Top Keyboards for Android

Not every smartphone owner is satisfied with the pre-installed keyboard. Fortunately, there are dozens and even hundreds of others! It is about the best keyboards for Android that will be discussed in this article.

The Android operating system is renowned for being open and friendly to third-party developers. Due to this, it can be customized in almost any way. In a separate article, we talked about launchers that completely change the interface. But some users only need a different keyboard. Fortunately, it can also be found on Google Play. There are not even dozens, but hundreds of options to choose from!

Our selection will allow you to understand how diverse Android keyboards can be. At the same time, we will try to find out which of them can be considered the best. In this case, we will talk not only about applications for smartphones, but also about keyboards that look best on tablets.

Google Keyboard

Nexus devices were the last smartphones on which the Google keyboard was preinstalled. Further, mobile phone manufacturers began to use their own keyboards. That's why Google Keyboard appeared in the online store as a separate application. And you should definitely try it out.

The program is distributed free of charge, while it does an excellent job with its main task. There is support for text input using the swipe method, numerous emojis have not gone away. The keyboard is almost perfect at predicting the words you're about to type. This is not surprising, because in linguistics, Google is ahead of the rest! At any time, the user can download additional languages. There are a lot of them here. More than any other competitor.

However, the Google product still loses to many other keyboards. This is explained by the minimum number of additional functions. This application is suitable for those people who know that they will be too lazy to adjust the keyboard for themselves.


  • Swipe support.
  • The keyboard is good at predicting the words you enter.
  • Cloud dictionary sync.
  • Works well on a tablet.
  • Very fast transition from one language to another.


  • On some devices swipe is not working properly.
  • The almost complete absence of themes.
  • Minimum number of settings.

Score: 6/10

Yandex Keyboard

Yandex Keyboard is unobtrusive and does not pursue the success of competitors in terms of manufacturability. However, in general, there is everything that is necessary for dynamic communication. Voice dialing is very pleasing - a feature honed by Yandex almost to perfection. Support for swipes has appeared - something that was sorely lacking in earlier versions of the program. The built-in search function allows you to enter a query, after which the results will open in the browser.

A huge number of foreign languages ​​is available in Yandex Keyboard. Among them there are quite exotic ones - for example, the Zulu and Swahili languages ​​- which clearly indicates the intentions of Yandex to promote its product on the international market. The application has a built-in translator. You enter text in Russian, and the keyboard automatically translates it into another language of your choice. This option allows you to comfortably communicate with foreigners without experiencing discomfort.

What "Yandex Keyboard" lacks is the possibility for personalization. The user can only download pre-installed themes, which actually change the color of the keys and the background, but do not add any effects at all. In addition, you can adjust the height and position of the keyboard, i.e. its indent from the bottom and from the edge of the screen.

Advantages :

  • Excellent voice typing, accurately identifying even rare words.
  • The presence of a built-in translator.
  • The absolute absence of advertising.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • A large number of stickers, emoticons and GIF animations.

Disadvantages :

  • keyboard personalization.

Rating: 8/10


Keyboard from GO Keyboard is focused on calling the user visual ecstasy. In the original version, it looks like "in Spartan", that is, very slightly different from the built-in. If you download and install an additional topic, the keyboard will be transformed - you can get a new year or, say, brutal red-black. Unfortunately, there are few free to GO Keyboard - most of them relate to the category VIP and applies for money.

GO Keyboard keyboard gives amateur lovers of informal communication. Miscellaneous kind of emoticons, postcards, GIF and memes here are truly an infinite amount. Although such an abundance of the opportunities "on an amateur" is answering the interlocutor, you can be so carried away by the selection of smilee, and the question will forget.

Advantages :

  • Attractive and flexible interface.
  • more than 10,000 topics, among which there are free.
  • Many smiles and emoji.
  • Support for 300 fonts (but only for English layouts).

Disadvantages :

  • The application is too intrusive Removes money from the user.

Rating: 8/10


This keyboard is not good to have a very high ranking on Google Play, and its downloads are over 500 million. The application is supported as a spoken input method and swipe. It looks very beautifully emoticons, and a large section with the settings will allow you to adapt the keyboard to yourself.

Up until 2015, the SWIFTKEY developers asked for their creation money. Later they switched to another method of earnings. The basic version of the program is now distributed completely free, but at the same time the appearance of the keyboard leaves much to be desired, although some will make even it. Fix the state of affairs will help the purchase of the design. They are sold both by entire packages and separately. Of course, it is more profitable to buy a full set.

The rest of the same keyboard does not have serious flaws. It is ideal not only for a smartphone with a miniature display, but also for a very large tablet. Separately, it should be noted that the Russian layout is well implemented here, and switching to the latin is carried out by "turning" a space.


  • Cloud synchronization of the dictionary.
  • Support swipe.
  • is distributed free of charge.
  • A very large number of settings.
  • Support for decoration.


  • Topics for registration.

Rating: 9/10



Another good keyboard. Designed for people who do not like to enter the swipe method. There is no support here, and therefore there will be no random triggering of this method. But here are gestures to quickly memorize words. You can improve text entry methods using plugins: Three pieces are available for free, the remaining slots for them will open only when purchasing the full version.

It is wondering that the plugins provide very curious possibilities. For example, the Fleksy keyboard can learn to send animated gif pictures. The same number of keys with numbers is added in the same way. And they also introduce various effects into the program - for example, after pressing the button, it can glow a certain color for some time. As you work with the keyboard, the user is awarded to achievements that it pushes to the gradual improvement of its text set skills.

The disadvantage of this application is that not every person wants to deal with the entire plug-ins. If you want to get a keyboard close to you immediately after installation, then you definitely not to Fleksy! It is confused and the cost of opening slots for these most plugins.


