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Cool, prestigious, feature-packed - that's the whole Apple Watch. We will tell you about the best offers of the brand and help you make the right choice.

Anyone who follows Apple's line of smartwatches would be happy to get the latest Series 4 model. and design, and the availability of the necessary functions, then a cheaper third-generation accessory may turn out to be the best solution.

We selected the best Apple smartwatches and compared them in everything from screen size, design and wearing comfort to technical nuances.

From an aesthetic point of view Apple Watch Series 4 looks the most attractive. The screen has increased by 30%, the frames around it have become thinner, more color solutions have appeared. Navigation is facilitated by the Digital Crown, which mimics the crown of a mechanical watch. For improved signal reception, the back of the watch is made of ceramic.

The hardware, of course, has grown wiser. The fourth generation of Apple Watch received a 64-bit dual-core S4 processor (its speed is twice that of S3 in Apple Watch Series 3). The watch has a second-generation optical heart rate sensor combined with an electrical sensor. Thanks to this, the watch is able to carry out advanced monitoring of cardiac activity, including ECG.

At the same time, Series 3 and Series 4 still have a lot in common. If you are not obsessed with the idea of ​​buying the most fancy model and are willing to spend a little time finding the best value for money, this article is for you.


First of all, you need to decide on the size (Series 3 and Series 4 are available in two versions) and whether you need cellular support in your watch.

The basic version of Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS costs from 30 thousand rubles, Series 3 is cheaper - 20 thousand. Modification of GPS + Cellular with built-in eSIM is more expensive, but it is not officially sold in Russia.

By selecting an ESIM option, you can fully use the services of a mobile operator through the clock, without a smartphone. If advanced fitness functions in hours are not as important as the presence of a cellular communication, it makes sense to look at Series 3 GPS + Cellular: they have everything you need, and they are cheaper than Series 4.

Those who have a smartphone with themselves, the clock with ESIM is unlikely to be needed. You will certainly suit a simpler version of Apple Watch with GPS.

Design is an equally important element of the accessory. And in this regard, too, there is plenty to choose from. The Apple Watch case is made of aluminum (more budget option), stainless steel or durable ceramics. Coloring set, straps - even more. The Apple Watch line contains exclusive designer developments from Nike and the French Hermès Fashion House.

Now that you know what criteria is most important, it is time to choose.

Apple Watch Series 4: Apple's most relevant offer

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"All new so that you become better" - so Apple describes the fourth generation of your smart watches. For brand fans, this is exactly what you need. Apple Watch Series 4 has much more opportunities than the predecessor.

The design has become more attractive. The "lost weight" housing, the screen increased by 30% and got a smoothly curved face. The updated dial "infographary" accommodates up to 8 elements. With him all at hand - both important contacts, and sports statistics.


In all hours, Apple has a digital navigation wheel. In the fourth generation, his china became a tactile feedback: when scrolling the wheel makes clicks, accurately imitating the work of classical mechanical clock. In fact, in Apple Watch does not click anything, sounds are a skillful software imitation.

without hardware improvements did not cost. At the moment, Series 4 - the most powerful Apple clock. All thanks to the new S4 chip. He is twice the faster of his predecessor. The built-in speaker runs 50% louder - you perfectly hear everything that the device will inform you, and the clock will be able to accurately record the dictated text. All these changes plus an energy efficient display provide up to 18 hours of operation without recharging.

In addition to improved design and advanced chips, Series 4 has unique fitness capabilities. On the reverse side of the gadget is an optical heartbeat sensor. The company is the electrical sensor. Together they produce accurate monitoring of cardiac rhythm and remove the ECG. The clock is notified when the heart rate frequency exceeds the threshold value or falls below the norm.

Fall Detection technology will help people with poor health in a difficult situation: it is able to detect a fall of the user and automatically contact the emergency service if the person does not show signs of activity within the allotted time. Heart rate data, as well as information from third-party fitness apps, is collected in one place, the Health app for iPhone. A complete picture of how you feel is provided by data on physical activity, sleep, stress levels and nutrition.

Apple Watch has always been known for its convenience for runners. The latest software novelty is the “Yoga” and “Hiking” modes. The workout app has become more flexible, now it automatically recognizes the type of exercise being performed. It has the ability to set individual goals, calculate the consumption of calories, track your progress. Set your desired running pace and the smart notification system will keep you up to date with your current performance.

The watch is compatible with smart sports equipment, one-touch pairing. Apple Watch Series 4 is water resistant up to 50 meters and has a speaker wipe feature.

Series 4 is available in two sizes, 44mm and 40mm.


  • Large display.
  • Stylish elegant design.
  • ECG function.
  • Improved autonomy.


  • Fitness functionality is not professional level, lagging behind Garmin.
  • Side button is difficult to press,

Watch Series 4 Hermès Edition: functionality + sophistication

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For those who don't know financial complexities, there is a super premium Apple Watch Series accessory 4 by the French fashion house Hermès. The watch is made in an ultra-modern design, has a set of unique dials, handmade leather straps are sold especially for them.

