Top benchmarks for android

Benchmark is a special type of application that allows you to evaluate the capabilities of a device. In this article, we will talk about the best benchmarks designed for the Android operating system.

Any of them will help to find out the potential of the device and evaluate it in comparison with other devices. For example, to understand whether it will be possible to launch a heavy 3D game or application on a smartphone. As a rule, benchmarks allow you to test the performance of the device, which is mainly affected by the indicators of the central processor, graphics core and the speed of RAM. The collection will also include applications that allow you to test other components of the device, such as the operation of the GPS module.

Why do we need a benchmark?

Many people think that benchmarks have always existed only for tablets and smartphones. But in fact, for the first time, such utilities appeared on computers managed by the Windows operating system. In particular, 3DMark has become one of the most popular benchmarks. It even came with many video cards so that the buyer can immediately appreciate what his purchase is capable of. And now you can download the benchmark for almost any platform, be it desktop Linux or mobile Android.

There are different benchmarks designed for different purposes. For example, some only check the processing power of the processor. Others are imprisoned not only for it, but also for the video accelerator. Still others evaluate only what graphics the device under test can produce (and this is very important for gamers).

It should be noted that it makes no sense to compare the score obtained by a smartphone with the score scored by a desktop computer. Even if you used benchmarks with the same name. The fact is that the kernels of all operating systems are very different from each other. In this regard, testing is seriously different. 20,000 points on a smartphone and 20,000 points on a PC are not the same thing. Each test is able to give a comparative score in points between devices of the same platform (desktop PC / mobile phone).


One of the most popular mobile benchmarks. Now the audience of the application has 100 million users! It is in ANTUTU that the technical characteristics of the newest smartphones regularly pop up. This means that even the manufacturers themselves trust this product who test them their creations.

Initially, this Benchmark for Android tested only the computing power of the mobile device. But now the 3D package is also included in the application, which allows to evaluate the graphic capabilities of the device. The utility is able to start on any gadget, even budget itself. After the result, an estimate of thousands of "parrots", a small plate is displayed. It contains the most common smartphones models, the result of which is close to yours. By the way, many competitors antutu have such a principle of work.

It is interesting that the Creators of Benchmarck declare cross-platforms - their product can download and users iphone. But, as already mentioned above, it actually does not make any sense to compare the results. This should be done only within the same platform, who would say.


  • The speed of operational memory.
  • Processor performance.
  • Performance GPU.
  • I / O (internal memory and SD-Card).
  • UX (interface smoothness).

Unfortunately, due to non-compliance with some Google Play rules, the program has been removed from the store. But it is still actively supported by the developers and is available for loading in AppStore (for iOS ) and from the official website (in the form. APK for Android ).

Official site


The program under such a name was not always a benchmark. Initially, it simply allowed to find out which components are embedded in a desktop or laptop. Test function appeared later. And some more weather, the utility moved to the Android operating system. And not only on the mobile version, but also on Wearos (OS for smart watches ).

With the help of AIDA64, you can estimate the operation of the sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and other), and also determine how powerful the processor and the graphics accelerator are. The application supports Android operating system, starting with version 2.1. And if an emphasis is on the result in numerical expression, the AIDA64 program is designed to learn about absolutely all the outdoors of the gadget. This is useful not so much for smartphones (it is possible to find out about them with the help of the Internet), as for all smart consoles of Chinese origin. Especially suitable for those who have certain knowledge in the "hardware".

AIDA64 allows:

  • Check the operation of a plurality of sensors and sensors.
  • View detailed information about the system, CPU, GPU, memory and other things.
  • Check the device for overheating (displays the readings of thermal sensors).


The benchmark for Android works according to a similar principle. Like Antutu, Geekbench 5 is engaged in testing the device, according to the end of which a certain number of points are derived. At the same time, a comparison of the tested model with other smartphones is made.

The application is almost no different from competitors. The interface here is very simple - to blame in tabs and menu items will not work. The main emphasis was made precisely on testing, it occurs in automatic mode. This utility does not really tell about the characteristics of the device - in the information strokes you can detect only references to the most important components. Another difference from competitors is the presence of battery testing. But some complaints have some complaints. Often, the operating system itself provides a more accurate forecast for the duration of autonomous work.

