Top Equalizers for Android and IOS

Many of us use smartphones for listening to music. Indeed, the ability to enjoy your favorite songs with a phone is one of the best things that can be done on iPhone or Android database.

However, if you are a real audiophile, having increased sound quality requirements, then you can hardly be satisfied with the basic settings of the equalizer on its smartphone.

Fortunately, today there are many equalizer applications for Android and iOS, and we collected the best of them so that you can accurately customize the parameters of the equalizer until you achieve the desired sound!

Most applications discussed below are intended for the Android operating system, however, we, of course, have not forgotten about IOS.

But it is worth mentioning that iPhone has a built-in equalizer, which allows you to configure many options - this can be done by going to "Settings"> "Music"> Equalizer.

Third-party applications for listening to music (for example, Spotify) are also equipped with an equalizer. However, if this is not enough, then we present to your attention the list of the best equalizers applications:

for Android

10 Band Equalizer

10 Band Equalizer is a decade-band equalizer that has much more parameters than some other applications. The application has a built-in music player that can be used in background, but the program also works with any other player.

The application has a volume amplifier, as well as amplifiers for low and high frequencies. It is also worth highlight the ability to save custom presets, so you can switch between different equalizer settings depending on the song being listened.

There are also basic presets in case you do not have time to mess with the settings. In general, the application is very simple to use and performs its main task on "Hurray".

Equalizer & Bass Booster

The following application is a five-band equalizer that has a built-in low-frequency amplifier and a virtualizer (for configuring 3D effects). The tool is pretty versatile for those who want to achieve perfect sound.

The equalizer includes 22 presets from developers, but you can create and maintain your own. In addition, the application is compatible with the overwhelming majority of musical and video players.

Equalizer & Bass Booster supports widgets on the main screen, and they can also be controlled using the notifications panel. The creators recommend listening to music through headphones to achieve the best results, but the tool gives good sound even through the speakers.

Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX is a powerful tool that allows you to change the basic sound parameters on the Android device. You get a five-band equalizer, virtualization effects ( extension stereo effect), volume amplifier and low frequencies.

The application has 12 presets, but you, of course, can create and save your own. The program is designed to work with all major musical applications, such as Spotify and Pandora.

In addition, you can add equalizer widgets to the home screen, and the application automatically turns on and off when you start or stop music.


  • If you want something more unusual, Neutralizer is what you need. The point is that the equalizer checks the user's hearing abilities to determine the optimal frequency ranges.

    After these tests, the application adapts the equalizer, which is why the sound becomes brighter and enjoyable. Thus, you can create and save presets for all kinds of situations: outdoors, at home, in the car, etc.

    Given that the application is quite powerful, the developers warn that it will not work with all Android devices.

    Equalizer by Smart Android Apps

    Yes, the name is banal, but Equalizer is a rather unusual music tuning app. The main functions of the instrument are a five-band equalizer, bass booster, virtualizer, reverb and various presets.

    The instrument has 11 presets and lets you create your own, and the sampler will test existing EQ settings so you know what changes to make.

    The program can be integrated with the standard Android music player and works with most major applications such as Spotify and Pandora. Also worth highlighting are customizable widgets, notification shortcuts and on the home screen.


    Wavelet is positioned as a headphone equalizer, allowing you to create presets tailored to specific phone models. The app also includes over 2000 sound profiles for different headphone models!

    In addition, the Wavelet features a nine-band EQ with a bass booster, reverb and virtualizer effects, a bass limiter and a bass tuner.

    Most of the additional features are only available in the premium version, which starts at $5.49. Also, given that some of Wavelet's features depend on the system libraries that are present on the phone, that's why it doesn't work on some devices.

    for iPhone

    Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

    • ​​

    Opens our list of equalizers for the iPhone is a very convenient and useful tool, namely a 16-band equalizer having 29 presets.

    Immediately it is worth highlighting a unique option, which is not in most other applications, is the support of three-dimensional surround sound, which significantly increases the effect of immersing music.

    In addition, the application offers low frequency amplifier and custom presets. Boom was designed to work with Spotify and Tidal. It is worth highlighting an attractive interface: it allows you to broadcast more than 40,000 Internet radio stations and podcasts.

    The application is free, but it will be necessary to purchase a subscription (9 dollars for half a year) to access all functions.

    Equalizer FX: Bass Booster AP

    Equalizer FX is a simple and convenient equalizer application for the iPhone (however it is not worth confusing it with the Android tool of the same name described above).

    This is a seven-band equalizer, which has a wide range of presets adapted to musical genres, and a powerful low-frequency amplifier. Naturally, the user can create its own presets, which can then be saved. In addition, you can play music in the program itself, so there is no need to open another application.

    Yes, this is not the largest equalizer, but it copes perfectly with its tasks. There is also a paid version, which is worth or $ 5 per week, or $ 50 per year.

    Equalizer + HD Music Player

    In the queue, we have a universal musical player of the "all in one" type. It combines the usual equalizer functions with a rather powerful media player. You can use the tool not only to configure the parameters of the equalizer, but also mix and adjust the sound for individual tracks.

    In other words, you can enhance low and high frequencies of songs that you think require it. In addition to all, the application includes a seven-band equalizer, 10 ready-made presets (and the ability to create your own), low frequency amplifier, as well as a sleep timer that allows you to schedule a music playback stop at a certain time.

    In addition, you can import your songs and playlists from iTunes, and also become a real DJ with a special mode of gradual transition from one song to another.

    Evermusic Pro: Offline Music (Paid)

    Closes our rating The only paid application list. Yes, Evermusic Pro costs 900 rubles, but this is a universal equalizer application and a music player for the iPhone.

    The main functions of the tool include a 10-band audio equalizer and low-frequency amplifier. However, this is not all: it is also worth highlighting a powerful music player, which is compatible with most basic audio formats, including MP3, M4A, WAV and AIFF.

    In essence, you can use the application to create your own cloud streaming service, since EverMusic Pro allows you to import a library into a cloud from which you can play your tracks when you are on the road (or any other place, Where does not catch the Internet).

    The application allows you to create playlists and manage them. There is also a number of playback parameters, such as cross-play (your songs are playing continuously, without pauses between tracks).

    It is also worth noting an attractive design with a simple interface, which is pretty easier to navigate.