Top Applications for Discount Cards on Android

Now many stores and trading platforms offer their discount or discount cards. They usually take up space in the wallet. However, this can be avoided by using a discount card application.

This type of program allows you to organize all the discount cards that the user has and use them using a smartphone. For this, the built-in sensor NFC is used (if the device has one).

In principle, almost all products cope with this task. However, among them there are better programs that have a larger set of tools and richer functionality. They are of the greatest interest.

In our review, we have collected the most interesting applications for storing discount cards that can be found on Google Play. They compare favorably with analogues. Therefore, they became the heroes of our top. Consider the features of each of them.

Stocard - customer cards

A very interesting application for advanced users. It has all the required tools for working with loyalty cards. This application for discount cards and store cards has a clear interface with a nice design.

You can manually enter store details (if one is not listed). You can also add not only your discount cards. That is, you may well use your relative's card without having to constantly take it with you.

The program provides a system of bonus points that can be spent on the full version of the application or unlock any additional features. There is also a virtual assistant that allows you to determine the location of the user and immediately activate the desired card.


The product can also process cards with QR codes. This allows them to be used more efficiently. There is a full-fledged Russian language here. When installing the program, you will need to give it the appropriate permissions (for example, to control NFC).


  • Processing of almost all maps.
  • Work with QR codes.
  • Advanced tools.
  • Comfortable sorting.
  • Adding data to other people's cards.
  • Excellent design.
  • Simple interface with Russian.
  • A unique system of bonuses.
  • Built-in assistant.
  • Automatic location and store definition.


  • Essential not noticed.

Cards - Mobile Wallet

An application that can work not only with discounts and discounts, but also by conventional payment cards. That is why he has an increased level of security. Add a map to the program is very simple: just enter the necessary data.

It is worth noting that the product even supports maps to pay for the subway or urban transport. Nevertheless, it has a place for shopping. Protected storage for all cards scanned by the user is provided.

There are custom notifications that are notified of the user about new discounts in those stores from which there are loyalty cards or discounts. The program also has compatibility with smart watches and other wearable gadgets equipped with NFC chips.

However, in some regions, certain functions may not work. This is due to privacy policies in each location. However, in most cities of Russia, all the options of this program work as it should be.


  • Work with payment cards.
  • Processing of cards for public transport.
  • Monitoring Store Shares.
  • Smart notification system.
  • Protected data warehouse.
  • Very simple interface.
  • There is a Russian language.
  • Compatibility with smart clocks.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy addition of cards.


  • In some regions, not all functions work.

Discount cards — PINbonus

Program for storing discount cards, which works on the basis of a constantly updated database of barcodes. The user can instantly add his card to the database by simply using the smartphone's camera. The application automatically recognizes all the information.

The most interesting thing is that it does not require an NFC chip to work. On the screen of the smartphone, the necessary barcode is displayed: just put the display on the scanner, and the card will be taken into account when buying something.

The program is compatible with the discount programs of many stores operating in the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, it allows you to monitor discounts and promotions, and also notifies the user about the most advantageous offers in a specific period of time.

The application allows you to store the data of all cards in a secure cloud. The entrance to it is carried out through the linked account Facebook. By the way, to work with the program, you will need to register in the system after installing it on your smartphone.


  • Cloud sync.
  • Notifications about discounts and promotions.
  • Large number of stores supported.
  • You can enter card data manually.
  • Read bar code for work.
  • Protected cloud storage.
  • Synchronization with Facebook.
  • Pretty good interface.
  • No NFC chip required.


  • Crashes sometimes.

Wallet. Discount and bonus cards

A program designed to store just about anything. Gift certificates, discount coupons and receipts can all be entered into a digital vault. Also, the product successfully works with discount cards of various stores and marketplaces.

There is a notification system for discounts and promotions in various stores. Moreover, the user can comprehensively configure such notifications. In addition, the possibility of payment with the help of a smartphone is implemented. To do this, make a payment card to the application.

For such payment, android 5.0 is required on board and the NFC chip. Discount cards are in protected cloud storage. Therefore, no one can recognize their data. The service wallet fully complies with international safety standards.

By the way, it is not needed to activate any NFC discount card. The cashier is enough to scan the barcode appearing on the screen. For the program, a program needs a number of permissions. If they do not provide, unforeseen failures can happen.


  • Work with any information.
  • Compatibility with all stores.
  • Protected cloud storage.
  • The possibility of contactless payment.
  • Notifications of discounts and promotions.
  • Working with Android 5.0.
  • reading gift certificates and coupons.
  • The system of internal bonuses.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Modern decoration.


  • Does not work without the Internet.

VirtualCards-Cards of Customers

A simple, but useful program for those who love shopping. She knows how to not only keep discount and bonus materials. The application has the ability to make a list of purchases. Thanks to this, the user will not forget, why came to the store.

It is worth noting that you can create a list of purchases in several ways: with the help of classical text, or by writing a voice message. The program is able to inform the user about discounts and promotions, and also reliably stores information in the cloud storage.

there is synchronization C with social networks. This will share your purchases and spending with friends. The product has a very good design and a fairly intuitive interface. Therefore, with work, no problems will arise.

However, not all discount cards of domestic retailers are supported. It is reliably aware of the problems with the maps of Pyaterochka. The program cannot count barcode. Nevertheless, there were no other problems.


  • Quick and clear work.
  • Drawing up a list of purchases.
  • Voice messages.
  • Synchronization with social networks.
  • Discount notifications.
  • Work with certificates and coupons.
  • Good design.
  • Easy interface.
  • Work on relatively weak devices.


  • Interact not with all the cards.


If you like shopping and often go to shops, sales or purchase items online, then you just need to streamline your discount cards. Almost all applications discussed above are ideal for solving this task.

You can only pick up that product that you are more likely. And it is better to choose those options that store user data in the cloud storage and comply with international cybersecurity standards.