Top Antiviruses for Android

The risk of picking up the virus to the mobile device every year becomes higher. Antivirus will help to protect it from this and many problems. Read about the best on Android below.

Hundreds of viruses have been created for the Android operating system today. Many owners of mobile technology do not understand what harm they are capable of causing. Everything is very simple: Malicious software is trying to steal money or any personal information of the user. So, for example, viruses are able to unnoticate SMS to a short number belonging to the attacker, after which the gadget holder faces the loss of his means. The unpleasant situation is capable of solving antivirus for Android. It is about them that will be discussed in this selection.

You do not know if you need antivirus on your smartphone? If you regularly download games and programs from third-party resources, surfing or use social Wi-Fi networks, then the answer is strictly positive. It does not prevent protection even if you try to use only Play Market to download applications - in it, malicious programs also have to slip. It is worth understanding that modern antiviruses have a whole list of useful functions, however, most of them will be available only after registration of a paid subscription.

Dr. Web Light

If you need only antivirus, use the Dr. Web Light application. It applies for free and provides powerful smartphone protection from malicious software. Among its functions - quick, full and selective scanning of the device, checking files in the present time mode when you try to save to the device's memory, preventing the operation of extortionist programs. The application has a minimum load on the phone and does not affect its speed.

Dr. Web Security Space

This is a reliable, but paid antivirus for Android. Previously, he only knew how to monitor the installed applications, looking for malicious programs capable of sending SMS without a user's knowledge or call paid rooms. Now Dr. Web Security Space is a full-fledged combine with the features of "Antivetor", "Parental Control" and "Call Filter". It also has a URL filter and firewall.

When using a scanner to find a malicious software, you can select three types of checks - "fast" (installed applications), "full" (all files in the smartphone memory) or "selective" (specified files). The "Security Auditor" feature reports the problems found on the device and being a threat to its safety and offers them to eliminate them.

For acquaintance with antivirus, a demonstration two-week mode is provided, after which it will be necessary to buy a license (490 rubles per year or 980 rubles for 2 years).

This application in its capabilities is comparable to full-fledged antiviruses designed for desktop operating systems. However, the interface is noticeably easier here, thanks to which it will not even be able to dive in the settings. Due to its functional and the detection of many well-known DR. Web Security Space viruses is one of the best antivirus applications for Android.

McAfee Mobile Security

Mobile Anti-Virus on Android from McAfee Creators Protects the User from the Web Threats, scanning incoming traffic and prevents malware applications that are trying to harm the operating system or your balance sheet. In addition, it will allow you to track and delete data from the smartphone if it was stolen. Among other features are:

  • Locking personal applications from an unauthorized fingerprint or PIN.
  • Memory Optimization and Battery.
  • Personal security using the Wi-Fi Protection function.
  • Guest mode to provide other people access to their device.

Computer holders do not like McAfee antivirus for its primitiveness. But in the case of the mobile operating system, the simplicity of the interface and a small set of functions is only good.

Trend Micro Dr. Safety

according to research results, Trend Micro Dr. Safety has a high level of detection of various threats. At the same time, it offers comprehensive protection. In particular, the application will help to find a stolen smartphone, as well as increase confidentiality in social networks.

This utility in real time is monitored by the state of the Android operating system. If any application is trying to get personal data of the user or make another dangerous action, then it is immediately blocked. Trend Micro Dr. Safety has "Parental Control" and "Safe Internet" features, and also protects applications and photos from access from foreign things.

In the "Optimization" section, there are instruments such as "Raising of performance", "Saving charge", "Cooling processor", "Clearing unnecessary files" and "Application Management". With sharing, they allow you to improve the speed and work of the smartphone.

Pay attention to this application if you need reliable and safe antivirus with wide functionality.

360 Security

This antivirus from Chinese developers applies to most of its competitors, free. He is able to work on all versions of the android operating system. In fact, this application uses two engines at once - QVS and 360 Cloud, which allows you to use it not only to ensure protection, but also for cleaning Android. In this regard, after installing the 360 ​​Security, you can forget about all kind of memory optimizers and other utilities - all the necessary functions will be found in the antivirus.

