Top inexpensive quadcopters with camera

Drone with the camera is not always worth 40 thousand rubles. In online stores it is easy to find much more inexpensive quadcopters, equipped with an adequate camera, in what are you now and make sure.


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It cannot be said that DJI has tried to realize all technology available to it in this drone. But she exactly tried to reduce his creation as much as much as possible, at the same time reducing the cost.

DJI SPARK exists in four color versions. And it can be sold with with a remote control and without it. In this case, it is recommended not to save, because the console will allow to run the quadrocopter per 500-meter distance. If you manage drone from a smartphone, you will have to fly near yourself. However, someone is quite enough, because many buy DJI SPARK for the sake of shooting Self.

Budget drones are rarely obtained a good chamber, because this is the most expensive element of the design. Fortunately, there are exceptions to the rule that DJI Spark. Its camera is located on a two-axis suspension, which allows you to get a stable picture, it will not affect the extra movements of drone and vibration of motors.

This Copter writes video in full HD resolution. In a special application used to control, various automatic shooting modes are available. For example, the owner of such a drone can launch it on an arc, having received very beautiful frames. Well, to create selfie you can use gestures.

Like other quadcopters in this price segment, Dji Spark can return to the place of take-off. It is recommended to carry it on your hand so that the extra dust from the earth does not fall on the lens and motors. By the way, the device is easy to fold, then placing in your pocket!

Key features:

  • Compact dimensions;
  • Two-axis suspension is used;
  • flight distance to 500 m (when using the console);
  • several colors of the body to choose from;
  • decent flight time (up to 16 min);
  • there is a GPS chip;
  • ​​
  • High-quality video in the resolution of 1080p.

Fimi x8 SE

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This quadcopter has a folding design and relatively small sizes. In his pocket, he will not fit, but in a backpack there will be exactly a lot of space. At his disposal there is a good chamber, located on a three-axis suspension. Frame shake and other shooting flaws are completely excluded!

In contrast to DJI products, this DRON offers three-time optical zoom. This allows you to shoot some objects in good quality, being very high above them. Also inexpensive Quadcopter with a camera from Fimi is able to boast the 4K video filming. Including it can be carried out automatically. When the battery charge comes to an end or the signal from the remote is lost, the device returns to the take-off point.

The manufacturer promises a range of 5000 m. In fact, this parameter depends on the set of factors affecting the spread of the signal. Practice shows that in urban conditions, the breaks of communication are beginning at 500 meter removal. As for the battery used here, its total charge is enough for 33 minutes later in the air, there are no problems in this regard.

Why did Fimi X8 SE open our rating? Is it not the best way to buy a cheap flying device capable of high-quality shooting? Everything is very simple: the buyer will definitely feel that the software managed too raw. Some important settings are not enough, certain modes work in the best way... and even the compass calibration is not always done from the first time. All this makes recommending Dron only to a person with strong nerves.

Key features:

  • Panoramic shooting is possible;
  • Comfortable folding design;
  • The camera is located on a three-axis suspension;
  • Request home;
  • For a long flight time;
  • in open locality can fly very far;
  • 4K video filming is available.

Hubsan X4 FPV Brushless H501S

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If you are looking for a cheap drone with the camera, then you will probably find in online stores Dozens of all sorts of quadcopters from Hubsan. One of the popular models of this company received the name H501S. Or x4 FPV, which sounds a little better.

Low price tag did not allow the Chinese to experiment. They had to mow the chamber tightly into the case. This means that you can not expect any stabilization of the picture. Therefore, this option does not need to be bought for shooting. The camera here is purely for ease of use. Although there is a slot for memory cards, you can still shoot and photograph the area.

Inexpensive quadcopters do not always get brushless motors, but these are used here. This allows us to hope for a long service life of the device. And the device also received a GPS chip, thanks to which it always returns to the place of takeoff. It is proposed to control the drone using the complete remote control. It operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, so the range does not exceed 300 m.

The application installed on a smartphone has some automatic flight modes, but due to the camera, which has a very low resolution, they work — not in the best way. Approximately the same words can be said about the battery. It has a decent capacity, but this is only enough for 20 minutes of flight. And then you are waiting for the tedious three and a half hours of recharging it. If possible, buy a kit with several batteries!

Key features:

  • The drone turned out to be quite light;
  • Built-in brushless motors;
  • Able to return to the takeoff point;
  • The flight time cannot be called very short;
  • Low cost.

Laumox SG907

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This camera quadcopter is inspired by DJI semi-pro products. We can say that this is a budget version of the first "firmware". A similar folding design is used here. But in the drone there was no place for optical and ultrasonic sensors. Yes, and the three-axis suspension had to be abandoned, otherwise it would have been necessary to ask for completely different money for a quadrocopter.

This model records video in Full HD resolution. She does this for 18 minutes, it is after such a period of time that the battery charge completely runs out. Communication with the drone is carried out via the 2.4 GHz standard. This means that the device is unlikely to fly further than 500 meters. The remote control is powered by four batteries. It's nice that it has a display on which all telemetry is displayed. A smartphone is only needed to view the picture from the camera.

Several versions of the drone went on sale. They differ in the configuration and type of the built-in camera. But even the most expensive option will not surprise you with the quality of the picture, so this is the case when it is better to save money.

Key features:

  • Built-in GPS chip;
  • Not bad flight duration;
  • Foldable design used;
  • Tries to recognize gestures;
  • A large number of modifications and configurations;
  • Low price tag.

Xiaomi MiTu Minidrone 720P

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Another drone, the camera in which is used exclusively for positioning on the ground. In theory, the camera allows you to not strain when controlling a quadcopter, you do not need to keep it in sight. In practice, this baby will not fly far away anyway. The fact is that it is controlled by a smartphone. And you yourself understand how far the Wi-Fi signal hits.

Xiaomi MiTu Minidrone 720P is an inexpensive and good option for a gift to your child. Its length and width are only 91 mm. This makes it the smallest representative of our selection. In such a drone, only a simple camera fit, "seeing" the world in 720p resolution. There is no suspension here, of course.

The Chinese manufacturer tried to simplify the management of his creation. He introduced automatic takeoff, and landing can be carried out in the same mode. The most curious thing is the launch by the drone throw method - it looks very impressive. And many will be surprised by the presence of the altitude hold function here - you certainly don’t expect to see a barometer in such a tiny quadcopter.

This model does not have a GPS chip, but it does not need one. When the flight range does not exceed 50 m, and its duration is 10 minutes, there is no point in automatically returning home. But the ability to control using a Bluetooth gamepad is important. Real sticks are always better than virtual sticks located on the smartphone screen.

Key features:

  • Fast battery charging;
  • Implemented throw launch;
  • Bluetooth gamepad control available;
  • Tiny size and weight;
  • Built-in memory available.


As you can see, our selection does not consist of cheap drones. Alas, a good camera and well-thought-out electronics cost money. If you want to get a quadcopter capable of creating high-quality photos and videos, then you will have to spend money.