Top Gifts for Photographers

If there is a photographer among your friends and you do not know what to give him, then you will find some interesting ideas below.

On the question of what to give a photographer, many will answer: a camera, lens, flash or an external microphone. Ideas are good, but if you decide on a similar purchase, do not do it on the basis of your own ideas or feedback on the Internet. With a large share of the probability, the gift "will not go", as the prospect of hours study forums, the features of different models and know exactly what they want. In such a situation, a surprise should be abandoned and find out the specific model of the desired device - so you definitely do not make mistakes. If you still want to surprise the friend, then below we picked up the best gifts to the photographer who will like lovers and pros, and will not be forgotten in the far corner.

Set for optical care

Any technique requires care and a camera is no exception. This is especially true of optics - its surface can not be wiped out by an ordinary cloth or the first cleaning agent. Especially for this there are many useful accessories, but we suggest to consider the CARL Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit. It includes a microfiber 18 * 18 cm, which will remove dirt from the lens, not leaving the divorce or pile, special spray, pear, brush and 10 wet napkins. All this comes in a convenient storage case.

Light Set

For those who are engaged in shooting in the studio, the issue of proper lighting is always It is especially acute. In this regard, to give a photographer a set of light will be very by the way. The options are a huge amount - from budgetary spotlights installed on the place of the outbreak to sets with several lamps, the (46] background holder, with a remote control, reflectors and other approaches. What to choose depends on your budget, but you can consider accessories from Fancier as a starting point. There are a variety of sets at different prices, and the product reviews are predominantly positive.

reflector of light

an indispensable accessory for portrait shooting, both in nature and In the studio is a reflector of light. A good and inexpensive birthday gift will be a set of Fujimi FJ702. It includes 5 reflectors with different surfaces of the surface to change the temperature of the lighting or elimination of excess light. They are conveniently folded, and the complete bag will make it convenient storage and transportation.


Blend is an inexpensive, but very useful accessory for a novice photographer. It will help to avoid hitting direct sunlight on the lens and unnecessary lateral light. When choosing, you should refine the manufacturer of the camera and the lens diameter to buy a compatible accessory. There are both branded blends and universal options with a budget price tag.

Portable Charger for the Camera

Fans of photographing on trips and in nature are constantly faced With the fact that at some point the battery sits down and have to turn the shooting. In such a situation, a spare battery will come to the rescue, but it will also sit down or later. Unlike a smartphone for charging, most mirror cameras, you need to remove the battery and connect it to a special charger, which is powered by the outlet. Obviously, this method is not available. In this case, a portable charger will help - from the usual it differs in that it is connected via USB to any power source, for example, plug. When choosing a similar accessory, do not forget to clarify the manufacturer and the camera model.

External battery with solar panel

External battery - This is a fairly universal accessory, which is useful not only to the photographer. As a gift, we propose to consider RAVPOWER RP-PB083. This is a 25,000 mah capacious battery, which is enough to charge not only the camera, but also other devices, such as an external flash. The device has the Type-C and 2 connections of USB-A, can simultaneously charge two devices, supports fast charging. The battery itself can fill the suns container, and in addition it is not afraid of moisture.


An excellent gift for photographer is a tripod. It is no secret that the static position of the camera is the key to a high-quality picture. For a long time to keep the mirror on weight is hard, therefore it is better to use a special stand. Most fastenings from most manufacturers are standard, but the capabilities of the tripods can be different - the maximum height, stability, manufacturing materials, permissible chamber weight, etc.

A good option according to users - Hama Star-64. This is an outdoor aluminum three tripod, with rubber linings on the legs, a removable head for a photo or of the camcorder. The accessory is sufficiently stable, has a convenient mechanism for decomposition and control of the position of the camera. There is also a level and comfortable hook for a cover. Height - from 69 to 185 cm, permissible weight - 4 kg. The tripod itself is quite lightweight (1.66 kg) and has a carrying case.


Another way to make a high-quality picture with a photo or video - use steadics. This is a holder with vibrors and special sensors that track the position of the camera in space and compensate for hand shakes, shaking when walking and other factors. A good option for the model will be the model Zhiyun Crane Plus 2018. It is designed for the camera weighing from 350 to 2500 grams, it works 12 hours from the battery, has excellent angles of rotation, a functional application for easy control and camera settings, and a wide accessory kit will allow you to connect almost any camera.

Backpack for the camera

Over time, any photographer will acquire a mass of accessories that you want to wear in place shooting. All this can be squeezed on pockets or in a bag, but much more logical to have a special backpack for these purposes, where everything will be neatly laid in specially intended departments. A good option will be LowePro Photo Hatchback 22L AW. The backpack received four branches that would allow you to wear not only the camera and an additional lens, but also a laptop with a diagonal of 11 inches. The bag is made of waterproof material, while complete there is an additional case for protection against rain. There are external pockets here, where you can put accessories for quick access. Shoulder straps can be adjusted, they are soft and will not put on the shoulders. The model is available in three colors - black, blue and red.

Memory Card

At first glance, it will seem to give a memory card Not too logical - after all, it is definitely in the photographer, but on the other hand, additional memory will never be superfluous. First, any media has a limited service life and, if the main memory card is spoiled at an inappropriate moment, then the presence of replacement will please your friend. Secondly, it does not always turn out to reset the footage and may happen that it will be just nowhere to photograph. Here will help a spare card again. When choosing, you should pay attention to the map type, recording class and speed. The SanDisk Extreme Pro will be a good option. This is a high-speed SDXC card from the famous manufacturer with a volume of 32 GB, which will suit any modern chamber.

External hard disk

If the memory card is a drive that is used directly for photography The external hard disk can be a means for backing up the captured content. It is worth paying attention to protected models, because it may happen that the photographer will go on a trip where the technique will be subject to different risks. A good gift will be Silicon Power Armor A60. This is quite an inexpensive HDD with splashing and falling. Complete cable is conveniently attached on the housing, which will simplify its storage. Volume - from 500 GB to 5 TB.


Recommended devices are far from the only options for the photographer. Consumables can be supplied, for example, a film for a film camera, a photo paper or a paint for of the printer. The printer itself will not be extension - you can choose a compact device with wireless synchronization or stationary device. Many photographers spend hours for the processing of frames on the PC - if your friend just started his way to this exciting world, then give it a license software for working with content. Also at the initial stages will not be superfluous books on photo model, but provided that the birthday room likes to read. If not, then an alternative will be a certificate for courses from a professional photographer.