Comparison of 360 Security and other antiviruses ends with a choice in favor of the Chinese application. Users like the presence of additional functional, thanks to which the smartphone can be delivered from programs that slow down its work. Yes, and the defense method itself is implemented in the best way. Like his competitors, 360 Security protects against malicious links, malicious applications, helps to find the phone in the event of its loss or theft, and also prevents access to personal photographs and notifications in the preview from the outside.

Kaspersky Internet Security

brand, known not only to Russians but also residents of all other countries. This developer is better than the rest operating in the anti-virus program market. In the free version, a manual test of a smartphone is available for a malicious software, a call filter and an anti-thief function.

To access additional tools (automatic verification of viruses, application blocking, chat protection, etc.), you must purchase a premium subscription worth 99 rubles per month (599 rubles per year). A demonstration mode is provided, allowing you to use all the functions within 30 days.

It is necessary to note the fact that this program has the smallest affects the operation of the device. Developers managed to achieve minimal energy and resource consumption.

AVG Antivirus Free 2021 - Protection for Android

The well-known AVG anti-virus found its user and for android. The application downloaded over 7 million people and, for the most part, they are all satisfied. The program is able to search for viruses, clears memory from unnecessary files, improves the battery operation, blocks the application using a PIN code, allows you to create encrypted photo storage folders, scans wireless networks in real time for threats, and also help find a stooled smartphone, indicating His position on Google-maps. With AVG, you can see which permissions are installed on the software installed on the smartphone, and if necessary, turn off some of them.

Annex has advertising and a paid subscription. Part of the options will open only after payment. But if the main task is to clean the device from viruses, a fairly free version. Separately, you can put additional products from AVG - antiktor (with the ability to block the device, view remotely photos from the camera and track the smartphone) and VPN.

The disadvantage of the application is a large number of advertising. To disable it, buy a Premium version.

Avast Antivirus & free protection 2021

Another once computer antivirus has almost 6.5 million users on android. The application received an anti-virus core with a constant database updating, which provides high-quality and reliable protection. In addition, Avast scans the Wi-Fi network to their security, allows you to analyze application operation and block them from unauthorized access. With the help of the program, you can improve the autonomy of the smartphone by optimizing the battery consumption by third-party applications. Antivirus has a "Antigor" function, call blocking, acceleration of RAM.

By purchasing a paid subscription, you will receive an additional VPN, hidden photography and audio recording of the thief in the event of a gadget theft, determining the last location of the smartphone when the battery is discharged, the personal data protection of the PIN code, the graphical key or fingerprint. Avast has an advertisement, but it does not bother, because it does not pop up on the entire screen at an inappropriate moment. In the premium version it is missing.

Users can irritate immediately after installation. Frequent requests for access to different nodes of smartphone - GPS, memory, address book, but thanks to this you can accurately understand what exactly does the application and, if necessary, block part of permissions.

Norton 360

Norton antivirus does not boast a huge number of users, but at one time he is on the PC Deserved positive responses for simplicity of interface, reliability and low load on the system. Unlike similar software from competitors, the free version of the program does not offer a lot of tools, but those that are in stock is enough to protect the gadget. This is a search for viruses, notification of unsafe sites in real time and scan Wi-Fi. Norton is excellent for old smartphones with weak characteristics.

In the paid version (14 days are given free of charge) the application protects against external attacks in public Wi-Fi networks, prevents malware, allows you to delete information if the device is stolen or lost as well Analyzes the operation of the installed software and reports which software has too many permits or ship the system. Norton is able to block calls and creates a backup copy of the contacts in its own cloud. For full use, it is recommended to start a personal account and when started in an account.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

The ESET team is known in Russia with its anti-virus solutions for PCs. There is a developer application and for android. The free version includes memory scanning for viruses and phishing protection. Mobile Security from ESET has an event log, so users can see the result of its work.

