Top Bluetooth Headsets with High Autonomy

Recently Bluetooth headset showed incredible growth and already caught up with wired "counterparts" both in terms of functionality and in terms of sound. Devices of this type provide a great way to enjoy music, as they allow you to listen to your favorite songs without any confusion in the wires.

Nevertheless, there is also a reverse side. Since the device is wireless, you need a battery for its operation. Therefore, one of the priority selection criteria is a high autonomous time indicator - that is, the time during which the device can work without recharging. This is very important, especially if you often listen to music on the street, because you are unlikely to want the battery to discharge in the shortest possible time.

That is why we present to your attention a selection of the best Bluetooth heads with a good time of autonomous work available today.


  • Time of autonomous work : up to 30 hours
  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Noise reduction: Active noise reduction

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SONY WH1000XM4 - this is definitely the best Bluetooth headset available on the market right now. The model offers many incredible functions that make headphones very comfortable and steep.

The device is equipped with active noise reduction and adaptive sound control - a function that determines where you are and what you are doing, and then adjusts the characteristics of the surround sound, providing an ideal impression from listening.

We note the Speak-to-Chat function, which automatically suspends the music when the user begins to speak, thanks to which you can easily talk.

In addition, you can connect two devices to WH1000xm4 simultaneously. Thus, when you call, headphones automatically determine the device with an incoming call and switch to it. All these features, as well as light and durable design, make WH1000XM4 best bluetooth headset on the market.

Key features:

  • Adaptive audio control technology recognizes your location and adjusts the mode accordingly.
  • The technology of quick charging in 10 minutes of power supply will provide up to 5 hours of listening.
  • EDGE-AI technology improves the sound of compressed music files in real time.


  • is connected to two devices at the same time.
  • Included Cable.
  • Speak-to-Chat function automatically suspends music when you start talking.


  • Expensive.

Beats Solo3

  • Starting time : up to 40 hours
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Noise reduction: None

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Beats Solo3 can boast truly high-quality sound. In addition, the headset is available in nine different colors and designs, so everyone will find something for themselves.

Soft amop can be adjusted, which provides optimal comfort - you can wear a headset even all day!

As for the technical characteristics, Beats Solo3 is equipped with a highly efficient Apple W1 processor, which makes it easy to connect headphones to various Apple devices and gives a wide frequency range.

Moreover, headphones can also be connected to the devices of other manufacturers (the main thing is to support Bluetooth).

Key features:

  • Equipped with a highly efficient Apple W1 processor.
  • Ambush can be adjusted, which provides optimal comfort and sound quality.
  • BEATS RemoteTalk cable included.


  • Nine coloring and design options are available.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • Fast FUEL's five-minute charging is enough for another 3 hours of playback.


  • No active noise reduction technology.


  • Time of autonomous work : up to 40 hours
  • Material: Foam with memory effect
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Noise reduction: Hybrid active noise reduction

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Anker Soundcore Life Q20 - a vivid example of the fact that even budgetary pair of wireless headphones may be incredibly high-quality and produce excellent sound. The model offers active noise reduction technology and HI-RES Audio. And all this for a much smaller price in comparison with many other brands. Also note the BASSUP bass enhancement feature.

The device is equipped with a hybrid active noise reduction. Technology uses two types of microphones: on the outer and inner sides of the headphone. It is notable for acting both on low-frequency noises (for example, the hum of aircraft) and high frequencies (including human voices).

As for autonomous work, only a five-minute charging will provide up to four hours listening! In addition, the headset is able to work up to 40 hours on one full charge or 60 hours with noise cancellation. This is quite enough for a few days.

Key features:

  • Hybrid active noise reduction.
  • Fast charging technology - up to four hours of listening to music after a five-minute charging.
  • Ambules from the foam with a memory effect are automatically adapted to the form of your head.


  • AUX cable included.
  • Noise reduction well filters background noise.
  • BassUp technology enhances low frequencies.


  • Not the best sound quality when listening in wired connected.

Avantree HT41899 Dual TV

  • Time of autonomous work : up to 40 hours
  • Material: Artificial leather
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Noise reduction: None

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Avantree HT41899 Dual TV perfectly suitable if you basically use headphones at home. The kit includes two headphones, thanks to which you and your partner can simultaneously listen to the same audio stream. In addition, each user can change the volume for itself.

One of the main advantages of the headset is the ability to connect to any device, regardless of whether it has Bluetooth or not, since the model comes with transmitter, which can be connected to optical Port, port RCA or AUX.

We note the FastStream technology that reduces the audio delay to less than 40 ms. In general, these are the best Bluetooth headphones for those who plan to use the headset of the house most of the time.

Key features:

  • Optical, AUX and RCA Inputs, which provides universal compatibility with most televisions on the market.
  • is capable of connecting to any other Bluetooth support devices.
  • Includes two pairs of headphones, which can be connected to one source and individually adjust the volume.