The application is an ideal option for testing the performance of the processor and the graphics core. If you do not need detailed information about the characteristics of the device, testing the battery and other functions, then GeekBench 5 is the perfect option for the SOC test (CPU + GPU).

Geekbench 5 Tests:

  • Productivity and processor calculation rate.
  • Graphic accelerator.


This application can only be called a benchmark conditionally. First of all, the program serves to quickly familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the device. For example, using CPU-Z you can find out everything about the processor: architecture, the clock frequency of each kernel, the technological process, the mode of operation and much more. Also, the utility is designed to tell information about the built-in memory, resolving the display and availability of sensors.

In a separate section, the battery data is contained. Here you can find out not only about the level of charge and capacity of the battery, but also the current temperature. If the battery is heavily heated, it clearly indicates some problems. Also CPU-Z can check the Internet connection, making it on the manner of some speedtest. All information is displayed in real time, which is very convenient.

CPU-Z allows:

  • To find out the basic information about the "hardware" of the device (processor, memory, etc.).
  • Check the operation of various sensors and sensors (magnetic, gyroscope, thermal, etc.).
  • Check the "health" of the battery.

GPS Test

A simple program that shows a list of GPS satellites, GLONASS and Beidou, "visible" smartphone. This allows you to evaluate the efficiency of the navigation module.

On the first page of the application, the current speed is indicated, as well as approximate location accuracy. The second tab is the map. However, it is almost impossible to use it. This section should give you to understand whether the position of the device in space is correctly determined correctly. As for the third tab, it contains a familiar radar. Here you can see where the satellites recognized earlier are located, as well as how stable the signal received from them.

With the help of GPS TEST, you can quickly reset the settings of the navigation module. This must be done if the smartphone arrived in a new country. Without such a discharge, the device will first turn to satellites, usually flying over the user's accommodation, which is spent a decent time supply.

GPS test checks:

  • operation of the navigation module.


Do not mention 3DMark in our selection It is impossible, because this is a real long-lived. The Futuremark developer decided to master the mobile operating system, giving out a massive benchmark on it, checking the graphic capabilities of the device. Interestingly, creators offer free download your product. And on computers, the professional version of the benchmark 3DMark costs a fairly large amount!

The program consists of several tests engaged in checking the capabilities of the CPU and GPU. All popular graphics display modes are tested - from OpenGL ES 2.0 to OpenGL ES 3.1 and the new VULCAN API (supported yet not all smartphones). Note that to launch the mobile version of 3DMark, you will need a device based on Android 5.0 or later version of the operating system. It is also necessary to take care of the presence of a free place - the benchmark installation will require about 150-200 MB of memory.

3DMark Tests:

  • Processor performance and GPU during heavy loads when working with 3D graphics.

USB OTG Checker

The simplest utility that will show whether the device supports technology OTG (USB on-the-GO). Thanks to the OTG, you can connect various peripheral devices using a special cable using a special cable: flash drives, keyboards, mice, hard drives, controllers, and so on. If the result is positive, the device supports this option. If the result turns out to be negative, then the external media will not be recognized.

USB OTG Checker Checks:

  • Support for mobile device OTG technology.

one of the most popular applications that helps find out At what speed, the smartphone can transmit data on networks 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi. For this, the program is connected to one of the nearest servers, after which it transmits and loads some amount of data. As a result, it is fixed, what is the data transfer rate under current conditions.

If you approach testing correctly, the measurements must be made at different points of the city. And you should not forget that the operators give Speedtest maximum priority. This means that when using other applications, the data rate may well be smaller. This utility is distributed for free, after testing, a promotional banner is displayed, the removal of which costs 59 rubles. Tests:

  • The speed of transmission and reception of data on mobile networks, as well as ping and packet loss.

Summing up

Here you met with the most popular benchmarks for Android. This time we did not put applements of the assessment, since all of them do not have drawbacks and differ only by testing methods. Recommend to install as CPU-Z or AIDA64 and any of their competitors. USB OTG Checker, GPS Test and are used for the test of strictly defined device capabilities. Gamers must try Antutu and 3DMARK - these applications will be best given to understand whether the checked smartphone is intended for a comfortable run of three-dimensional toys.