Top best mobile applications for interior design

When choosing materials for repair, it will be not bad for the repair of this or that color to the existing wallpaper on the walls or tiles. It is very difficult to do it in the mind, since our brain cannot exactly reproduce all the nuances.

Therefore, applications were invented, allowing in several taps to see this or that color (furniture, accessory) and decide whether it is suitable for the general style of the room. Moreover, such products were released for smartphones.

It is logical because mobile phone users are always with you. A Performance of modern models, it allows you to perform the simplest modeling.

However, not all programs are capable of performing this task correctly. Many of them are simple toys. Therefore, in this top, we collected the best apps for selecting interior design.

Planner 5D

is a rather complicated application for planning at home and interiors. It has a set of very good tools and knows how to demonstrate everything in 3D. Moreover, the quality of the picture is very good.

The developers have implemented the option of a virtual walk along the designed room just created. The user can look at the selected interiors with its own eyes and decide, they are suitable for him or not.

The program interface allows even inexperienced users to apply all the necessary options and even create their own household plan at home. There are also quite professional tools for the correct layout.

In general, the application is suitable for both novice users and professionals in the field of modeling. It is worth noting that the program has a full Russian language. So it's easy to work with her.


  • Powerful tool for planning.
  • The ability to create a design.
  • 3D tour of the created premises.
  • Simple interface with some intuitiveness.
  • fits beginners.
  • There is a Russian language.
  • A powerful smartphone is not required.
  • You can configure the program for yourself.
  • Easy to download and install.


  • No significant detected.

SketchUp Viewer

An application that is ideal for sketching works. It allows you to properly build space and comprehensively work out the design of the room. Another feature is to support virtual reality points.

The program allows you to quickly build a room with a specific design and immediately visit it in virtual reality. It is worth noting that the product interface is very simple. Almost any user will figure it out with him.

But there is no Russian language. Therefore, they will have to strain knowledge of English or take advantage of the dictionary. However, the text is not particularly important, since almost each tool has an exhaustive icon.

The program is able to work with 3D objects, layers and other very useful things. In the paid version, it is possible to take a picture of the desired room using the camera and then transform it in the application.


  • Support for virtual reality.
  • Fast creation of objects.
  • A set of good tools.
  • Simple interface.
  • Some intuitiveness.
  • Working with 3D objects.
  • Interaction with layers and color.
  • Works on relatively weak smartphones.
  • Support for models made on PC.
  • Powerful editor.


  • There is no Russian language.

Kitchen Designer

Appendix from domestic developers, which allows you to create a kitchen of your dreams. The program can work on smartphones running Android 4.0 and higher. That is, a particularly powerful device is not required for it.

The application allows you to choose the color and type of wallpaper, furniture, plumbing, and so on. At the same time, the user can create furniture handedly. You can also pick up the color of the floor and the ceiling, make a lot more.

The program itself is free. However, there is a paid version in which there are much more tools and opportunities. For example, you can create your own kitchen and send it to the performer of repair work.

The toolkit allows you to create a virtual room from zero. But you have to spend a large amount of time, because the control is not particularly convenient. But there is a full-fledged Russian.


  • A set of interesting tools.
  • Creating a kitchen design from scratch.
  • Possibility to choose furniture.
  • Powerful and advanced editor.
  • Selection of color walls, floor and ceiling.
  • Full Russian.
  • A powerful smartphone is not required.
  • Working without internet is possible.
  • Sending ready-made design.


  • Not quite convenient interface.
  • ​​

Room Creator Interior Design

A program to quickly create a simple room design or any other room. You can only download the source data from the user. The rest of the product will do it yourself (with the help of artificial intelligence).

There are manual mode designed for those who know what he does. The finished sketches can be downloaded to the cloud or share them in social networks. To carry out all this, there is an appropriate functionality.

The product allows you to completely pick up the interior, add furniture, wallpapers, etc. Moreover, the interface is designed so that the user can deal with it at the level of intuition. However, the translation into Russian is not provided.

The program is free. But to unlock some of the components will have to be like a developer in Facebook or evaluate it in Google Play. But you don't need to pay anything. Nevertheless, from advertising not anywhere.


  • Integration with social networks.
  • Interaction with the cloud.
  • Adding furniture, wallpaper and other things.
  • Good work with color.
  • The application is completely free.
  • The use of artificial intelligence.
  • The ability to automatically create design.
  • Powerful and functional editor.
  • An impressive set of tools.
  • A simple and understandable interface.
  • intuitive work is possible.


  • There is no Russian language and advertising.


Paid application which allows you to quickly calculate the required distance, the size of the design element and other. There is a substantially circumcised free version in the functionality. Therefore, it is better to pay $ 9.67.

Technology of augmented reality is used here. That is, all virtual components of the interior are superimposed on the real room. It is very convenient. To ensure the work of augmented reality, the smartphone camera is applied.

For the normal functioning of the program, a modern apparatus is required with Android 7.0 OS on board. Old phones are not supported. In addition, the device must be quite powerful. Otherwise, some functions will work incorrectly.

Among the built-in tools there are such professional things like a measuring tape measure, level and so on. That is, even professionals in the field of construction and design can be used by this appendix.


  • Professional tools.
  • Built-in roulette and level.
  • Technology Augmented Reality.
  • Using a smartphone camera.
  • Suitable architects and designers.
  • Sending the result in the messenger of any type.
  • Integration with postal services.
  • Simple interface.
  • There is Russian.
  • Modern decoration.


  • Sometimes inaccurately measures.


The applications discussed above will help users if you need to do the repair and at the same time choose the common style of the room or even develop your own design. Many products are free. Nevertheless, there are advertising of various types. However, it does not affect the functionality.

Some programs are indispensable tools for professionals in the field of construction and repair. But only for the use of all functions is better to purchase a full version of the program. In any case, the final choice to do you. We can only tell about the softe, which is available on Google Play.