  • Stand for headphones included.
  • It can be charged from the USB port of the TV.
  • up to 40 hours of playback and 20 days in standby mode.


  • Not suitable for travel.

AKG Y500​​

  • Starting time : up to 33 hours
  • Material: Aluminum, foam with memory effect
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Noise reduction: None

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If the quality of assembly quality is comparable to the quality of sound, then AKG Y500 is one of the best models on the market. The headset is made of the aluminum of the highest class and foam with the effect of memory, which makes it very durable and comfortable.

In addition, the device comes with a removable wire microphone and remote control with remote control, which simplifies the use process.

If you use AKG Y500 on the street, you can activate Ambient Aware mode - it reduces the volume of music, allowing you to hear the environment. We note and intuitive controls, thanks to which you can easily change the music and the volume level.

Headset also supports multipoint connection. Headphones can easily switch between two sources of sound without the need to execute the standard Bluetooth reconnection process. As for the battery, the five-minute charging will provide an additional hour of listening.

Key features:

  • Ambient Aware mode, which reduces the volume of music, allowing you to hear the environment.
  • Multipoint connection with automatic switching between devices.
  • Comes with a removable wire microphone and remote control for ease of use.


  • The maximum battery life is 33 hour.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Automatically pauses and reproduces music depending on the location.


  • Only Bluetooth 4.2.

Jabra ELITE 85H

  • Time of autonomous work : up to 36 hours
  • Material: Fabric, artificial leather, ABS plastic and PBT plastic
  • Version Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Noise reduction: Active noise reduction

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Jabra Elite 85h - Wireless headphones with moisture protection. They are not waterproof - the headset cannot be dropped into the pool, but it can easily withstand a short-term jog in the rain.

In addition, the model is equipped with eight built-in microphones that block background noise and wind during conversations.

We also note the SmartSound Audio technology - it automatically changes the sound mode depending on the environment.

If you remove the headset, then the detection system automatically puts music by pause. Once you wear Jabra Elite 85h back, reproduction will resume.

Key features:

  • The SmartSound Audio function determines the user's location and automatically adjusts the audio mode.
  • Waterproof and protection against rain.
  • Eight built-in microphones that block background noise and wind both when listening to music and during conversations.


  • Separate button to activate voice helper.
  • The sensor that automatically puts music to the pause in case you remove the headset from the head.
  • Simultaneous connection of two devices.


  • It is not recommended to use with desktop PCs and laptops.

JBL Live 460nc

  • Time of autonomous work : up to 50 hours
  • Material: Fabric / leatherette
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Noise reduction: Adaptive noise reduction

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JBL - a brand that has already stamped the title of one of the best producers of acoustics and audio equipment with the highest sound quality. JBL Live 460NC is one of the most popular company devices that offers a good set of features for a small price.

The battery life of the headset is impressive 50 hours (or 40 hours with an active noise reduction). In addition, even a ten-minute charging is enough for four hours listening.

Headphones are equipped with 40-millimeter speakers, which provide high-quality sound (largely due to the branded technology JBL Signature Sound). Active noise reduction technology will block any noise in order not to distract the user from listening to favorite compositions.

In addition, we note the availability of Talkthru technology. It reduces the volume of music and increases the volume of speech, so the user can talk right in the headphones.

Key features:

  • Equipped with two 40 mm speakers based on JBL Signature Sound technology.
  • Related JBL HEADphones application for individual sound setup.
  • Adaptive noise cancellation with the Ambient Aware function.


  • Multiple Bluetooth Connection allowing easy Switch from one device to another.
  • Comfortable and convenient.
  • Google Fast Pair and TAP-to-Connect for easy pairing.


  • Noise reduction is not so effective compared to other headphones from JBL.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the battery level on my headphones?

Headphones and headsets are very rarely equipped with screens, so there is no way to know exactly how much battery is left on your device just by looking at it. As a rule, headphones themselves inform the user about a low battery level using appropriate sound signals.

Many models are also equipped with LED lights that change color depending on the state of charge.

If you want to know the exact battery level, you need to go to the Bluetooth settings on the connected device. There you will find the name of the headset and see the remaining battery percentage.

Can I replace the battery on Bluetooth headphones?

Yes, but it's not easy to do. If you notice that the headphones are no longer able to work as long as before, then it may be time to replace the battery. We do not advise you to do it alone, it is better to take the headset to a certified service center.

Does the battery drain when using wireless headphones connected to a network?

Usually not, but it depends on the functions used. Active noise cancellation and some other features require power. Since the AUX 3.5 mm jack used for wired connection does not carry power, these features may require battery power.

However, if you just want to listen to music, you can use the headset even when the battery is empty (if the headphones are plugged in).