wired headset with a Beats signature design. Of the functional except that the volume control and the ability to answer / reset an incoming call. By the way, there is no headphone mount. The kit additionally contains 3 pairs of earbuds of different sizes, thanks to which urBeats 3 can almost be called universal.

Portable speaker - Sony SRS-XB43

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As another accessory, consider the SRS-XB43 portable music speaker from Sony. It will be useful, for example, for outdoor enthusiasts. Such devices can be easily taken with you to nature or even a disco. The cost of such accessories varies depending on the quality of the speakers, functionality, sound power and other parameters.

The device offers a high-capacity battery with a battery life of 24 hours, waterproof IP67 standard, support for SBC, AAC and LDAC codecs. Connection with a smartphone is carried out via Bluetooth 5.0, and in addition there is an NFC module. From other features worth noting technology: Extra Bass (improves bass, making them tight and deeper), Live Sound (live 3D sound), Party Connect and not only.

A column is installed both horizontally and vertically. The weight is slightly less than 3 kg (2.95 kg), but considering what is a device, it is not surprising. In addition, the model can be used as Power Bank for charging the phone and other gadgets. And she also has a built-in microphone, MINI jack 3.5 mm input and a USB charging jack.

Stylus - BaseusGolden Cudgel Capacitive

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Stylus - Useful thing if the screen diagonally your smartphone reminds the tablet. Using such a miniature device similar to a regular handle, you can turn your device touch panel into a sheet of paper. Stylus is more relevant for graphic designers, engineers and people of adjacent professions.

Thanks to the electronic peru, it will be even more convenient to make various sketches, drawings and other work. It is worth noting that the cost of the BaseUsgolden model does not mean that the device is poor quality. Not only supports any types of screens, it is also capable of working with both smartphones running Android and iPhone.

The aluminum case makes the stylus more practical and adds additional points to the piggy bank of the appearance. The device will look good on the pocket of the jacket or a shirt, to which it can be easily attached with the attachment. This is indeed the case when you can say "Top for your money." The device also recognizes how much you press the screen - it affects the thickness of the line.

External battery with wireless charging - Xiaomi Solove W5 Power Bank

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Delibank - this in itself is very useful and necessary in use of the device, and if it still supports the function of the wireless charging, like Xiaomi Solove W5 Power Bank, then the prices is not at all.

The container of the external battery is 10,000 mAh, which is not too much according to modern standards, but it is enough to recharge the smartphone a couple of times, where at this moment you are not There were.

If your mobile phone supports Wireless charging, you will need to simply place it on the surface of the panibank, after which the process of replenishing the battery reserves. In addition, there are two USB ports for standard wired connection.

Car holder with wireless charging function - Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger

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Install on the car panel Holder Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger and you can comfortably place your smartphone that can perform for you as navigator and means of communication. You will not be compounded in the movements, you will be able to follow the road, and your device will not only be in reliable "hands", but also be able to recharge with the support of the wireless charging.

The holder is able to provide wireless charging with a power of 20 watts, while you will not even need to get a mobile phone from the case.

The facial surface of the device is made of solid 2,5d glass to ensure an effective heat dissipation. In addition, it is envisaged to use its own fan to cool the connected device. Use such an accessory is not only convenient, but also absolutely safe.

Monopod-tripod for smartphone - Huawei AF15

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To create spectacular portraits or shooting with a stable image, such an accessory as Huawei AF15 is accurately useful. It is at once two devices in one: in the assembled form it is a beautiful monopod, and it is necessary to push his legs, as you get a reliable tripod (tripod).

Included with Huawei AF15 there is a Bluetooth button, so you can remotely start the camera on the smartphone. No longer have someone to leave behind the scenes as a photographer at a party!

The tripod can be adjusted by length and slope, so you can adjust it at your discretion and create portrait frames, remove the sky and so on.

Waterproof Case for Smartphone - Guildford Mobile Waterproof BAG

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Externally Waterproof Case Guildford Mobile Waterproof Bag can remind you the zip-package, but the design is not the main thing in this accessory. With it, you can easily dive into the water, make high-quality pictures in the pool or water park, while not experiencing about the workability of the smartphone.

The cover is transparent, so nothing will prevent you from creating you spectacular photos under water. In addition, it allows you to respond to calls and fully control the touchscreen display.

The size of the cover is universal, therefore it can be placed both a compact mobile phone and a full phablet.

Inexpensive and very useful accessory that will definitely not interfere with lovers of an active lifestyle.

3-axis stabilizer for smartphone - Snoppa ATOM

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Video recording is becoming more and more popular. Almost one in two people has a blog or social media profile, so the better the quality of your video, the more audience will respond. The Snoppa ATOM stabilizer can help you in this difficult task.

The device is equipped with three-axis stabilization, a convenient remote control on the handle and a built-in battery that can act as a power bank for a smartphone. The holder itself on a single charge can work for 24 hours.

Forget about shaky hands and image stabilization issues, the Snoppa ATOM Steadicam will bring your videos to cinematic levels.