But it is worth noting that inside the incredibly stylish wrapper lies the same hardware filling as in other Series 4 models. It makes no sense to discuss any technical features, so we will focus solely on the design, since there is what to say.

A rich selection of straps will surprise the most fastidious audience. The elongated Double Tour wraps around the wrist twice and is available in 4 colors. The classic single-turn Hermès strap has a buckle reminiscent of a horse saddle mount. It is also available in 4 colors. And besides, there are straps with a hidden mechanism: two buttons are hidden in the buckle, they must be pressed to unbutton the clock.

In all this variety, Hermès proprietary ideas are presented: an exclusive orange color strap and a luxurious Single Tour Rallye from Barenia Calm Test with Fauve trim. The design of the latter is made in the spirit of the classical gloves for driving Hermès with holes.

Of course, the aesthetics of this level is incredibly expensive. Replaceable straps will cost in the amount of 30 thousand, and the watches themselves are more expensive - more than 100 thousand.


  • Limited release.
  • Exquisite appearance.
  • Large selection of straps.
  • A set of exclusive dials from Hermès designers.


  • Quickly lose the loss.
  • No technical advantages over other models Series 4.

Apple Watch Series 4 Nike Edition: Premium Accessory for enthusiastic athletes

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The gadget has all software and The hardware features of the fourth generation of the Apple smart watch, in fact there is little in it. Like any other product from the same model range, Series 4 Nike Edition is perfect for sports fans. Unique features include a set of straps and the presence of additional software.

Apple Watch Series 4, created during partnership with Nike - is the perfect satellite for those who are used to use Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club. The first platform is designed for running activity, the second is suitable for lovers of different sports.

The usual fitness functions of these watches are complemented by a jogging mode with audio operation: every week in Nike Run Club there is a new training plan with its playlist and a set of motivating messages. Nike Training Club includes 180 free adaptable classes and recommendations. Exclusive dials from Nike designers and stylish straps will delight eyes and in training, and in everyday wearing.

Straps are presented in two types. The first is made of fluoroelastomer with holes, the second from the nylon with reflective fibers.

Premium functionality and exclusive design solutions are combined in Apple Watch Series 4 Nike Edition in the best possible way. For those who love the newest fitness gadgets are an excellent choice.


  • Breathable straps.
  • Signature Nike watch faces.
  • Striking sporty design.


  • There are no technical advantages over the main line-up of the series.

Apple Watch Series 3: not old and useful

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Compared to the fourth generation, the third does not look so incredible, and the display is smaller - 42 or 38 mm. However, all the important functions of a smart watch are present here. There is a navigation wheel, water resistance and an optical heart rate sensor.

Apple Watch Series 3 is suitable for basic types of exercise. Activity rings show you how much time you spend on the move, how intensely you exercise, and how your progress changes from day to day. The watch will calculate your heart rate, the Breathing app will help you cope with stress. If this is not enough, you can always expand the functionality of the watch with the help of additional programs. But keep in mind: the latest medical developments using an electrical sensor like Series 4 will not work on this watch.

The Series 3 cellular version allows you to make calls without using your smartphone. There is also voice assistant Siri. Ask her to send a message, start a track, or contact the emergency service - she will do everything you need, just like on the Apple Watch Series 4.

Having opted for the third, not the fourth generation of smart Apple watch, you will have to make some compromises. Apple S3 processor is not as powerful as S4. However, many will not notice any difference. Another thing is design. Fans of all the most fashionable and extravagant appearance of the Series 3 will seem rustic: the dial is not so complex and rich, there is no gold coloring. Only aluminum was used as the material. The screen is less clear and energy efficient than Series 4, which is not the best effect on autonomy.

In other words, the Apple Watch Series 3 is Apple's entry-level smartwatch.


  • GPS and 4G available.
  • Latest software is partially supported.
  • Price lower than Series 4.


  • No newest features.
  • Weak autonomy.

Apple Watch Series 2: still worthy of purchases

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Another step back - and before us Model 2016 Apple Watch Series 2. If you are looking for inexpensive, but more or less current hours From Apple, you found them. There is no sense to consider the more ancient and cheap generation, it is morally outdated.

Series 2 Capable to the most basic tasks: Display notifications, download additional applications, follow fitness activity. They are also compatible with all supports, docking stations, by charging devices Apple. Strap and accessories for them are.

The clocks have a built-in GPS module, but cellular communication is not presented in them.

Computing power and autonomy, of course, and closely not to those that can be obtained from the third and fourth generation, but there is a more serious disadvantage: Series 2 are unsuitable for water sports, there is no waterfrost.

In general, something Epplovskoe, relatively functional and inexpensive is the second generation of the Apple Watch dynasty. The gadget will fit perfectly as a trial if you are not sure if you need smart watches in principle. But get ready for the fact that their capabilities will very soon become a little, and you think about buying a more advanced option.


  • Most smart functions are present.
  • It is still not bad.


  • No cellular communication.
  • Swimming is contraindicated.
  • Soon they will no longer be updated.