Top best applications to determine the number on Android

Now almost every user comes many calls from sellers of any unnecessary product. Alustically, telephone fraudsters have become extremely intensified. How to protect yourself from such calls? For this, there is a number identifier for Android in the form of an application.

Programs of this type work constantly and to determine a particular number use an online number database. If the numbers are not on the list, the application studies the reviews and seeks coincidences on the network. As a result, it turns out to determine fraudulent numbers.

It is worth noting that not all products are coping with such work. Some have too small bases or not enough advanced search engines. As a result, such a program is not suitable for anything.

In this material, we collected the best application-identifiers of the phone number, which can only be found in Google Play. These programs help to significantly facilitate the life of the user.

Localize. Mobi - not an application, but a service that helps track any phone by number. This is not the determinant of the number in the usual understanding of the term, but thanks to him you can, for example, find out the location of an annoying spammer and thus protect yourself from fraud. In some situations, this method may be even more useful than the definition of the number of the caller.

Use Localize. Mobi is very simple. Enough to go to the official site of the service and enter the phone number that you need to track. SMS with a link will be sent to this number, and when the recipient will pass through it, you will receive information about its location.

The text of the message can be edited if necessary, and the service is fully anonymous: the recipient does not recognize who sent him a request. Localize. Mobi works with any phones in all countries of the world, so you can easily track the location of the person who is at least one of the city with you, at least in the opposite point of the globe.

The service is available in Russian, and its system requirements are only available to the browser on your smartphone.


  • does not require the installation of the application.
  • covers the whole world.
  • accurately determines the location.
  • Allows you to check an unlimited number of numbers.
  • Supports all models of phones and operators.
  • ​​
  • is completely confidential.


  • No free version.

Official site

Numbers determinant

oddly enough, but the Yandex application has its own number identifier. This tool is synchronized with the internal database of Yandex numbers. If there is no number in it, the system checks the reviews and look for a similar room in them.

It is worth noting that Yandex defines rather accurately spam, fraudsters and all sellers. Therefore, each such number is supplied with the corresponding comment. As a result, you know which calls do not need to answer.

However, you need to know how to activate the identifier of the number and where to find it in the Yandex application. This tool is located in the menu hidden under the button with the image of 4 squares. It is enough to open the menu and tap on the "Numbers" item.

The application is completely in Russian and has a simple interface. Therefore, everyone can use it. The program takes not a particularly much space on the phone and is able to work even with the operating systems of the old version.


  • Search in the database of online.
  • Learning reviews.
  • The mark for each number.
  • Search by coincidences.
  • Simple inclusion of the option.
  • Translation into Russian.
  • Clear shell.
  • Work on old OS.
  • A high percentage of determination.


  • No significant found.


Universal program, allowing efficient Cut off spammers and block outcome phone numbers. It has a large number of settings and is even able to record the user's conversation with the interlocutor.

To determine spammers, its own database is used, which is constantly updated with millions of users worldwide. So even if there is no number in the database, you can easily add it.

There is an automatic spam blocking option in the form of messages from a variety of agents. It is possible to show a photo of a caller full screen. There is a full support for 2 sim cards.

The application has paid versions. They include recording telephone conversations, as well as some other features. However, for most users, there are enough options for the free version.


  • Automatic spam blocking.
  • Using your own database.
  • Base replenishment.
  • Recording conversations.
  • Support 2 SIM cards.
  • Locking disagreeable numbers.
  • Powerful search algorithms.
  • There is Russian.
  • The interface is simple.
  • Pleasant design.


  • The most interesting options in the paid version.


Another good application for determining the caller number and its lock in case of which. The number determination is due to the user database. The program quickly scans how such a number is signed with other users.

Unwanted calls can be blocked. Also allowed to configure filters (or create your own) to automatically block various spam. This is a very useful feature that is useful to almost any user.

It is worth noting that without connecting the Internet, the program cannot work. After all, the database is viewed by the application online. There is nothing complicated in the product interface. In addition, the Russian language is fully supported.

Before using the program will have to register with your phone number. In the paid version more functions. In addition, it is noticed that the paid versions are much better cut off spammers and fraudsters.


  • Search on the database of online.
  • The base is constantly updated.
  • Powerful search.
  • Built-in filters.
  • The ability to create filters.
  • Automatic blocking.
  • Qualitative number definition.
  • There are additional options.
  • There is a simple interface.
  • There is a Russian language.
  • works almost on any smartphone.


  • Paid versions work better.

The application includes tools for determining the number, spam blocking and monitoring of contacts. The search for rooms is carried out by the user base consisting of 10,000,000 people.

There is a very interesting search option by phone number. The same base is used. There is a kind of black list (it is useful if there is no it in your smartphone). There is a built-in calendar with reminders of upcoming events.

All notifications can be comprehensively configured. In addition to calls, the program can block and SMS messages from unwanted contacts. There are special notes for spam rooms. Therefore, you can immediately make them blacklisted.

Of course, most of the useful functional is available only in the paid version. The set of features of the free option is not so big. In addition, advertising is present. Nevertheless, the application works quite well.


  • Custom Base of Rooms;
  • Search by phone number;
  • Locking disagreeable calls and messages;
  • Built-in blacklist;
  • The mark for spam rooms;
  • there is a built-in calendar;
  • Custom reminders of events;
  • Built-in notifications;
  • Unobtrusive design;
  • Maximum simple interface.


  • Free version is very limited in the possibilities.

IECON: Numbers, Challenges and Contacts

The program is designed to obtain all possible information About the room from which the call came. You can also check which data can be found on the network on contacts from your list.

There is a built-in blocker calls and messages. It is worth noting that the search for data and numbers is carried out solely by social networks. There is no database in the application. Therefore, there is not always the result.

Synchronization with Facebook and other similar social networks. The program can only work if there is a speed connection to the Internet. However, almost all such applications do not know how to work without the Internet.

The utility itself is completely free. However, there is advertising in it. In order to remove it, you will have to pay developers. However, the availability of advertising does not affect the work of the program.


  • Search on the number of information about the numbers.
  • Search for contact information.
  • Locking calls and messages.
  • Synchronization with Facebook.
  • Work with other social networks.
  • The program is free.
  • The product has a clear interface.
  • Does not require a lot from a smartphone.


  • A lot of advertising.


A program that uses only English in its interface. Includes a blocker (black list), caller ID, and a set of necessary tools for working with contacts.

The product is able to check the content of incoming SMS messages for malicious links. You can also sync with popular social networks such as Facebook to get the information you need.

The program is devoid of any advertising content and has a very beautiful design. The interface is also very simple. But there is no normal Russian language. Even the present translation is a bit of a curve.

This product requires a high speed internet connection. If the speed is not enough, then the program will identify numbers with impressive delays. However, the application is very interesting.


  • There is a built-in blocker.
  • Synchronization with social networks.
  • Check incoming SMS.
  • Definition of spammers.
  • Fast Number Identification.
  • Interesting design.
  • Simple and clear interface.
  • Does not require smartphone performance.
  • Works almost everywhere.


  • High speed internet connection required.


So, if you are tired of calls from advertisers and spammers, then just install one of the applications described above on your smartphone. You can immediately understand who is calling you and make a decision to block a specific number.

Most programs have filters to automatically block such calls. And this is the right decision. However, it is up to you to choose the most suitable product. After all, not all of the options we offer are suitable for specific tasks.