You can expand the functionality by connecting the paid version (there is a month of the trial period for free). It allows you to track the lost device and see the photo taken on the front camera by the application after trying to turn on the stolen device. You can also block any programs and files password or fingerprint, check the availability of installed permissions, configure the time check schedule or when connected to the charger.

ONE Secutity

Popular antivirus (over 10 million downloads) with a wide functional. It ensures the security of Wi-Fi connections, protects applications from an extraneous graphic pattern or pin-code, shows permissions for the installed software and allows you to turn off the extra.

In addition to ensuring security, the application can optimize the operation of the operating system. Among its functions is to improve phone performance, cleaning unnecessary files, disabling applications operating in the background, analysis of the battery use and reduce the consumption of its charge.

In the premium version of the application, such tools are added as an automatic check of the device for viruses, regular cleaning of the phone, protecting personal photos and videos. Also in the paid version it turns off the advertisement.

Security AntiVirus - Max Cleaner

Free application-antivirus with 5 million downloads from Google Play. It is among its capabilities - scanning a phone for viruses, security Wi-Fi network, checking permissions for installed applications. The program also performs optimizing the work of the smartphone using instruments such as removal of programs, cleaning garbage (normal and extended), accelerating games.

The application draws attention to the simple interface and the fact that it is completely free. The disadvantages should include a large number of advertising that constantly pops up in the process of using antivirus.

MalwareBytes Antivirus & Protection

This application reliably protects the phone from malicious and advertising software, extortioners and other devices. Over 10 million. Downloads are talking about its high popularity. Among its capabilities is the detection of external attacks before penetrating the Android, checking applications for malicious code, analysis of incoming messages in order to detect fraudulent references, search for programs that track the location that control calls or auxiliary charges through the hidden commissions.

The application has a paid Premium version. Freely the user is available to the user, security check, application manager. Having bought a subscription, you will receive an automatic smartphone check for a malware, spyware blocking, the detection of extortioner software attacks even before they block the device, as well as informing the malicious websites. A 30-day introductory version is available for free, after which you can buy a subscription for a month or immediately for a year.

SAFE Security Antivirus

This application provides comprehensive protection of the device from threats and optimizing its performance. It takes great popularity, which confirms over 16.7 million installations on Google Play. Among its features - scanning a device for viruses, blocking applications, photos and videos from outsiders, disconnecting trouble-free calls, protection of the user in Wi-Fi networks, deleting unwanted software and APK, transfer of installed programs from a smartphone memory to map MicroSD.

The system cleaning function from garbage allows you to increase the performance of the smartphone and free up memory. The cost savings mode makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and increase the duration of the battery.

In the free version of the application you will constantly watch advertising. To avoid this, as well as get a number of additional tools, you can purchase a paid Premium version (85 rubles / month, 1190 rubles / year, 2090 rubles / indefinitely).

Avira Security 2021

Popular application with built-in protection against malicious software, phone cleaner, accelerator and free VPN. Among its capabilities is a smartphone scanning for viruses with subsequent locking and deletion, detection of a stolen or lost phone, anonymous surfing via VPN, tracking applications requiring access to confidential information. The application protects the chamber and the microphone and does not allow anyone to follow the owner of the gadget.

Only part of the capabilities is available in the free version of the antivirus version. To unlock all the tools, pay a subscription for the year. If you do not want to pay money, use the program at no cost - to ensure high-quality protection of the available functions more than enough.

APUS Security (Virus Cleaner)

Popular antivirus with phone scanning functions The presence of viruses, cleaning garbage, accelerator of operation, blocking applications and messages from outsiders. Among the tools there is a processor cooler, saving battery charge flow, user protection when connected to public wireless networks, control notifications.

The advantages of the application include a wide functionality, a simple and understandable interface, free distribution. The disadvantage is a large number of advertising.


If you need a good antivirus for Android, Consider applications presented in the article. If you wish to download free, but at the same time a reliable software is selected on Dr. Safety or 360 Security. They offer not only protection against viruses, but also to optimize the phone and accelerate its speed. If you need maximum security and the best software, consider Dr. Web or Kaspersky Internet Security. Both applications provide demonstration modes to familiarize themselves with all tools.