Top Free Antivirus Programs

Previously, for good anti-virus software, it was necessary to pay a lot of money, because of which many users believed that any free antivirus program was bad and could not protect the computer from malicious software. However, this is not at all as much as there are many free programs that will help protect the computer from any viruses!

Indeed, you do not need to be discarded to use blockers of malicious links and programs, since now it's all available for free! That is why we collected a list of the best antivirus programs for which you do not need to pay a penny!

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender AntiVirus Free Edition automatically scans the user's computer in background using cloud systems, and then, when any malicious programs are detected, performs deeper scanning.

Complex protection against real-time viruses also blocks malicious URLs and is used to protect against potential threats. Among other functions, it is worth highlighting protection against fraud - here are more advanced filters that can alert the user about the site that can kidnap personal data.

In addition to the excellent functions of blocking and removing malicious programs, BitDefender is an excellent utility for protection against rootkits and phishing. The latter is performed by detecting and blocking fraudulent sites using an HTTP scan.


AVG AntiVirus FREE

AVG has two main advantages: first, Antivirus is very versatile, because it performs a computer scanning for viruses and malware, and also blocks suspicious links, prevents loading of malicious files and attachments In emails.

Second Advantage - AVG Close Communication with Google Platforms: It is worth highlighting a good Android application, as well as excellent work in Chrome browser. The free version of the program also proposes to scan PC for problems with performance to find out if there is an opportunity to speed up the device.


Zonealarm Free Antivirus

ZoneAlarm offers advanced firewall and scanning a computer for viruses, as well as to identify attempts to fraud and theft of personal data.

The program provides its personal cloud to back up the user data and their subsequent encryption for online protection. ZoneAlarm is an excellent program that helps save the necessary information.


It is worth noting that during the installation of ZoneAlarm will try to install Yahoo as the default search system. If you do not want it, do not forget to remove the corresponding check box.


MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Free

MalwareBytes is one of the best and most extensive programs for removing viruses. The free version of the program is a useful tool for searching and removing malicious programs that works well only together with another antivirus with the function of active scanning. Thus, it does not provide a sufficient level of protection when used as an independent product.

The paid version of MalwareBytes protects the computer from viruses and extortion programs using automatic scanning, thanks to which the user files remain safe.

MalwareBytes also has a free extension for the Chrome browser, which offers almost the same means of protection on the Internet as a premium client.


Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is one of the best free antiviruses, because it combines comprehensive protection against malicious programs with numerous additional features and components. In addition to the usual blocking of viruses and malware, including rootkits and spyware, the program has many customizable parameters, namely protection of Android devices using Avast Mobile Security (you can synchronize the logins and passwords with a smartphone).

How does Avast work? The program protects the computer from potential malware attacks by scanning an unknown file before opening it. In addition, the antivirus perfectly protects the computer on the network, blocks malicious URLs and prevents automatic loading.

It is also worth highlighting the presence of "Do not disturb" mode, which completely disables warnings and pop-up windows while you watch the movie or play games.

There are, however, one disadvantage: rumors appeared about a year ago that Avast gathers the history of his users's browsers (including Google search, visiting LinkedIn and Pornames) and transfers These data of their parent company, JumpShot, which, in turn, resells them.

The developers of the AVAST do not deny this. However, the company stated that it does not collect "personal information, including the name, email address or contact details," and allows users to refuse to exchange similar data.

Since this is a free version of the program, you will not be available for some functions, exclusive for premium package, including automatic scanning and automatic updates - for this you need to subscribe, the price of which is 1490 rubles per year for one PC on Windows or Mac. However, using the free version will provide good computer protection.