  • The achievement system.
  • Support for intuitive gestures.
  • Sending GIF animation.
  • a large number of decoration and effects.
  • Numerous Emodi.
  • Many settings in the form of extensions.


  • Software errors Showing on some smartphones.
  • lack of support for swipe.
  • For serious functionality will have to pay.

Evaluation: 7/10

Emodji Keyboard Facemoji

This keyboard will appeal to users who prefer to use smiley in correspondence, EMDZI and GIF animation. The application offers over 3,600 thousand such elements that can be used in any messengers and social networks.

Facemoji will definitely attract the attention of personalization fans. There is an incredible number of built-in decorations - ordinary, animated, with your favorite cartoon and cinema heroes, etc. If you are not suitable for any of the offered, you can create your own, with personal photos. In addition to images, it is provided for setting up the size of the keyboard, type of font, the selection of sound when you press, the volume and duration of vibration.

The application supports a large number of languages. The built-in translator automatically translates the entered text to any other, selected by the user, providing comfortable communication with foreigners. It is provided to use swipes to enter messages. Smart auto plane corrects mistakenly entered words.

Advantages :

  • A large number of stickers, emoji and gif animation.
  • Support for many languages.
  • Built-in translator.
  • Wide Personalization Opportunities.
  • Creating topics with own images.

Disadvantages :

  • Part of the possibilities are available Only in the paid version of the application.

Rating: 7/10

LED Keyboard

This bright and stylish keyboard for Android will enjoy fans of smartphone personalization. You can choose an design with RGB or gradient effects, a monochrome background, wallpaper in the background of the keyboard or create your own design, manually by defining the color gamut, effects, background background.

The application supports many languages, several input styles, and also offers different fonts. You can set the keyboard height and its location relative to the bottom of the screen and side sides, as well as assign a sound accompanying keystrokes.

An application has more than three thousand smiles, GIF files and stickers. There is a clipboard, entering the text of the swipe, autocorrection, auto-plane, the proposal of words when entering letters. There are templates of fast messages.

The disadvantage is a large amount of advertising, which appears constantly during the keyboard setting.

Advantages :

  • Many stickers, smiles and gif animations.
  • Support for a large number of languages.
  • A large number of design, creating their own.
  • Many fonts.
  • Various ways of entering text.

Disadvantages :

  • Turning advertising, Appearing during the keyboard setting.

Rating: 8/10

KIKA 2021 keyboard

A fairly new application with 10 million downloads from Play Market and a wide functionality. It attracts the attention of a large number of stickers, smiles and gif animations, a wide selection of the design and setting the keystroke sound.

Keyboard offers a number of ways to set text. This is a sliding input, intelligent autocorrection, tip words when entering, voice recruitment. The application supports over 60 languages, as well as more than 150 keyboard layouts, including QWERTY, AZERTY, etc. There is a wide selection of fonts.

Not all possibilities will be open in the free version of the application. To access the full functionality, you can connect a VIP subscription. Part of the content, for example, stickers packages are pre-installed for free, optional you can buy separately.

Advantages :

  • Set of stickers, GIF, EMDZI.
  • Wide selection of themes.
  • Setting the key pressing the keys.
  • a large number of fonts.
  • Support for a large number of languages.
  • Several methods of input text, including voice.

Disadvantages :

  • Not available for free All tools.

Rating: 8/10

Multiling O Keyboard

Easy, fast, but at the same time the function keyboard. It works well even on weak smartphones with the version of Android 4.4 and the newer. The popularity of the application says 4 million sets from Google Play. The application supports a large number of languages, while the user can independently select the necessary and install them from Play Market during the initial setup.

Despite the small size, the keyboard attracts attention to a wide functionality. It supports the input of the text of the swipe, the usual set, guessing the names of the words, voice input. Setting the size and positioning of the keyboard allows you to use it on any screens, whether it is a smartphone or tablet. If necessary, you can select the layout, font, configure the topic of design. The application supports Emodi, but there is no stickers and gif animation.

Advantages :

  • Small size, low power consumption, work on weak smartphones.
  • Many ways to enter text.
  • Suitable for phones and tablets.
  • There is a selection of fonts.
  • Support EMDZI.

Disadvantages :

  • Initial setup of the application quite complicated.
  • You must download the necessary languages ​​yourself.
  • No support for stickers and gif animation.

Rating: 7/10

Chrooma Keyboard

Comfortable keyboard with an interesting feature: The topic of its design is adjusted to the color of the application used by the user. Chrooma Keyboard offers ample opportunities for personalization and allows you to select text font, color theme, size and location of the keyboard. The application supports emoji, stickers and gif animation.

Entering text is performed by voice, guessing the words of the words, swipe. One hand mode allows you to print with a thumb, and the separate keyboard allows you to comfortably type text on with a large screen, for example, on a tablet.

In the free version of the application, not all functions are available to the user, and advertising is constantly appearing. Buy a premium subscription to get rid of these shortcomings.

Advantages :

  • Many of the design.
  • Different ways to enter text.
  • Support for EMDZI and GIF animation.
  • Several keyboard operation modes.

Disadvantages :

  • Availability of advertising and Limited features in the free version.

Rating: 7/10

Summing up

In our review, we looked at ten applications. If you need the keyboard for the tablet Android, pay attention to the SwiftKey, Chrooma Keyboard or Multilingual O Keyboard.

As for smartphones, it all depends on which options you need. Yandex. Klaviatura will become an excellent solution for those who need many ways to enter text, supporting a large number of languages, as well as a built-in translator. But at the same time, personalization is practically absent here. If you are important to customize the appearance of the keyboard on your own taste, pay attention to the LED keyboard or KIKA 2021. Multiling o keyboard is well suited for weak smartphones.