Top best applications for scanning on Android

If you often work with different documents, then they must always be done at hand. The smartphone is best suited for this. He has a camera and an impressive display. So, it is quite suitable for scanning different documentation.

The apparatus itself does not know how to do this. However, the Android platform has applications with similar functionality. But not all programs deserve the attention of the user.

The fact is that only units are well coped with the task. In this review, we collected the best programs for Android smartphones, designed for quick and high-quality scanning of documents and pictures.

Adobe SCAN

Powerful product from a very well-known developer. Can work with documents of various types. Scan itself occurs with the smartphone camera. There are ready-made color presets that correct the readability of the text.

The scanned document is stored in PDF, OCR formats. The choice of a particular format depends on where the user plans to use scan. There is a built-in editor, as well as the ability to interact with the Adobe cloud.

The normal functioning of the program will require authorization using the account Facebook, Google or Adobe. In addition, it is necessary to connect to the Internet, if the user plans to work with the cloud.

App for free. Everyone can use it. However, many noted that for normal operation of the program, a pretty powerful smartphone with is needed. Otherwise, the quality of the scans will suffer.


  • Fast scanning of documents, books.
  • The option to improve the quality of scans.
  • Integration with the Adobe cloud.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office products.
  • PDF, OCR conservation formats.
  • There is a built-in editor.
  • Ready presets of color.
  • Authorization with Google, Facebook.


  • Requires a powerful apparatus and a lot of space.

CLEAR SCANNER (Free Version)

Good application for scanning, which does not require too much from a smartphone. According to developers, this software will be able to work even on old apparatus with Android OS version 4.2 on board. At the same time, the application has a very interesting functionality.

The program can quickly scan any text and saves the result in PDF and JPEG formats. The latter can be used for subsequent simple screen printing. There is also a built-in editor for subsequent processing.

The application can interact with such cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. But for this you need to have an account in one of them. There you can store both ready-made scans and those documents that have yet to be treated.

The free version of the program has the same tools as paid, but is distinguished by a large amount of advertising. If you need to disable it, you will have to purchase the Pro version. It is not necessary to do this, since the options of the free option will be enough for everyone.


  • Does not require many resources.
  • Provides high-quality scans.
  • There is an integrated editor.
  • It is possible to save in JPEG, PDF.
  • Integration with cloud services.
  • Full functionality in the free version.
  • Work with old smartphones.
  • Automatic improvement of the scan.
  • The possibility of additional processing.


  • A lot of advertising.

(1 134)DOC Scanner (Free Version)

In some way, a universal application that can not only scan, but also to handle the popular QR codes in today. Easy works on weak smartphones with Android 4.1. Does not require a steep chamber.

The program is equipped with a built-in editor, which has 3 processing modes of the resulting image. User Waves to choose that preset, which better displays text or some nuances of the document.

There are manual settings for parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure. It is possible to save the scan in PDF and the subsequent download to the Google Drive or Dropbox service. There is no integration with other clouds.

In the free version, a lot of advertising. But you can purchase a variant Pro for a symbolic fee. There is also a VIP version that differs from Pro only at the price. The feature is the same. Just when buying a VIP, the user supports developers.


  • Neutrality to resources.
  • Built-in scan editor.
  • Several processing options.
  • Saving in PDF.
  • It is possible to load into the cloud.
  • Processing QR codes.
  • A simple and understandable interface.
  • Automatic cropping edges.


  • Advertising in the free version.

CamScanner (Free Version)

cross-platform application which can be found for both Android and iOS. It has very advanced tools for scanning and subsequent processing of the resulting images.

However, the lion's share of the functionality is available exclusively in the paid version. However, the free option can recognize the text, edit brightness, contrast and detailed, and also save the result in PDF.

It is worth noting that the program normally works exclusively with the Latin text. But the product has its own cloud for storing files. When registering each user is available 200 MB on it.

The application independently cuts the image to the required format and can automatically improve its quality. However, the editor is available exclusively in the paid version. As well as the option of turning off advertising.


  • Automatic improvement of the scan.
  • Independent trimming under a certain format.
  • 200 MB in the inner cloud is free.
  • Fast scanning.
  • Saving in PDF.
  • Edit brightness, contrast and other things.
  • There are versions for Android and iOS.
  • Integration with other clouds is possible.


  • It does not work well with Cyrillic texts.

Document Scanner


A peculiar combine capable of scanning images with high quality, process them, save the result in PDF and OCR, as well as process QR codes. The program is so smart that it may include a flashlight of a smartphone with insufficient illumination.

The software automatically improves the scan quality and applies one of several presets in order to make the text more readable. The user can then process text in the editor using ready-made modes.

It is possible to download ready-made PDF and OCR files to one of the cloud services. The product is also capable of printing the resulting document subject to the direct connection of the smartphone to to the printer.

The only significant disadvantage is the fact that the official translation into Russian for this software product does not exist. Nevertheless, you can set localization from third-party developers.


  • Save as PDF and OCR.
  • Interaction with clouds.
  • The document can be printed.
  • Recognizes any text well.
  • Able to process QR codes and create them.
  • Turns on the flashlight when needed.
  • Automatically improves the quality of scans.
  • Works on all smartphones.
  • Does not require a lot of system resources.
  • Converts pictures to PDF.


  • There is no official translation into Russian.


There are enough programs on Google Play that can scan images and convert them to text. However, not all of them are good at this task. The vast majority of software on the Market either requires a fee from the user, or works very badly. Therefore, software must be able to choose.

All applications that deserve attention were considered in our rating. Any of them is able to please the user with a high-quality scan. Many have cloud integration. You just need to download them from Google Play and install them on your smartphone. Installation takes place according to the standard scenario.